To the Tune of an Electric Lullaby Part 2

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Bushroot. Mandy is property of herself, Aero is owned by Ang D, Lily 
is property of Tracey Pierce. Fredrick is mine but was an idea of 
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haven't a clue who owns the Brave Little Toaster but I sure don't.

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JJ Thompson and to Mandy, Ang and Tracey for the use of their 
characters. I won't hurt them much. 

"Why did you have to invite him here??"

Ricia calmly looked over at her husband. She was now in her seventh 
month and was showing. Her tailoring skills had come in handy as she 
could no longer fit in her old suits. "Honey, Aero is my friend. She 
wants to help me out. Deal with it."

Megavolt flopped down in the plaid armchair with Fredrick. "But 
Ricia! Does she have to bring..."

"I am the terror that flaps in the night!"

Megavolt groaned and dropped his face in his hands. Ricia reached 
over and patted his knee comfortingly.

"I am the diaper service that never delivers! I am..."

"A gigantic pain in the electrodes!"

"Hey! Don't step on my lines Sparky!"

"Don't call me Sparky!"

Ricia looked over at Aero who had come in with Darkwing. They both 
shrugged and headed towards the kitchen. Darkwing rushed in with 
them and grabbed the first device he saw. "Aha! This is no doubt 
some evil weapon of destruction which will be used to reduce our 
beloved city to rubble!"

Ricia saw Megavolt standing in the doorway with a 'I told you so' 
expression on his face. Ricia looked pained as she took the device 
gently from Darkwing. "No, Darkwing. That's a waffle iron. We keep 
our weapons of mass destruction at..." She whispered in his ear. 

Darkwing eyes lit up. "I knew it!" he cried and he rushed out the 

"Shortcake?", Aero looked quizically at her retreating boyfriend. 
She turned to Ricia. "Where did you send him?"

Ricia grinned evilily. "Dean Tightbill's house."

There's a laugh heard from the other room. "Bravo Professor!" Reggie 
and Lily were standing behind Megavolt.

Ricia grinned. "Thanks Doctor. Hey Lily, where are the kids?"

Lily smiled and hugged Ricia. "They're back home with Spike."

A look of disappointment passed over Ricia's face. She had been 
looking forward to seeing Maggie and Forrest. Oh well maybe another 
time. She was surprised suddenly as Aero pushed her gently into a 
chair. "What are you doing standing up? We're here to help you out, 
just sit back and relax."

Ricia sighed. She didn't really want to act like she was helpless 
but Aero and Lily had both seemed so ethusicastic about helping out. 
She had finally agreed to let them when she had gotten a call from...

"Hey! Anybody home?", Mandy's voice rang through the house. She and 
Quackerjack entered the kitchen and looked at the group. "Hey 
everyone. What are we doing?"

Lily was rummaging through the fridge. "Dear Lord! Ricia, honey how 
do you and Megavolt survive? There's nothing in here!"

Megavolt looked over her shoulder. "Sure there is! Chinese food and 
half a jar of olives. Oh and whatever that is in the Quackerware...
we can't tell.

Ricia grinned at the appalled Lily. "We have a bet. I think it's 
tuna but Megs is convinced it's vanilla pudding. We're going to 
analyze its chemical composition later."

Aero made a face. "Ew...that's sick. Don't worry Lily we can go 
shopping. I need to pick up some stuff for the spagetti sauce 
anyway. And speaking of shopping what's with the bags Mandy?"

Mandy held up a bright yellow bag proudly. "We brought toys for the 

Ricia's eyes widened and she reached for her stomach, a look of pure 
terror on her face. Megavolt didn't look too good himself as he 
placed an arm around his wife. Mandy looked confused then laughed. 
"Oh no no! They're store bought!"

Quackerjack looked annoyed. "I don't see what's wrong with my toys."

Bushroot smirked. "Maybe they just want their child to survive long 
enough to see adulthood."

Quackerjack stuck his tongue out at Bushroot. Ricia had already 
started rummaging through the bag. She pulled out a box labeled 
"Baby's First Clock". The picture on the box showed a child playing 
with a red and white clock with big clunky numbers. Ricia laughed. 
"Oh that's adorable. Come to think of it I think I had one when I 
was younger." She looked some more then pulled out a video. She just 
started laughing and handed it to Megavolt. He looked confusedly at 
the box then smiled. "The Brave Little Toaster Goes To Mars. Hmmm...
Fredrick will probably want to watch this with the baby."

They looked through the rest of the toys, which included much to 
both Ricia's and Megs' delight, "Squishy the Squirrels Big Book of 
Quantum Physics". Ricia and Megs both started looking through the 
book, lost in their own little world.

Aero, Lily and Mandy looked at each other. "Well guess now would be 
a really good time to go to the store.", Mandy said pulling 
Quackerjack out the door. Quackerjack looked pained. "But we just 
got back from a store!" Mandy's voice rang out. "Tough. C'mon." 
Aero, Lily and Bushroot laughed and followed. Before walking out 
Aero turned and called, "We'll be right back Rish!" But Ricia and 
Megs didn't pay any attention. Aero just smiled then made a mental 
note to stop by Dean Tightbill's house before Darkwing did anything 
that would get him arrested.

End of Part Two

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