To The Tune of an Electric Lullaby Part III

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"Do you understand?"

"No! There's no reason for this! You can't expect me to..."

"We can and we do. You will prove the new guardian worthy or we will 
find the means to provide another one. you understand?"

He scowled darkly. He nodded quickly and bowed before walking away.

"Megs look out!"



Ricia picked her way around the clutter in the room. They had 
decided to convert one of the spare storage rooms into a bedroom for 
the baby. Things hadn't been going very well. Neither of them were 
sure of what they were doing, but they couldn't afford to have it 
done professionally. Ah well, with the two of them as parents this 
child had better get used to a cluttered mess.

How could the Keeper of Natural Order be such a slob? There was a 
big mystery. Ricia  kissed Megavolt. "Never mind, darling. We'll get 
it done. We have a couple weeks. Worse comes to worse, the baby can 
sleep in our room...we have a crib. Now...", she continued speaking 
as she pulled on her jacket, "I've got to get to work."

Megavolt scowled slightly at this. He had wanted Ricia to take some 
time off from work and rest. Ricia had won the arguement by pointing 
out that they needed the money and she'd rather their child's first 
view of his or her father wasn't of him behind bars. Ricia never 
commented on Megavolt's questionable occupation unless it seemed 
necessary. She simply didn't care...much. She worried about him 
sometimes. He'd come home late and seem so far away. She never said 
anything at these times, just watched silently. Eventually he'd snap 
out of whatever it was and notice her. She had excepted this as one 
of his quirks...but it could be damn creepy.

Megavolt surveyed the room. "Well...alright Ricia. Just don't get 
overexcited about anything okay?"

Ricia blinked. "What's that supposed to mean? Are you implying I 

Megavolt just crossed his arms and smiled slightly.

Ricia blushed. "Alright. You win. I'm calm cool and collected for 
the rest of the day. Promise"

"Calm, cool and collected. Right."

Sometimes Ricia was convinced there was a secret conspiracy agaist 
her. All the clocks in town would break down at the same time just 
to spite her. She looked tiredly at the long line of customers. She 
closed her eyes and willed them to go away. Nope still there. 
Dammit. She forced herself to smile and looked at the next customer. 

The customer took a step back. "Are you alright?"

Ricia smiled. "Oh...fine. Just a slight big deal. What can 
I do for you?"

She worked for a couple more hours. The customers finally all left 
and she slumped into a chair and dozed.

"Miss Fedora?"

Ricia opened one eye. Standing in front of her was Dean Tightbill. 

"Slacking off as usual?"

"Oh dear God, not this dream again!"

"Very funny Fedora."

Ricia pulled herself up. "What do you want? Shouldn't you be hunting 
down children to eat?"

Dean Tightbill's face turned crimson. "Don't start with me! I've had 
a really bad few weeks! Do you Darkwing Duck broke into my house 
looking for weapons?" 

Ricia laughed.

"I can take my business elsewhere Fedora!"

Ricia calmly poured a cup of tea and looked over at him "Bye. Oh and 
for your information it's Sputterspark not Fedora. I've been married 
for awhile." She indicated her stomach. "A child on the way."

Tightbill sneered. "I figured you just got yourself knocked up."

Ricia's hands balled into fists. "How dare you? Get out of my store! 
Get out of my life! Get out of..." Suddenly she gasped in pain.

Tightbill took a step back. "Um...Fedora?" He was at a loss. Dean 
Tightbill was many horrible things but he wasn't completely 
heartless. His enemy was at a clear disadvantage. He reached for the 
phone to dial 911.
Mandy and Quackerjack had gone over to the Sputtersparks to see the 
new nursery. Mandy had attempted to be polite but Quackerjack was 
his usual blunt self.

" looks like a bulldozer came in...and then blew up." He 
pulled out his Mr. Banana Brain doll and stuck it in Megavolt's face 
"Quite the mess, Tess!"

Megavolt pushed the doll away and glowered. "Hey, it's not easy 
building a room! I'd like to see you try it!"

Mandy could sense an arguement coming on and she stepped forward to 
intervene. Before anyone could say anything Megavolt disappeared in 
a flash of green light.

They looked at each other. Mandy blinked. "Well, that's one way to 
get out of an arguement."
Megavolt looked around. He was in a strange place with floating 
clocks and numbers. Colors swirled around him.

"Welcome Mr. Sputterspark."

Megavolt turned to face a very strange being. He was avian with 
purple feathers, a cloak of an undetermitable color flowed around 
him. "Who are you?"

Chronos held up a hand. "Relax Mr. Sputterspark, this should be 
relatively painless."

A blinding flash of green light appeared and died, followed by a 

"And then I Darkwing Duck will become the greatest...blah blah blah"

Aero just nodded absently. She loved her Shortcake but he'd been 
going on for two hours already. Shut up would you? She breathed a 
sigh of relief as her cell phone rang. "Hello?....What??...Yeah yeah 
we'll be right down. Thanks Mandy."

Darkwing was annoyed at being interrupted but his complaints died in 
this throat when he saw the tears in Aero's eyes. "Stringbean what's 
wrong? What did Mandy want?"

Aero was rushing to the Ratcatcher "Ricia's been rushed to St. 
Canard Memorial!"

End of Part III

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