Villianous Nummilicious Mason Eckhart

This is him seeing approaching fangirls

And this is after said fangirls get a hold of him

And then he locks us up and probably giggles

Coming to a PBS station near you, Mason the Science Guy!

I don't think Mason likes my page

Everyone just staring at Mason's ass

This is what we call a bad hair day

Hey I can see up his nose! I'm sorry that was childish.

Don't they look like they're going to start dancing?

Dear lord he's hot!

Hey you'd be paranoid too if you had fangirls stalking you

This pic made me snicker. I've been reading too much slash

A sad sad moment, esp considering the 'replacement'...gah

As always I don't own Mason no I really don't. I should
but I don't. Such a pity. These people do own them and all those pics too.

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