You are ours. Welcome Time-Keeper Fedora

History:The Masters, being the god-like entities they are don't have
a history in the strictest sense. Well in the context of the storyline
they watched over the timestream with the help of Chronos. After
becoming a.bored with b.angry at c.drunk and falling in love with
Chronos they usher in the Fedora clan to take on the spiffy Keeper job
leaving the former Keeper to become a messenger boy. They continue to
baffle everyone with their bizarre little comments.

Important Facts: They have a weakness for cherry popsicles, they exist
as a collective disembodied entity, they can't remember anyone's name,
they despise time travel,they're secretly a group of high school
students in Denmark. 

yeah I know it's goofy but let's face it...the Masters aren't that interesting

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