Me Me Me! I love me!!!!

Name: Patricia, Ricia, Patti, Pat, Taykara (only to Machina)

Occupation: Serving the public scum


Causes: Religious freedom and gay rights

A basic list of things I like:

making people laugh: Yeah,I'm a comedian at heart. My dry witty sense
of humor has made me alot of friends...and a few enemies.

transformation sequences in anime: Weird? Well yes but hey I like the
sparkly crap and background music...I dunno why.

catch phrases: Anything I can yell out for no apparent reason is great
in my book. I especially love slightly more obscure catch phrases.

fedoras: Okay let's hear it for my favorite hat in the world. Whether
worn by Indiana Jones or Darkwing Duck, it's truely the greatest piece
of haberdashery out there. And yes I do own one and yes I do wear it.

pocketwatches: Now this I don't have. I can't really get into why
these are special to me. Let's just say it has a deeper meaning then
you might think and leave it at that.

radio dramas: There's just so much power and wonder in hearing it but
not seeing it. Makes you use your imagination and that should always
be encouraged.

PBS when it's not pledge month: And that isn't often,lol! I love PBS
though. They have great shows about all sorts of cool stuff from
theatre specials to National Geographic to British sitcoms. Awesome

Broadway: I love Broadway. I watch the Tony's every year and record
them. I've got since 1997 on tape.

violin music: It's just really pretty...I wish I could actually play.

harpsicord music: Blame the Squire of Gothos.

science fiction: Yeah in general I'm a big sci-fi fan. It makes you
think and it's imagitive. I support anything that allows you to create
your own worlds and creatures.

bishounen: Mmmm...pretty boy anime characters. If you do not find them
delectable, I feel sorry for you. Unless of course you just don't find
men attractive.

yaoi: It's guys getting it on with other guys! Hahahahahaha! I'm
corrupting your innocent little minds! Good. Who wants an innocent
mind anyway. And there's nothing wrong with it. Nothing at all.

yuri: It's like yaoi but with girls. And there's nothing wrong with
that either.

chatting with my friends: I love AIM for allowing me to chat, even if
it does boot you off for no apparent reason. I love chatting about 
nothing but man do I hate those scary looking smilies.

writing my little stories: I love to write anything I'm not assigned.
I'm currently working on a novel. You will all buy it. Please? It'll 
be good!

mythology: Any mythology really. I'm not claiming to be an expert on
all of them though. I find the stories fascinating. I particulary like
things about the Underworld/Afterlife.

Pagan religions: Okay question asked, am I Pagan? I dunno. I'm not
really anything right now. Anyway I find earth-based religions to be
very interesting and like most of their beliefs. Maybe my path will
be here but until I figure things out I'm still browsing.

fantasy: There was this one with peanut butter and a sprinkler system
and...oh wait not that kind of fantasy. This is unicorns and wizards
and fun stuff like that. Though I have had a few of the other kind
involving wizards. Okay too much information.

pickles: No really. I love pickles. Dill pickles. Happiness in a good
dill pickle.

VCRs: Screw DVDs! I can't afford a DVD player so all hail the VCR. The
wonderous machine that allows to me to record things and watch anime.

the internet: Well, this is obvious isn't it? I just love that no
matter what you're into it's somewhere on the net.

MSTings: I love reading them and writing them. Great way to keep MST3K

cats: I find them calming and stunning creatures. I've had a number of
them in my life and adored them all.

ducks: I don't understand it but I love ducks. The real and cartoon

artifical cherry flavoring: it's better then real cherry.

anime: I like the style. I lean more towards the fantasy sci-fi ones
of course.

Things I like that are copyrighted

Darkwing Duck: It was a clever and funny cartoon and it became one of
my deepest obsessions. While I'm not a big a fan as I once was, I'll
always love it.

TaleSpin: Another fandom I've wandered away from. Definitely one of
Disney's best. Action, comedy, and air pirates. All good stuff.

Card Captor Sakura: Sakura is so kawaii, Yue is hot, and I want some
Clow cards.

Digimon: So much better then people think it is. It's got a great plot
and fantastic characters. I love Ken.

Pokemon: Team Rocket rules! I fell into this fandom so bad. I bought
so much stuff...oh well. I don't watch this as much but I still think
the little monsters themselves are rather cool.

Great Performances: Yeah, it's that show on PBS where a bunch of white
guys play boring music. Ain't it great?

Tom Lehrer: He's got a song called the Masochism Tango...I rest my case.

The Phantom of the Opera: Poor Erik. Christine picked the wrong guy.
Erik was so much cooler then Raoul.

Daria: It's funny cause it's true! All the characters have their 
moments. And Trent is cute.

Gundam Wing: Cute guys, explosions, fights in space, battles that
decide the fate of the world. What more do you need?

Sailor Moon: C'mon, it's alot darker then you think. It's got death,
demon possesion, angst, tragedy. It's not just pretty girls in short

Star Wars: Great story with great characters. George Lucas created a
fantastic universe filled with marvelous creatures and planets.

Star Trek: I'm a Trekkie! TNG and DS9 for the most part. It's just a
cool and complicated set of shows.

Mystery Science Theater 3000: And I'm a MSTie too! It's about a guy
in space watching horrible movies with robots! How could you not love

all my beloveds

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: It's a good show! It's dramatic and funny
and interesting. It is not teenybopper soap opera stuff.

Cats: I'm talking the musical here. It's a very magical show even if
I've no idea what it's really about.

Dr Demento: I've been listening for years and years. He's turned me
into the twisted weirdo I am today. Thanks!

Weird Al: His music is so funny and clever. Not just his parodies but
his orginal stuff too. Go buy some.

Twilight Zone: Rod Serling *drool* It was brilliantly written and
acted. One of the few really great anthology shows.

The X-Files: I do miss David but it's still a cool show. I'm so much
more paranoid now.

The Letter People: Come and meet the letter people! Come and doubt my
sanity! Words are made of Letter People...which is kind of creepy if
you think of it.

The Nightmare Before Christmas: Jack Skellington is so drool worthy.
It's such a cool movie. Everyone should own a copy.

Harry Potter: I'm a Snape girl myself. These books are fantastic!
They've got drama and humor and all that good stuff.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: Bizarre and hilarious...and the
TV version of Ford Prefect was adorable.

Shakespeare: The Bard himself. So ahead of his time and fun to quote.

Eistein on the Beach: I have no idea what any of it means but is it
ever mesmerizing.

Barenaked Ladies: All their songs rock! Clever and almost always deep
lyrics. I need to go to a concert.

Garth Brooks: I like him! He's got a good voice. Never mention the 
Chris Gaines thing though...I'll just deny it ever happened.

The Chronicles of Prydain: Fflewddur Fflam is my personal love slave.
He's not? Liar!

Monty Python: Spam spam spam spam...*ahem* Lumberjack, dead parrot,
Whizzo Chocolate Company, funny need to see all of these.

Ray Bradbury: Oh he's a genius. Definitely one of the greatest authors
of all time. Go read his stuff.

The Ubu Plays: Sick and twisted...and hilarious. 

Fushigi Yuugi: Funny, touching and chock full of bishounen. Oh

El Hazard: *latches onto Jinnai* Mine! Oh and Fujisawa and the
Priestesses are cool too!

What I don't like

Bigots: C'mon people it's just dumb. There are so many reasons to 
despise people as individuals.

people who make fun of others for what they like instead of just
accepting it: No reason for this. It's rude.

Censoring: We sheild ourselves from way too much. Welcome to Earth 

I know I'm fascinating but really. Go back:

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