Meowth Statistics

Name: Meowth

Japanese Name: Nyase

Voice Artist: Adam Blaustien (I'm afraid I don't know who 
                     does it in Japan)

Height: 1'4"

Weight: 9 lbs

Friends: Jessi and James

Enemies: Ash, Brock, Misty, Tracey, Pikachu, Officer Jenny, 
           Persian...any Persian, Butch, Cassidy...whole lot of 

Other Important People: Giovanni (his master), Meowsie (the 
                          skank), Cassandra (a is 

History: Actually I'm going to be discussing his history 
           throughout this page. There's not much point to 
           putting it here. But if you want the quick rundown: 
           Born, goes to Hollywood, joins gang, meets Meowsie,
           learns to walk, talk, and read, turned down by 
           Meowsie, leaves Hollywood, joins Team Rocket.

Personality: Loud and annoying...on the surface anyway. Deep 
               down he's a lonely soul looking for someone to 
               love him.

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