Fifty cent Bitch

Welcome webtravelers to my shrine to the delectable and beautiful Mimi
Tachikawa, holder of the Crest of Purity/Sincerity. I hope you enjoy
your stay and...

Hey! What's up with that title! It's insulting!

Well yeah it kind of is...huh. Well see before I learned the joy of
Mimi I didn't like her. I was at one of those sticker machines and I
wanted a Joe...but I got Mimi. I loudly stated 'This bitch cost me
fifty cents!' Well it struck me funny so it's the title.

That's a bad word!

Thanks. I wasn't aware.

This page sucks!

Well yes it does. I just started it! Give me a break!

I want pictures!

And you shall have them! Behold the wonderous majesty of Mimi!

01 pictures

02 pics

Hey where are the 02 pics??

I'm working on it!

Why Mimi?

Mimi Couples

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