Love, Mimi and my Deranged Opinion

First off I want to make it clear that I'm not here to bash any
coupling. In fact, there really isn't a Mimi couple I really dislike.
Now I don't love them all and some I find somewhat dubious but I'm
not against them. For now I'm just dealing with putting her with the
other Chosen.

Mimi and Taichi: I semi-support this. It's a visually cute couple and
it may work. Jock, cheerleader...sure why not?

Mimi and Yamato: One webmaster put it best when she said 'If 02 Matt
and 02 Mimi get jiggy, can I watch?' This is one of those couples
where the fanart is so much more appealing then fanfics. At least
for me.

Mimi and Sora: Mira! Sormi! It's so beautiful and lovely and I want
more! There's not enough Mira/Sormi out there! They're so sweet and
wonderful together and thinking about it just makes me want to sob
with happiness.

Mimi and Koushiro: Mishiro! Koushiro calms Mimi and Mimi rattles
Koushiro. Mimi did manage to get Kou-chan to pay attention to 
something other then his computer for a bit...well okay so he
still had his computer but he was using it to help her!

Mimi and Jyou: Another sob with happiness couple! But for this there's
plenty out there. This is a noble couple. They need each other more
then they realize. No matter how much time goes by I don't think I'll
ever stop supporting this one. It's too perfect.

Mimi and Daisuke: What the hell. Go for it. It's basically Taimi but
kind of not. More mature Mimi with bouncy Dai...could make for a 
fun relationship.

Mimi and Ken: Awwwww...and awwww and just awwww some more. So what if
it doesn't make sense, look at it! Awwww! Mimi can take care of Ken
and make him feel better! She did a good job boosting Jyou's self
confidence, why not Ken's?

Mimi and Hikari: Cute, yes. I don't really see it. They have
the potential for loveliness though. I may change my mind.

Mimi and Miyako: Yomi baby! Blatent sexual innuendo in Family Picnic
anyone? Of course I like this couple, it's so much fun!

Mimi and Takeru: It's Mimato but shorter, younger and actually more
interesting since Takeru actually acknowledges Mimi's existance.

Mimi and Iori: I tried picturing this in my head and all I got was
an error message. Sorry people does not compute.