Confessions of a Former Mimi Hater

It's true, I hated Mimi. If she had been pushed off a bridge on the 
show I'd have been laughing and cheering. Now, well now I'm building
a page to her, and it's a praising page. So, why the change in

Mimi got a short skirt and a tank top?

No! Well...not entirely.


Shut up! Who asked you? Anyway, I figured Mimi out. I looked beyond
the pinkness and perkiness and found the sweet heroic girl inside.

Aww..that's so beautiful! And such crap! You just think she's hot.

No I don't...yes I do but but...shut up! Look Mimi is noble, caring
and when push came to shove she stood up to the darkness. Yeah so
did every other Chosen but she was sheltered so she came the farthest
of all. I realized this watching her actions towards Ken in 02, but
then I rewatched 01, and saw her in a new light. She's truely awesome.


Excuse me I have to kill someone.

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