Stuff and Whatnot

What we have here is various fanfics and (other people's) fanart for
stuff I'll probably never build pages too. I may but until then here
they will stay...


Disappointed Love
A lovely if not not angsty pic for my fanfic "Thingamiggies of Love
and Weirdness" by Babs

Father and Daughter
A pic Babs did of Snape and my RP character Callen, his adopted

Another pic by Babs. This time it's Snape, Callen and her RP
character Micheala Mezera. Inspired by the Sailor Moon pic.

By Babs...shock and gasp. This one is of Callen and Neville. Yeah
they're together...yeah it's weird.


Thingamiggies of Love and Weirdness
This is my bizarre little Abu/Iago slash fic. Be afraid people. It's
uncompleted unfortunately or fortunately depending on your opinion
Part One
Part Two

Your Desk
A sad little ficlet dealing with Percy's reaction to Crouch's death

Worthy of the Dream
My lone little Palletshipping fic. Takes place during the Indigo