MiSTing of "Where the Daisies Grow Part IV"

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Where the Daisies Grow 

>>Baloo: Apparently they grow someplace other then in this story.

Disclaimer: Once again I don't own TaleSpin. Disney people own it. If 
they sue me they have no lives at all and should be ashamed of 

Dedication:To all my friends past, present and future who know where 
the daisies grow.

>>Rebecca: Would they mind sharing with the rest of the class?

Note:None this time. Just enjoy.
Gentle breeze and quiet mist
Tell of joys and mindless bliss

>>Rebecca: Oh look Baloo! It's a poem about you! Mindless bliss!
>>Baloo: Laugh it up Boss Lady. At least I wasn't killed off!

How I remember the brilliant past
As I let the stem fall at last

And my memory will never fade
My debt to you never paid

>>Rebecca: You were always bad with debts.
>>Baloo: Becky this poem is not about me!

I'll keep you forever in my mind
And hope that joy one day to find

A pile of petals on the ground
And in the air a soothing sound
The words at last "I love you so"

>>Rebecca:(stare at the screen in shock) Um...you're right. It's not 
           about you.

Bring me to where the daisies grow
Baloo was numb. Rebecca, his boss, his friend, his....? 

>>Rebecca: His what? His what?
>>Kit: Calm down Ms Cunningham. It's just a story.
>>Baloo: Yeah Becky it doesn't matter.

It didn't 
matter anymore. 

>>Baloo: See?

She was gone. 

Dr. Cadeever had given his condolences and asked 

Kit: (Cadeever) Can I recommend an undertaker? There are so many in 
      my family. Can't imagine why.

if there was 
anything he could do. Baloo remembered shaking his head, picking up 
Molly and Kit and leaving.

How he got home he had no idea. Molly sobbed on his lap and like him, 
Kit stared vacantly into space.

>>Rebecca:(Baloo) Becky's dead and now we have to think for ourselves!
           Oh dear God no!

Gone. Never again would he hear her yell at him, or nag him for being 
lazy. Never again would he have to put up with her hair brained 
schemes. Never again would he see her smile or the bright flash of her 
eyes. Oh to be yelled at once more! To hear her voice echo through the 
docks. Never again.

>>Baloo: Um....I do not want to be yelled at! Or hear her voice echo 
         through the docks! And the only time her eyes flash is when 
         she's mad!

Gone. Never again to see her mother's smiling face. Never to hear a 
whispered lullybye or her delighted laughter. Never again to feel her 
embrace. Oh to be held forever there! Safe and warm. Never again.

>>Kit: This fic reeks of angst.
>>Rebecca: That's not all it reeks of.

Gone. Never again to see her pride in him. Never again to hear those 
words of encouragment. Never again to know she's standing by his side. 
Oh if she were only there! Comforting him. Never again.

>>Rebecca: The weird thing was he'd had those same thoughts when his 
           track coach died.

"Baloo?", Molly broke the silence.

>>Baloo: And stabbed the audience with the shards, putting us all out of our misery.

"Yeah Button-nose.", Baloo answered.

>>Kit: Uh..question mark? Here question mark! Here boy!

"I miss Mommy", she sniffled.

Baloo wrapped his arms around the little cub and kissed the top of her 
head. "I know you do Molly. We all do."

Molly was quiet for a while then, "Baloo...you're not going anywhere 
are you?"

>>Kit:(Baloo) I was thinking of going to eat in half hour. Why?

Kit looked up in horror as if the thought of Baloo dying suddenly 
occured to him too.

Baloo picked up Kit and held both him and Molly in a tight hug, "No. 
Baloo's going to be here as long as possible. I can't live forever but 
I can sure try my hardest to live for a long long time."

>>Rebecca: Well Baloo didn't try his hardest and he died the next day.
>>Baloo: You'd like that wouldn't you?

That night Kit fell asleep quickly. He was emotionally exhausted. 
Molly on the other hand was harder to deal with.

>>Kit: Well, of course she was! Heaven forbid Ricia's Molly should be reasonable!

"Baloo? Are we going to be okay? Without Mommy?"

>>Rebecca:(Molly) Will I still be able. To go to school. And learn 
          proper sentence structure?

Baloo scratch the back of his neck and looked down at the small cub, 
"Molly, I'm going to try my hardest to take good care of ya. I know 
I'm not your mother and I can't replace her. All I can say is I hope 
I do as good a job as she did" Past tense. They had both noticed it.

>>Baloo:(Molly) We used grammar properly! 

"She's really gone. Isn't she?",Molly asked so softly Baloo barely 
heard her.

>>Kit(Baloo) Peas stealing flong? What?

"Yeah, pig-tails I'm afraid she is. But I'm still here, and Kit and 
Wildcat and Louie and we're not leaving. One of us will always look 
after you."

>>Rebecca:(Baloo) Unless we all die then you're out of luck.

Molly's eyes drooped. "Thank you", she whispered and shut her eyes. 

Baloo sighed and walked away from the bed the two cubs slept in. He 
heard a small voice. "Baloo?", it was Molly.

"Yeah Button-nose?"

"Can I call you Papa Bear?"

Baloo turned and gathered the girl in his arms. "Sure Molly. I loved 
for you to call me Papa Bear", he whispered to her but she was already 

>>Baloo: No way! Molly'd never fall asleep without hearing the answer!
>>Rebecca: You're asking for things to start making sense now???
>>Baloo: Um...oh yeah. Never mind.

Baloo walked down to the office and sat down at the desk. He opened up 
the desk drawers and pulled a pile of business papers out. 

>>Kit:...and threw them in the trash.

He and Kit 
would have to go through this. He wasn't a business man but he 
couldn't let Higher for Hire go out of business. He had to keep it 
running. For her and for the kids. He was surprised to find a framed 
picture in one of the other drawers. It was a picture of

>>Baloo: Rebecca. Man she was full of herself.

 her and him 
at the Pilot's Ball. He smiled at the picture, surprised and touched 
she had kept it and deemed it worthy of a frame. He touched the 
photograph. She had looked beautiful in that dress. He didn't look 
that bad either considering he had just broken out of a Thembrian 
prison camp. A tear hit the glass. 

>>Rebecca: Or the roof was leaking again.

Baloo sobbed over the picture. His 
Becky was gone and it hurt. It hurt so much. Despite all the 
arguements he had cared deeply for her. The tears continued for a good 
portion of the night and the next morning Kit and Molly found Baloo 
asleep at the desk clutching a picture to his chest.

>>Kit: Well don't you guys have a snide comment?
>>Rebecca: I'm not touching this one.
>>Baloo: Don't look at me.
(Author's Note: Sorry guys! That part is sacred. I won't riff it)

The funeral was small. A casket stood surrounded by daisies 

>>Kit: Could it be?
>>Baloo: Could it actually be?
>>Rebecca: There are daisies in this story!!
>>All: Ladies and gentlemen we have daisies!

in the 
front of the room. Rebecca hadn't had many friends and no family

>>Baloo: She was basically a loser.
besides Molly. Baloo spotted a few of her business associates looking 
somber. 'They're probably happy to be rid of the competition', he 
thought wryly. The priest was still talking about how a gentle and 
delicate creature had been lost and part of Baloo wanted to look 
around and see if there was another funeral going on. Becky? A gentle 
and delicate creature?? Despite himself Baloo chuckled softly. 

>>Rebecca: Which quickly turned to knee slapping hysterics. 
           Cape Suzette would talk for years.

could just imagine Becky's reaction to that. 

>>Kit:(Rebecca) I'm not delicate! Oh my God my bodies in a coffin! 

Slowly the small smile on 
Baloo's face faded and was replaced by a look of pain. 

>>Rebecca: He'd sat on his tie tack.

She wouldn't be 
reacting to anything anymore. He stared at the coffin. No matter how 
hard he tried not to look he always did. He was holding Molly and Kit 
in his lap. Both were crying. The priest finished up and asked if 
anyone else would like to say a few words. All eyes turned to Baloo.

>>Baloo:(Kit) Psst Papa Bear. You can stop laughing now.
'Why me?', Baloo wondered. They'd all known her too. 

>>Rebecca: Cause they're business associates! What are they going to 
           say? "Gee Rebecca was swell. She delivered watchbands for 

Baloo sighed and 
walked over to where the priest was standing.

"Um...I-I want to thank all of you for coming here. I'm sure Becky 
would have appreciated it.", he began shakingly. He looked down at the 
coffin. Her coffin., "Becky was one of my best friends. She meant...
so much to me. She wasn't perfect no...I remember one time..."

And Baloo launched into a long set of stories. Stories of get rich 
quick schemes, arguements and a few of their disastrous dates.

>>All:(fall asleep)

laughed and Baloo thought he even saw Molly and Kit smile a few times. 
It was then that Baloo realized that Rebecca would never truly be gone 
cause she'd always remain in their memories and in their hearts.

Later Baloo, Kit and Molly stood in the graveyard. A small stone 
marked the place she was buried and a thousand daisies protected it 
from harm. 

>>Kit: Yeah we all know how big and tough daisies are.

The stone's inscription had been Kit's idea and Baloo and 
Molly had both agreed to it.

                      Rebecca Cunningham
                      Mother and friend
                      May you find peace 
                      where the daisies grow

>>Rebecca: Find peace there? I don't even know where there is!

The small family walked away hand in hand towards Higher for Hire, a 
picture of Rebecca etched in their souls. 

>>Baloo:...with a razor.
>>Kit: Ow.

They would never get 
completely over their loss but they could continue on. For each other 
and for her.


>>Rebecca: The...end?
>>Baloo: The actual end?
(fall into each other's arms sobbing in relief and joy)
>>Kit: We're free!
(All dance happily out of the theater)