MiSTing of Double Vision Part I

By Phoebe Kersula, (C) 1998.
Disclaimer:  All TaleSpin characters are copyright Disney, I am not 
making money off this, please
do not contribute without permission.
Heidi & Xavier are (C) _me._  Got that?  Good.  If you want to borrow 
either of them, please ask
Note:  Some ananchronisms may be present.
"I Dreamed A Dream" is (C) Herbert Kretzmer, from the musical 
Les Miserables(accent mark over
the first "e")  .
And if anyone knows who said the quote below, well...
Rebecca, Baloo, and Kit enter theater to view Phoebe’s fic.  Due to 
the fact the MST3K crew were desperately trying to escape, the TS crew 
are temporarily filling in for them…All sit nervously, knowing only 
that it’s a futuristic war fic..
"No one ever won a war by dying for his country..."  --??
>>Baloo:  Gee, that quote just makes me feel so insignificant…
  _I dreamed a dream in time gone by
    When hope was high and life worth living
    I dreamed that love would never die
    I dreamed that God would be forgiving._
>>Rebecca:  Oh, so it’s going to be a cheerful fic..
        Summer on the islands was a time to lay back, relax, and 
generally have a good time. 

>>Rebecca:  Especially with the monsoons..
>>Kit: Don’t forget mosquitos..

 But for one Kit Cloudkicker, congenially known as Li'l Britches by 
his surrogate parent, Baloo;  the summer was only a reminder:  a 
reminder of a past he would have fared better to forget--yes, a
past not so far back, only one year before his twenty.  He was not 
old, yet he felt that way.

>>Kit: Sounds like a Smashing Pumpkins song..

  An old man in a young man's body.  
>>Kit: (sings)  I used to be a little boy…so old …in my shoes..

   "Kit, can I come to Louie's with you?  "  Molly.  Kit gripped the 
steering of the _Swingin' Suzy_, his plane, tightly, willing his 
turbulent emotions to a halt.

>>Kit: And now I’m dizzy.

 He forced himself to look at her, fourteen and so damnned innocent 
in that pretty blue sundress, naive and trusting, just like--_NO._ 

>>Rebecca:  No what?  No compreda?

 The door slammed shut in his mind.  It hurt to breathe, to look at 
Molly and see her trusting eyes, her smile, her awkward grace.  
"Well?  "  Molly grinned, saccharinely sweet--with a twist.  

            "Sure, I'll take ya.  Hop in.  "

>>(all make the sound) Boing, boing, boing!…

  Kit managed, focusing on the present with some difficulty. 

>>Kit:  I uh…must not be getting that much sleep..

"Louie's, eh?  "

>>Kit: Im Canadian now.

            "Yeah.  "  Molly grinned again, this time wickedly, and 
soon they were soaring through the crevice between the cliffs and 
beyond.  After awhile, she spoke again, perhaps hoping to fill
the silence.  "What's wrong?  "
            "Nothing, Molly.  "  Kit hardly spoke after that.  There 
was nothing more to say, nor anything he wanted to say. 

>>Kit:  Im not that terribly interesting in the future, am I?

 Molly chattered on aimlessly as if naught was wrong, perhaps an 
attempt at normalcy, and that's what it was.  Kit remained hunched 
over the steering, his air force jacket zipped up even though it must 
have been one hundred and ten even in the shade. 

>>Baloo:  Hey, now he knows what its like to work at Disneyland..

 Molly stole another look at him, now that he was back it seemed as 
if none of them could _stop_ watching him!  Why not, he was 
interesting to watch!  And something _was_ wrong with him.  Something 
had been wrong ever since he got back--and she was going to get it 
out of him, just see if she didn't!  

>>Rebecca: (sigh) My daughter, the stalker..
>>Baloo: This feels like a bad episode of  Seventh Heaven..

            "Did you know they're doing a companion show to _Danger 
Woman_ now?  It's called _The Amazing Adventures of Alexis Aardvark_!"
            "Say that three times fast, "  Kit muttered, but Molly 
paid no heed.
            "And guess who's doing her voice?  Kit?  Guess!!  "  Kit 
kept his eyes on the sky and ignored her.    "Me!!  See, there was 
this contest, right,

>>Kit:  Geez, Molly, take a hint…

 and I sent in my name, like, two hundred times!  "
           _ ~You musta been _really_ bored!  ~_  Kit thought, 
rolling his eyes. 
            Molly continued, albeit bouncily.  "It's _so_ great, Kit! 
I get to make up some of her lines and--and everything!!!  "

>>Baloo:  I think I’ll make her into a trapeze artist..
>>Rebecca:  First shes hopping, now she’s bouncing…doesn’t my daughter 
            ever sit still?

            The plane dipped, skimming the water below it lightly, 
and Molly squealed in delight as Kit did a few stunts, more out of 
habit than anything else. He let her cling to his arm. 

>>Rebecca:  As she almost flew out the window.

 She was a child--yes, a child who needed her fun, her freedom, 
before her hopes were so cruelly dashed on the rocks below.

>>Kit: (In Nelson laugh) Ha HA!

  She sighed wistfully, smiling up at him, her surrogate brother and 
friend.  Best friend, even.  A friend she now knew so little about.  
MIA for a year was a long, long time.... 
>>Rebecca: MIA standing for Molly’s Irritating Angst..

            _Louie's_ hove into view, and with it, all semblance of 

>>Rebecca: (scoffing) Compared to what?
>>Baloo: Kit losing it..
>>Rebecca: Oh yeah..

 Molly sat up very straight and still beside him, fixing her hair to 
into where it fell to her shoulders in waves of golden honey.  Kit 
stole a superstitious glance at her, and punched the girl lightly on 
the shoulder, going for a light, teasing tone but failing.  
"Got a hot date, Molly?  "

>>Kit: Well, duh,.. it’s a hundred degrees outside

            Annoyed, Molly batted his paw away and adjusted the 
straps of her dress.  "Oh, go _away._  It's not a _date._  "  The 
plane landed smoothly, and Molly let out a low whistle of 
appreciation.  "Good landing!  You're even better than--"  her voice 
trailed off as Kit's eyes darkened.  "--you were when you left...." 

>>Baloo:  Is she referring to me??

            Kit took a deep breath and rolled his eyes at her, trying 
to recapture the jovial mood as he felt the burden of the older 
brother/protector falling upon his shoulders, and he powerless to
stop it.  "You know, Molly--"
            Molly held up a paw.  "Don't.  I _know,_ ok?  And I can't 
introduce you to him--not yet. 
"  She blushed prettily, and Kit understood, all too well.  It was 
too early to bring the dream back down to reality, too perfect.  

>>Kit:  Is that the dream where Im cloudsurfing and it starts raining 
        spinach?…Oh, wait, probably not…

"Please understand, "  Molly begged, brown eyes large and
            "You know I can't say no to you, "  Kit answered, 
plunging deeper into the pit than ever.
>>Baloo: Why didn’t he just use his board?
>>Kit: Its not a real pit…just the one in my head…Uh…I think…
>>Rebecca: This whole fic is plunging…

        _May, 1944_
>>Baloo: Uh-oh…a flashback..

            Kit, one remaining out of six, huddled behind the now 
useless plane, watching the enemy advance upon him.  One, broad and 
burly, the other slim and wiry.  The former, an ugly bulldog,
the second a black wolf.  From this far away, he could hear them 
taunting him in their own language--and his own. 

>>Kit: Waaait..do they see me or don’t they?

 The meadow was deserted otherwise, a second burning plane about a
hundred feet off.  Whoever had been in that plane, well, they were 
long gone.  The enemy--here Kit was gripped with an unrelenting 
anger--was to blame for _that._  Cape Suzette's only remaining air 

>>Rebecca:  Wait a minute…if all the pilots are dead, how the heck 
            did Cape Suzette win the war?
>>Kit: I think the plot just fell through the same pit I did…

 One over Beervaria, one in an exercise, and four here, not including
Kit.  Bile rose in his throat as he stared across the expanse of 
grass, clenching and unclenching his paws.  

>>Baloo: All at the same time- wow!

He'd kill them with only his own.  He had no gun, no knife, no 
nothing.  _~Please, don't let me die here unless I kill those 
bastards first...I promise I'll be good, I promise...~_ 

>>Kit:  Lemme get this straight…I’m… going to kill a bunch of guys 
        with my bare hands, instead of trying to escape?  Did they 
        just paint that plane?  Are the fumes like, really hard to 
        get away from?

  He begged the Fates silently,

>>Kit: Please, Fate?  Be your best friend!….

 There was a rustle in the grass behind him, and he turned to meet a
pair of huge, almond shaped gray eyes, board-straight black hair, and a face put on about as
bravely as his own.  
            "Schwingen Heil?  "  She asked, almost pleadingly.  
            "No.  Uslandian.  "  Kit replied, completely 
misunderstanding the question and accepting the gun she thrust at 
him.  She gestured at the two men advancing dangerously upon them. 

>>Rebecca:  So what was she asking him??
>>Baloo: Phoebe must think were all mind readers..
>>Kit: That would explain things…

            "_Zwei_ is better than _eins,_ yes?  "  She asked in 
stilted English.  "Ve shoot on _drei._"
            "But--I--I mean, I can't, I--" 

>>Kit:  I have to kill them with my bare hands!…away with you and 
        your “technology”!

 she slapped a paw across his mouth, and Kit shut up.  You couldn't 
argue with women.  Besides, wasn't this what he had asked for? 

>>Kit: To be in a war? Uh…me no think so..

 He cocked the gun, and was chilled to see the blood, still warm, 
across the butt and trigger.  The gun had been used before, and 
recently.  Kit could almost swear the dead man's hands had been 
loathe to let go....

            "_Eins._  "  There was only one bullet left in his gun.  
If he missed...it did not bear thinking of. 

>>Rebecca: Was that a pun?
>>Baloo: Do you really want to know?

 He stole a glance at the girl, a look of grim determination upon her 
face.  "_Zwei._  " She did not look back at him, but there were tears 
in her eyes.  "_Drei!_  "  
            Kit closed his eyes, and pulled the trigger.    
>>Kit: Oh, GREAT!  Now I have post traumatic stress disorder!..
>>Rebecca: You mean you didn’t already?
>>Baloo: Only according to the fanfics..
>>Kit: Hey, its intermission! We’re free!

(all exit)


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