Properties of Life Part One-MSTing

The MST3K crew has been replaced by that of the Talespin one.  While 
they intrepidly attempt escape, our TS crew is now faced with the 
challenges that present themselves in the Sattelite of Love…  

 "The Properties of Life" 



Plot synopsis- this story takes place directly after Plunder and 
Lightning.  Life's changing for all of the main characters, none more 
so than Kit and Baloo.  Wildcat and Louie are attempting to adjust 
to the new addition to Baloo's life, his navigator

>>Kit:  Oh, yeah, they really have to get used to me…I dont even 
     *live* with them!
>>Baloo:  Well, you are a little annoying..
>>Kit: (humorlessly)   eh heh heh… Funny

 Kit is dealing with his first frustrations with finally having to 
really answer to someone

>>Kit: I'm sorry I'm not here right now but if you'd like to leave a 
           message at the sound of the beep I'll get back to you.
and is feeling the pinch on his old freedoms, but is still surprised 
by the relative comfort of his new life. 

>>Becky:  Kit, that reminds me…did you remember to clean out the 
          sceptic tank?

 Baloo is dealing with the stress of having to take care of someone 
else. Rebecca and Molly are adjusting to life in Cape Suzette after 
Winger City and have found their new apartment.  Then, on an 
important mission to the Island of Pinasta, the Sea Duck is attacked 
and crashes in the surrounding Sea of Lascal- (It took me forever to 
think of some of these names),

>>Baloo:  Oh, yeah..we can tell…

where the on-gong Civil War on the island is about to life much more 
difficult for the pilot and navigator of the famous sea-plane.  

>>Becky:All this and more on "All my Pilots"

Consider it a jumping off point for 

>>Baloo:  our attention spans…
>>Kit:  We just started!  Give it a chance…

the series and the many different adventures these characters will 



 >>Kit: Whoa...was this part censored?
>>Baloo: Thank you Mr. Tweedly
>>Kit: You're welcome I'm sure.

Timeline- July 7, 1936


 >>Becky: See...lot's of space makes people think your fic is longer.

The Sea Duck's engines hummed with new life.  

>>Becky:  As a newly formed artificial intelligence, it decided to 
join the other planes in a rebellion to, oh sorry…too much DWD…

Looking at the plane, one could never tell that it had been the main 

>>Baloo: In a polka band

in putting a stop to Karnage and his pirates when they had invaded 
the city nearly three weeks ago.  Kit had had a difficult time 
convincing Baloo that he was the only pilot capable of taking out 
Karnage's lightning gun and Ms. Cunningham-

>>Baloo:  It wasn’t easy to bump her off, but I easily recovered…

 Kit didn't know if he would ever be comfortable calling her Rebecca, 
certainly not Becky as Baloo did- had assured the pilot and newly 
restored navigator of the plane that rubber and electricity don't mix.  

>>Becky: Oh course the little stupid men didn't know this absurdly 
         simple fact
>>Kit and Baloo: Hey!

But when the plane had been totalled on a wild ride
through the Iron Vulture, 

>>All: Yee-hah! Wha-hoo! Ride 'em Sea Duck!

Ms. Cunningham had paid the price of returning the now historic 
sea-plane back to it's original model.

>>Kit:(Baloo) That's a great model Becky. Think you can have 'em 
       rebuild the actual plane now?

She had even managed to something more difficult than that, 
convince Baloo to be her pilot.

>>Becky:  Hey, I managed to something…*how* about that? 

Kit chuckled, remembering that first flight with the plane.  *That was 
some _great_ cloudsurfing*  Thinking of his favorite pastime, 

>>Kit: Soap sculpture?
>>Baloo: I think they mean cloud-surfing
>>Kit: Ah...okay.

the boy smiled and heard a now familiar voice break through his 

>>Baloo:  Kit…youre hearing voices! Oh.  They mean me…

"Man, Lil' Britches, it's like she just got out of the factory, 
smooth, what a great plane."

>>Kit:  Wasn’t the plane smooth before?  Oh, wait, the ride was 
            smooth…got it..

Kit rolled his eyes, 

>>Becky:...and they bounced around the cockpit

"That's because it _did_ just come out of the factory, remember 
Baloo?"  The gray bear didn't seem to hear him.

 >>Kit:  Maybe he has some sort of tropical disease…
>>Becky:  Memory loss, loss of hearing, cant follow directions..has 
          trouble operating heavy machinery if he doesn’t feel like 
          it, complains a lot…sounds as good an explanation as any…

"Yeah, kiddo, never thought 'ol Baloo'd be flying this baby again, 
 they can work miracles nowadays.  Still don't have a lot of my 
personal modifications, though, 

>>Baloo:  Like the hidden compartments I use to hide Wildcats stash…

guess there'll be plenty 'o time for that later."  Baloo lovingly 
patted the console like Kit had seen him do nearly a hundred times 

 >>Kit:  Baloo’s apparently an obsessive-compulsive in this fic…

"But still no overdrive, huh, Papa Bear?"  the cub asked without 
really thinking. 

>>Baloo: Like always
>>Kit: Snicker ha ha.

 It had been a sketchy explanation at best as to how Baloo had 
appeared out of nowhere to grab him as Karnage had gleefully 
dropped him to his death.

>>Becky:(Karnage) Wheee-hee-hee!

  Rebecca and more
so, Molly had told him how the three had escaped from Pirate Island 
and the high speed modification on the engines.

 >>All:(start humming the theme of Speed Racer)

"Yup, kid, had it when I needed it though."  the bear looked over at 
his navigator with an odd expression on his face. 

>>Becky:  He had had a lot of burritos for lunch.

He still really hadn't gotten used to someone else being there.  

>>Kit: Except for his imaginary friend Kurtis

Especially not an 11-year old cub- 12 soon!, Kit reminded him daily-

>>Baloo:(Kit): I'm going to be 12 soon.
>>Becky:(Baloo):Great kid!
>>Baloo:(Kit):Have I mentioned I'm going to be 12 soon?
>>Becky:(Baloo) mentioned that.
>>Baloo:(Kit): And I'm going to be...
>>Becky:(Baloo): Shut up kid.

who showed remarkable abilities in almost any area he applied himself to.

>>Kit: Especially in soap sculpture 

Baloo often found himself wondering at the strange partnership.  

>>Becky: Of Felix and Oscar

Kit acted so much older than most _adults_ that it was often hard to 
remember that he was just a kid.  *An independent one at that*  the 
bear thought ruefully.  Kit didn't complain, 

>>Baloo:(Kit) Why can't I fly?? Why?

demanding and wasn't obvious about anything personal, and so, he 
was about the opposite of any kid Baloo had ever been around.  
*That's what caught my eye, he's different.  Nah, more 'n that, he's 

>>Kit:  (putting his hands behind his head with a smirk) Its true…
             *Im* incredible..
>>(Becky and Baloo both make gag gestures) 

Looking over, Kit saw Baloo staring at him.  "What?" he asked 
suddenly.  "Nothin', just thinking, that's all.  

>>Kit: That explains the buzzing sound

How far to Cape Suzette partner?"
Kit smiled, it was nice to have someone who not only called him by 
name, but by several nicknames as well.  

>>Becky: Most of them used in polite society

"'Bout an hour, not far.  Say Baloo, how about letting me take the 
board out, thanks!"  Kit finished without letting Baloo say anything 
and grabbed the foil out from beneath his sweater.  He began to head 
to the cargo hold when he felt himself being picked up and sat back 
down in his seat.

 >>Kit:  Well that was kind of demeaning…

"Just a minute, Kit."  "Look, I don't know much about that thing and..." 
Baloo began.

 >>Becky: (Baloo) And I need a subplot where I get to complain 
about something…

"Come on, Baloo!  It's safe, I _have_ done it before."  Kit tried to 
keep the annoyance out of his voice

>>Becky: But failed miserably

 but he wasn't used to having to supply explanations to anyone, 
usually he was the pesky kid everyone either ignored or told to buzz 
off.  But the large
bear not only liked to hear explanations, he seemed to expect them.  
Baloo seemed to think of Kit as a new part of the Sea Duck,

>>Kit:  He thinks of me as an inanimate object?? Oh yeah, theres a 
            step up from being a pirate…

 and Baloo never let anything happen to his plane. 

>>Becky: (starts laughing uncontrollably)
>>Baloo: Hey!

 At least that's what Kit thought about Baloo's concern.

>>Kit: And we all really care...wait did I just insult myself?

"Yeah, I know you've done it before, kid.  Who'da think was flying 
when you were out there?"  

>>Baloo: Magical pixies?

"But this isn't yer old board, it it trustworthy?"

 >>Becky:  It it?  Well, that’s a Sea Duck of a different color…
>>Kit: Wait. How'd he know my old board was trustworthy?

"I've used it before Baloo, don't you think I know how to build one?"

>> Kit:  Yeah, its not like you’ve never seen one before and…oh.

"I don't know kid, I didn't know anyone knew how to build one."  
"Besides, I thought about heading to Louie's, we got time."

 >>Becky:  Ha!  Pay up!
>>Kit grudgingly hands money over to Rebecca
>>Baloo:  You bet on me?!

Kit scowled at Baloo, something in him knew that Louie's was just 
the pilot's excuse for ending an upcoming argument.  "Baloo, this is 
me, remember?"  

>>Kit:  Do you have amnesia again?  Should I call someone?  

"I've been doing this a long time before I met you!"  Kit said in a 
last-ditch effort to get some use out of the board.

 "Well, when you're in my plane and when you're my navigator, 
what I say, _goes_!" 

>>Becky:(Baloo) So there! Nyah!

 Baloo sounded irritated, which he was, at himself for sounding and 
thinking like a ....well, parent, and because he knew the argument was 
about to ensue.

>>Kit: It's not just A arguement it's THE arguement! Pay attention 

Kit was now definitely more than a little angry. 

>>Baloo:  Hes also a little navigator, a little cloudsurfer, a little 
                  Jungle Ace..
>>Kit:  We get the point!

 Baloo sounded pretty serious and the boy wasn't sure he liked being 
told what to do.  

>>Becky: What's to be sure about? Who likes being told what to do?
>>Baloo: Khan's men?

"I don't get it Baloo, why are you getting on my case now?  My airfoil 
is safe, I did a good job building it and I know what I'm doing....
quit treating me like a little kid."

>>Kit: The pacifer was just too much and Kit went into a rage and...
           oh wait this isn't Double Vision.

"You're 11 Kit, I know, I know, 12 soon," the bear said when he saw 
that Kit was about to interrupt, 

>>Baloo:(Kit)Have I mentioned...
>>Becky:(Baloo)Don't make me throw you out of the plane kid

"and sure, you don't act like a kid, but I'm not so sure that's a good 
thing.  In my book, 11 means that once in a while you've gotta trust 
my judgement."

>> Kit:  I thought it meant being able to completely wander about the 
         world as I please.  Guess I was wrong…

"What about my judgement?  Here Papa Bear, take a look at it, it's 
fine."  Kit made an effort to calm down, 

>>All: Calm...Blue...Ocean...Calm...Blue...Ocean

mainly because in  the three weeks he had known Baloo, he didn't 
like quarreling with him.  The pilot took the crescent-shaped board 
and looked at it dubiously.  

>>Kit: (Baloo)  Ooh…shiny….

He then flicked it open and shut a few times,

>>Baloo: Flick my Bic
>>Becky:(opens her mouth and then shuts it)

 patted it, 

>>Kit: Good board

looked at it from the side, back and front then repeated the process 
before handing it back to a very impatient Kit.

>>Kit:  I'm pretty darned hard to please in this thing…

"See, it's fine now...."  Kit stopped when he saw Louie's place on 
the horizon and gritted his teeth in frustration.

>>Ted:  Grit!  WOOHOO!
>>Kit:  What the heck was that?
>>Becky:  I don’t know…I just want to go home…

"Sorry Kit-boy, looks like we're here."  Baloo said sounding happy 
and a little....relieved?  

>>Becky: So how's the thearpy to get in touch with your feelings
>>Baloo: Oh just great..We've moved up to animosity

"Next time you can have a go at it." 
The pilot said to the cub who was fingering the board. 

>>Becky:(starts snickering)

"Yeah, sure Papa Bear, next time," and was silent as the Sea Duck 

*Amazing*  Kit thought, *he always seems to get twice as much 
energy whenever we get here* 

>>Becky:  Louie’s was now a coffeehouse…

and smiled as the large bear bounded out of the plane and helped his 
navigator down, then both walked in.

>> Kit:  And got stuck in the door!

"Hey, 'ol buddy, came by to see your pal Louie, huh?"  came a 
colorful voice from behind the bar.

 >>Wildcat:  Were Huey and Duey there too?..Oh.  Prob’bly not…
>>Becky:  Wildcat, go back to the lobby…
>>Baloo:  That was rude..
>>Becky:  He likes it better there…besides, I don’t know the rating to 
                 this fic, and I don’t want to expose him to anything too 

"Hey Louie, yeah, new job ya know, haven't been able to come by as 
often, how's business?"  the bear looked around.

>>Kit:(Baloo) What no party in my honor? 

"See for yourself,"  the red ape motioned an arm to the near-empty 
room, "empty one day, full the next, kinda like your finances, heh 

>> Kit:  Why did you just ask such an obvious question?
>>Baloo:  (shrugs)

"Mostly empty buddy, but just wait...pretty soon."

>>Becky: It'll be completely empty
>>Baloo: A million laughs Boss Lady

"Yeah, sure cuz, howya doing shortstop?"  

>>Kit:  Oh, gee golly,…I love my new nickname!

Louie asked Kit who had stood quietly to the side feeling a little out 
of place during the good-natured bantering.

>>Becky:(Kit) utterly mundane. How do I slip quietly out 
                of here? 

"Uh...fine, thanks....Louie."  Kit had to stop himself from adding a 
Sir to the orangutan's name.  

>>Baloo: Because he wasn't a knight?

He still didn't know the bartender very well, but being Baloo's friend 
and a pretty friendly adult, the boy included him into his ever 
widening circle of friends.

>>Becky:  Oooh!  Is Chris O’Donnell in this?
>>Kit:  Uh, no… 

 "Glad to hear it, Kit."  "By the way, just 'cause you're hanging out 
with 'ol fuzzy here, don't pick up any of his bad habits, like an 
unpaid tab?" 

>>Kit: Oh and the habit he has of...mmph!
>>Baloo:(covering Kit's mouth) Now Lil' Britches what did we discuss?

here Louie looked pointedly at Baloo who was fidgeting uncomfortably. 

>>Kit:  Yep, he had burritos for lunch, alright…

Kit laughed and had a seat next to the big pilot.

"So, how is that new job, Ms. What's-her-name treating you two 

 “Cunningham,"  Kit said as Baloo said "Becky" at the same time.

>>Becky:(Louie) Cunbeckyham? What? 

"Yeah, yeah, whatever.  She working you boys like a pair of pack 
mules, what's the scoop?"

>>Kit: It's that thing you use to get ice cream out of the box and..oh 
           never mind.

 Kit was about to explain that their new boss was actually pretty 
likeable when Baloo started in on a long tirade about the agony he 
had suffered under Rebecca. 

>>(Kit holds his hand out expectedly.  Becky shells out Kits money 
    and gives it back to him, Baloo and Becky sulk in their seats, 
    while Kit grins..)

 Halfway through Baloo's bluster Louie winked at Kit and flipped him a 

>>Becky:(Kit) The executive bathroom? Oh joy! 

While Baloo was still complaining, (and showing no sign of stopping), 
Louie leaned over to whisper to the cub.  

>>Kit: (Louie)  Quick!  Go to the back and find a plot!

"Fuzzy here told me how hung up you are on airplanes.  Got me 
something special in one of my rooms, go ahead and take a look, I'll 
have to tell you about it some other time.

>>Baloo:(Louie)Ripley's has been calling me for it constantly. I 
         finally got it to stop screaming

 Second floor, Sixth door on the right." 

>>Kit:  (Kit)  Aaand hide Baloo’s crowbar whileyoureatit!..

 and the ape leaned back over to nod sympathetically to the bear's 
tale of woe.

>>Becky:(Louie thinking) Please make him shut up. Maybe if I stuff a 
         lit sparkler up his nose. 

Kit was a little touched, first that Baloo had mentioned his all-time 
passion to Louie and second, because the ape had taken the time to 
single him out.  A warm feeling spread in his chest as he walked up 
the stairs holding the key. 

>>Kit:  Man, theres all sorts of stuff going around…I guess I’m stuck 
        with another disease..

 Baloo had stopped complaining 

>>Becky:  When?!

and watched Kit ascend the staircase.

>> Heaven
>>Becky: Oh thanks! Now I'll never get that song out of my head!

 "I tell ya Louie, sometimes I don't know what I'm doing here." 

 >>Baloo:  That was deep.
>>Kit:  Oh, its going to be one of thooooose fics…

"Whatcha mean, Baloo?"  

>>Becky:Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?

Louie asked, surprised.  

>>Kit: ...that Baloo had stopped complaining

"Man, I thought you and the kid was gettin' along just fine."

 "Well, we do, most of the time, but it's like what happened earlier, 
before we got here."  Baloo explained about the small fight he and Kit 
had had in the plane.  "Kid sure is stubborn, an' I feel like I don't know 
nothin' bout him most of the time."  "Don't
get me wrong, I really care about him, but...."  

>>Kit:  Im thinking of trading him in for some spare parts.  You know…
>>Becky: Wait...How many people are talking there? There's two sets 
                 of quotation marks!

Baloo stopped here.

>>Baloo: Unfortunately the story continued 

"Yeah, go on, I'm listenin'"

>>Becky:  This is Dr. Frasier Crane…

 "Well, what happened to his folks? What if all of a sudden he decides 
to up and leave again, he's done it with other places, what's stopping 
him here?  

>>Kit: A warm bed and food mostly.

I tell ya, buddy, don't know how I ever got so attached so fast but I 
don't think I could handle it if
he left, of it something happened to him.  He's still just a kid and I feel 
sort of responsible for him, trouble is, he won't open up, and he just 
does what he wants." 

>>Kit:  Problem, problem…do you….see a problem here?, I cant seem 
             to think of one…

 "Don't get the wrong idea, he's a good kid, but he's done everything 
by himself for so
long, he doesn't think about asking about something, and I really 
can't say much about it, or try to stop him.  It's as if, maybe, if 
I push him too far, he'll just move on."

 >>Kit: …to another show where he can get some cash…

Throughout this long speech, several emotions had crossed Louie's 

>>Baloo: Most of them various degrees of boredom

 concern, surprise, worry, but when the bear stopped
talking, his friend just looked thoughtful.  "I don't know what to 
tell you, Baloo."

>>Kit:  (Louie)  Youre good enough, youre smart enough, and 
            doggone it!  People like you!…
>>Becky:  Well that was pointless…

"I don't really know a lot about shortstop there and I ain't promising a 
solution to your problems.  

>>Kit: But look the answers are the back of the book!

But Baloo, that kid thinks the world of you, you haven't known each
other for very long but this old ape hasn't seen anything like the way 
you two connected."  "Besides, can't spend all your time worrying?" 

>>Becky:Augh! Two sets of quotation marks again! Do Baloo and 
        Louie have multiple personality disorder in this fic?

"Man, four weeks ago I thought you had to be the luckiest so-and-so 
in Cape Suzette, but I sure wouldn't trade places with ya now, cuz!"

>>Baloo: See cause she said "Plunder and Lightning" happened three 
         weeks ago. It's clever dammit!

 Here Louie laughed uproariously while Baloo just looked at him and 
raised an eyebrow.

 >>Kit:  I think Louie’s been on that island a little bit too long…

"Just wait, Louie, your time's coming, then I'm guessing I'll have the 
last laugh."

 >>Becky:  Sounds like a horror movie trailer..
>>Kit: (in an announcer type voice) They came to the island and all 
was peaceful…until they started getting picked off one by one by 
some lameass villain that shouldve died a hundred billion times before 
but didn’t.

"Well,"  the bartender said, wiping him eyes, 

>>Becky:  him eyes?  Is that a typo or should I just be scared?

"the kid looks better now than when he first came crashing through 
those doors." 

>>Kit:  Uh, yeah!…Im not covered with *wall* material…  

 "Yeah,"  Baloo smiled at the memory. 

>>Baloo: He broke lots of furniture and almost broke my ribs. What 

 "He's put on more weight, couldn't convince him to give up that old 
sweater though.  I would at least like him to wear something newer, 
and that patch makes him look like he don't have a place to call home." 

 >>Kit: (smiling cheerfully)  But it smells like mint and summer rain!  
        Few people know that…

"He'll grow out of it, you watch, Baloo."  "Kid's that age grow like 
the jungle on this island, you blink and it's caught up to you." 

>>Baloo:  Yeah, if you blink like Barbara Eden…
>>Becky: (twitching) Stupid quotation marks.

Both friends stopped when they saw the subject of their discussion 
descending the stairs two steps at a time.

>>Kit:..and then stumbling headfirst into a waiter. 

"You wouldn't believe the stuff he's got in there, Baloo!"  "Old 
flying manuals, autographs, even stuff from the Great War!" the cub 
said excitedly breathing hard.

 >>Becky:  This would be where Aly’s hobbies manage their to make 
                   their way into the fic..
>>Kit: I'm just grateful I'm not being shot at yet.

Both Louie and Baloo grinned at the boy's enthusiasism. 

>>Kit:  That’s right…keep grinning…just a little while longer and I 
        can take the Duck…and take a joyride….keep grinning…

"Well, guess we'd better pull chocks, Lil' Britches, be seeing ya, 
inn-keeper."  Baloo started to walkout, Kit on his heels.

>>Baloo:  Wouldn’t that hurt? 

"Glad you liked that shortstop, guess I'll seeing you two later. Don't 
want Ms. Cumbersome blowing her top, huh?"

 "Cunningham!" was the last thing Kit said before walking out to the 
Sea Duck with Baloo.

Near late afternoon, they arrived at Higher for Hire with ,
surprisingly, some time to spare.

>>Kit: Er...Ms Cunningham?

  The city of Cape Suzette was just getting  on it's feet again 

>>Baloo:And then it stomped through downtown Tokoyo
>>Becky:(waking up) What happened?

after the vicious attack weeks ago.  The re-building as already well 
under way, with the first things to
be put back into place being the necessary defensive cliff guns.

 >>Baloo: Its intermission!
>>All exit to join Wildcat in the lobby and make sure he isn’t lost...

>>At an intermediate skit, the MST3K gang are gathered around in the 
front of the ship.  

>>“Well, this is turning out to be one interesting fic, Crow” said Mike. 
>>“In fact, I think Ive been inspired I never thought I had it in me before 
>>to become a parent, but if that charmer Baloo can do it…Well, I guess 
>>anyone can”

>>“Now, now, hold on a minute, Mike” said Servo, “That sort of thing 
>>takes years of paperwork and you have to inform the authorities at 
>>least…its not the same now as it was back then!”

>>“Ive completely anticipated this,” said Mike “So I guess what Ill 
>>have to do is time travel back to the 1930’s and pick myself up a 
>>tough little street kid with a heart of gold…Oh, Ill be sure and give 
>>him everything he never had…VCR access..a beeper, maybe a new 
>>sweater…I mean, c’mon, after ten years, I think you deserve a new 

>>“Uh, are you planning on trying to find a kid exactly like Kit?” 
>>Crow asked, “Because it might be difficult to find someone who 
>>has navigational abilities..’

>>“Yeah,” said Servo, “If were going to take on another passenger, 
>>hes got to at least promise to help us escape..and this whole 
>>lightning gun idea isn’t working out as well as I thought it would..”

>>The camera motions towards a smaller version of the lightning 
>>gun…the frame of circles about 3 ft. wide.

>>“Well,” said Mike “Maybe we shouldn’t have gone with cardboard 
>>and magnetic tape..”

>>“But magnetic tape is the most scientific of tapes..” began Servo..

>>“Hey Mike,” said Crow.. “Tell me about this street orphan idea 
>>again.  Even if we did find someone who could navigate us out of 
>>here and could give us the unlimited possibility of redeeming 
>>ourselves through his hope and all over bright-eyed angst filled 
>>outlook on the world, wouldn’t we just wind up ignoring him??”

>>“Yeah,” said Servo, “Just look at what happened to that ficus we 
>>got just last month..” He motions to a pathetic jar of withered grass.

>>“Hnh..” said Mike, “I guess adoption isnt the best idea…”

>>“And besides its one that’s already taken…” said Crow.

>>“I still think I could be pretty good at it, though..” said Mike..”Baloo 
>>adopted Kit, without really adopting why has he been 
>>concerned with being a parent figure if he doesn’t want to actually 
>>make a full commitment.?”

>>“Well, my theory,” said Crow, “is that Baloo just doesn’t have the 
>>maturity or grace to outwardly express his feelings toward Kit, so he 
>>has to mask them with line after line of 
>>bad allusions to his past turmoil,  so I think he’ll eventually just lose 
>>interest and find something new to lavish his attention on..”

>>“Like a combination plate..” said Gypsy..

>>“Alright, I think we’re getting a little too hostile towards 
>>Baloo here,” said Mike.
>>“Besides, maybe if nothing else, we’ll get to learn what the work 
>>“chocks” means”

>>“You do have a point..” said Crow..

>>“Well be back right after this MiST..” said Mike with a beaming 
>>smile on his face..

The Talespin crew finds their way back to their seats.

>>Kit:  Gee, those MST3K guys are deep…
>>Becky:  I wasn’t listening…they weren’t even talking about me..
>>Baloo:  Aw, cheer up Becky!  Im sure youre in this fic *someplace*.
>>(both Baloo and Kit lose it and laugh hysterically)
>>Becky:  That’s it!  Im docking your pay!
>>Baloo:  You cant do that!
>>Becky:  I can do anything I want!  Nyah!

Rebecca was

>>Becky:  (braggingly) Oh, would you look at that…
>>Baloo: Oh, youre scenes wont last long…
putting some tape on the last boxes which contained the 

>>Kit: Ark of the Covenant!

possessions she and Molly had brought with them while looking for 
an apartment.  

>>Baloo: After awhile carrying all that stuff became a bother and they 
                 looked for an apartment without it.

She had found one a few days before, 

>>Baloo: A possession or an apartment?

it had been difficult with many buildings destroyed by the pirates.  Kit 
hadn't seen it but from Molly's glum expression he drew the conclusion 
that it was _nice_, meaning expensive and not the place for a six year 
old to run wild.

>>Kit: Like that stops her. 

They were going to spend their first night there tonight, but Molly 
wasn't going quietly.

>>Becky: Does anybody write my Molly as being sweet and well 
>>Baloo and Kit:(look at her like she's nuts)

  She followed her mother around begging to stay at Higher for Hire 
one more night, much to the amusement of the pilot and navigator of 
the Sea Duck.

>>Kit:  The little fool!  A ha ha!

 Kit was feeling some unexplained pangs 

>>Baloo:  Doesn’t look good for you, does it Kit?
>>Kit:  Im tellin’ ya…

when he thought about the fact that Ms. Cunningham and her 
daughter wouldn't be
staying there anymore.  *It won't be the same* 

>>Baloo:It'll be quiet.
>>Becky: Keep it up Fly Boy!

the boy thought.  It was nice having them all together, especially with 
what the group had gone through the first week that they had known 
each other.  *Like, a family*  

>>Kit: Like M*A*S*H or Cheers!

Kit shifted his feet thinking about the closeness they had felt, even 
taking into account Baloo's resistance.  

>> the Force.
>>Becky: Resistance is futile.. You *will* be a drone in my sweatshop!

Kit wasn't sure, but felt  that the other three had taken their time 
together for granted, but the cub had never had any similar experiences 
to compare it to, so the expression on his young face was mixed.

>>Kit:...and shaken not stirred. 

He laughed at Molly's carrying-on, but it didn't quite reach his eyes. 

>>Kit:  Just my ears…oy.

 "Mommy, it's nice here!!"  

>>Becky:(Molly) The filth has such a nice texture.

the little girl tried again, "Lucy doesn't want to move _again_" with 
emphasis on the last word and with tears welling up in her brown eyes 
for effect.

>>Kit:  (Molly)  makes faux blubbering noise.. Buh. Buh-me Meh-nee 
             Nee he henh… Get over it, already!

"Molly, I told you, that's enough,"  Rebecca had reached the end of 
her patience.

>>Baloo:...when she was thirteen.

  Balancing looking for a new apartment, getting her business started 
in the current economy and dealing with her daughter was too much 
for the efficient lady.

 >>Baloo: or Becky
>>Becky: That's it (pulls out a paper fan and whacks Baloo with it)
>>Baloo: Ow...suddenly I want doughnuts.

"Baloo, would you give me a hand

>>Kit:(Baloo, claps)Bravo!
>>Baloo and Becky:(groan)

 with these last boxes?  The taxi's here."

>>Becky:(Baloo) Couldn't they have parked outside? 

"Sure, Beckers."  Baloo easily picked up three packages, then took the 
other two from the faltering Rebecca and walked outside. 

 >>Becky:  Why is it Im always so incapable?  I mean,…faltering?
>>Baloo: (sings)  Falteraaaall….faltereeee…

Rebecca blinked, then smiled.  

>>Kit: then nodded, then frowned, then laughed...

*Sometimes he can be such a gentleman.  Can't let on that I'm getting 
soft, though*  she thought with an inward smile.  

>>Becky:  Oh, brother..
>>Baloo:  Becky, youre such a softie…

She turned around to see Molly being comforted by Kit.

>>Baloo:(Kit) There there Molly you'll find lot's of stuff to break! 

"See Molly, you can come and visit anytime and I'll go over there to 
check up on you.  Besides, I heard that there's a waterfall by your 
window, neat, huh?" 

>>Kit:  Don’t play high diver queen when I’m not around now…

"And," he added quickly when the little girl's face threatened to make 
a waterfall of it's own, "uh...Danger Woman!....yeah, uh, Danger 
Woman needs to move to a new location!  Think of it as going 
undercover, ok?"

>>Becky: (Kit) Um..yeah! That's the ticket! 

then the boy gave the little girl a tight hug.  "Cheer up button-nose, 
you're gonna love this."  Molly hugged him back.

>>Baloo: And picked his pocket. 

Rebecca, still standing in the doorframe, felt her heart melt at the 
touching scene.  

>>Kit: But then she stopped looking at the Norman Rockwell painting 
and looked at the Kit and Molly scene...which made her gag.

Kit had to be one of the most considerate young men she had ever 
met.  Molly adored him and Rebecca knew that she herself was having 
a hard time leaving the earnest
young navigator.  He never asked or openly showed it, but she knew 
how starved he was for love and affection. 

>>Kit:  Oh, yeah.  Starved, right. When do I get paid?…

 *Well* she thought with a touch of happiness and ....something else 
touching her, 

>>Becky:  Baloo’s leg..
>>Baloo: (makes wretching sound)

*now he has us, we can make up for lost time, I hope*  Caring for Kit 
was probably the easiest and the most worthwhile thing she had 
accomplished since coming here.

 >>Kit:  Who couldn’t love me?  I mean...Ive got everything…
>>Becky and Baloo exchange a look of ‘Yeah, right..’

She heard Baloo softly clearing his throat behind her and saw him 
taking off his hat when she turned around which tipped her off that 
he'd had just seen, and more importantly, felt the same thing she did.

>>Becky:  Uh, that was one enormous sentence… 

The two cubs walked over to the adults and Kit took off his baseball 

>>Baloo: What's with everyone taking off their hats?

"Take care, Ms. Cunningham, guess I'll be seeing you in the morning,"  
Kit mumbled suddenly very interested in a crack in the floor.

 >>Kit:'s all filled with dirt and broken glass.

Rebecca felt her throat tighten and impusively gave the boy a hug.  

>>Kit: Hey! I was looking at a crack!

"Right Kit, get a good night's rest and I'll be here bright and early.."  
they both heard Baloo groan," to start things rolling." She finished 
giving the pilot a scowl.  Then she turned back to
Kit, they looked at each other, she lightly brushed his hair out of his 
face, gave him a small smile and stepped outside and into the cab.

>>All:(start humming cheezy sad movie music)

 Baloo was desperately trying to disengage the howling Molly from 
the doorframe and

>>Baloo:  cover her mouth with a muzzle…

put her in the cab with her mom.  "Come on...ah!.....muffin, you don't 
want.....ouch! don't be doin'....umph! Kit! give me a hand here!"  

>>Becky:(grabs Kit's hands) Don't even think about it!

Baloo, finally appealed to the boy.  Gently Kit pulled on Molly's 
small fingers until she finally released her iron grip, then he handed 
her doll to her and walked inside, a pained expression on his face he 
didn't want them to see.

 >>Kit:  I knew it..I have some sort of weird disease…

"Bye, Baloo."  Molly said tearfully.

 >>Becky: Well she gave up rather quickly.

"Bye for now, cupcake,"  the large bear said quietly, "come visit 'ol 
Baloo anytime."  Then he gave Molly to Rebecca, shut the
taxi's door and watched as the two drove off.

>>Baloo:  A cliff..


>>Kit: Row row row your boat! 

 Rebecca was as good as her word the next morning and since it was 
still summer, 

>>Becky: Cause it was July...which she mentioned.

Kit accompanied Baloo on a 8:15 a.m. flight to Spango-Bango.  It had 
been decided by both Baloo and Rebecca that Kit would start sixth 
grade in the fall.

>>Baloo: The school however hadn't been alerted at all. 

Thinking that far into the future used to a pastime that Baloo avoided, 
but thinking of Kit still being in the navigator's seat come fall was 
something that made him strangely happy.

>>Kit: It's probably the new paint fumes. 

The two arrived at the small city hours later.  Spango-Bango was 
located on a plateau and was known for it's dense surrounding forests. 
It was also known to pilots by it's tricky wind currents.  Pilots made 
sure their planes were in tip-top shape before attempting the plateau's 
hazards, even ace pilots like Baloo.  Any kind of 

>>All:  (make snoring noises)

engine trouble and the Sea Duck would do a swan dive right into the 
outlying forests surrounding the boom town, 

>>Becky: But that would be interesting so we know that isn't happening.

and Baloo certainly knew that land was much less forgiving than 
water.  However, the bear had been here a few times, although he 
didn't like the shady atmosphere that prevailed throughout the location.

>>Kit:  Uh, yeah…forests do have shade.. Or was that a pun?

 A town with everything vested in mining, 

>>Baloo: and shirted in farming

with hundreds of men desperately looking for work and quite a lot of 
bootlegging and gangster problems occuring about a decade ago, was 
a recipe for churning out unsavory individuals and businesses.  The 
large pilot had never been here with Kit, as well.

>>Kit: Okay I'm pretty sure that made no sense at all. 

Baloo looked over at the boy who was watching the dock workers 
unload the cargo

>>Kit:  I must not have that much going on…first Im watching a crack, 
            then Molly, then cargo.. Whats next, I take up gardening?

and nearly told him to stay close to him, then stopped himself, 
remembering Kit's comment about treating him like a little kid and 
thinking that the cub had been in worse
spots, but without him.  Sighing and shaking his head, Baloo motioned 
to Kit.

>>Becky: To stop, now walk, now heel! Speak! Good Navigator! 

"Come on, Lil' Britches, got to check in with,"  he stopped to squint at 
the paper he was holding,

>>Baloo: Darn forgot my reading glasses

" Rastan Lumber Inc."

 >>Kit:  The only lumber company that deals in 100% hemp…

"Sure Baloo, you know, I've never been here," Kit remarked 
off-handedly as they walked down the crowded streets.

 >>Kit: And I'm going to be 12 soon
>>Baloo: Don't start Kit.

"Yeah, basic boom town.  I doubt it'll be here in 10 years, 

>>Becky:  when the next warfic hits…but I say blow it up now!!!

too much mining means no more profits, then this place'll dry up faster 
than a drop on a skillet."  As they continued to walk something caught 
Kit's eye. 

>>Baloo: And ran away with it giggling.

 Located next to the post office was a small building that had several 
old, battered guns and helmets on display.  Kit recognized their origin 
and stopped to stare interestedly.

 >>Becky:  Charlton Heston was having a yard sale…

Baloo, already ahead, looked back and called his name.  Snapping back 
with the sound of Baloo's voice he jogged to catch up and they both 
turned the corner, Kit checking his bearings so he would remember to 
come back.

>>Kit: Mental note buy lot's of weapons for later fics in which I get 
           shot at. 

Baloo had been haggling with the burly-looking otter for some time.  
Only half of Ms. Cunningham's order was there to ship back to a 
waiting client in Cape Suzette and Baloo's argument was that he was
 _not_ going to take the heat for their mistake.

 Kit, sitting on a chair against the wall had long since grown fidgety 
and kept thinking of that display.  The more he thought about it's 
contents, the more he wanted to see it.  His mind elsewhere, the boy 
began retracing his steps out the door, back down the street and to the 
place of destination.

>>Kit:  Anyone else getting that oh-so-Afternoon Special feel??

Inside was dusty, but filled to the brink with old photos, some artillery, 
basically any kind of memoribilia from the Great War, twenty years ago 
one could imagine.  Ever since seeing pieces of Louie's collection, Kit's 
interest in the well-known conflict had grown.  

>>Kit:  Wasn’t that just a couple of hours?  I *must* not have that 
             much going on… 

He had almost been tempted to ask Baloo if he had fought overseas, 
but for some unknown reason, decided against it.

>>Becky: Probably cause the idea made him want to laugh til he choked. 

"Can I help you, son?" came a raspy voice behind the dark counter.  Kit 
jumped not realizing someone had been there.

>>Becky:  Good deduction, Kit..Hello! It’s a store!   

"Oh, I'm sorry, sir, I was just curious and...."

 >>Kit:  A-and I cant decide which violently destructive weapons of 
             slaughter I like the best…that’s all!

The voice chuckled 

>>Baloo: a deep dark chuckle

and the navigator could see it's owner step out, an old koala who had 
a cane and was visibly feeble and shaky.  "No trouble son, came to see 
what I got here in me collection, eh?"  Kit could now hear a faint accent 
in the voice.

 >>Kit: Thanks for filling us in on that! The "me" and "eh" didn't tip us 

"Where did you get all of this stuff.....sir."  Kit asked, his eyes taking 
in the various pieces of history that could probably tell quite a story if 

 >>Becky:(pieces of history) *cough* Could you get him to dust?

Again, the koala chuckled, "Well, my boy, you don't serve with Her 
Majesty's army for 'bout four years, beginnin' to end and not come 
away with a bit o' junk, eh?"   He now had Kit's attention. 

 "You served for four years in the war?"

>>Baloo:  (sarcastically) No, I served four years at Amway! 

"Sure, from the Marse, 

>>Kit: Mars?

to the great defensive at Vernun, to the offensive at the Solme."  "Seen 
me a bit o' action in me younger days."  The koala looked at the boy 
sharply.  "You like learnin' about this stuff, son?"

 >>Kit:  No, just trying to kill time…
>>Becky: Double the store owner too. At least nobody in this fic is 
                 ever lonely.

"For the moment,"  the cub said nonchalantly prompting another 
chuckle.  "Can I take a look around?"

>>Baloo: Um...isn't it a store? Why wouldn't he be able to look? 

"Sure thing."  the koala slowly made his way over to an interesting 
looking gun.  "Want to hear the story about this lovely?"  he asked 
with a twinkle in his eyes.

>>Kit:  Was it about your exciting days growing up on Pepperidge 
>>Becky:  No, no…the butterscotch factory!
>>Baloo:  Well,  where would the gun come into it?
>>Kit:  Maybe they had..rat problems or something…

Kit walked over to him and the old koala pointed out many other 
items, telling a different story with each one and losing

>>Baloo:  it, we know…

 track of the time as they covered nearly the entire, crowded room.

>>Kit: The actual conversation we've been thankfully spared from. 

"What's this one?"  Kit pointed to a picture of four dirty, grinning 
young soldiers.  "One of them looks like you."

 >>Kit:  Hmm…its in his store and it looks like him….YA THINK?!?

The koala's eyes grew sad, "Yep, that's three of me mates from 
school.  Thought we'd have an adventure, real punch-up with the 
Almenians, you've heard the stories."  Kit nodded. 

>>Kit: Yeah, nodded off…

 "I remember it, minor battle to the experts, I'd wager, but going over the
top weren't easy."  "It was Courcelette, first wave took two of them, 
but me and me best mate, Chester, tha's him, grinning fit to kill." 

>>Becky:  Oh, he sounds lovely! (through her teeth)  Its been fun Mr. 
Gunguy…gotta get back to people who don’t collect ammunition now…

he motioned at one figure.

>>Baloo:(Gunguy) That's my old Colonel. I hated that man. I laughed 
               when he died. 

Kit, by now, had sat down and was oblivious to the growing darkness.

>>Kit: Which came from my eyes slowly closing no doubt. 

"Yeah, him an' me were holed up, pinned you could say, in a pit made 
by one of those Howitzers, nasty piece that."  Again he motioned to a 
shell fragment on the opposite wall, Kit was still all ears.  "Well, he 
says,-Alec-, tha's me for sure, -Alec- this is
it, our last chapter.  Chester was always sayin' rot like that, and I sez, - 
Clam up you fool!, those bastards don't need any help from you!

>>Baloo:Now he's talking like one of those homeless people who 
               push shopping carts

-and then I smelled the acidy odor.  I had my mask on before me brain 
knew what the problem was.  It was just, danger!  Look out!, I weren't 
about to end up like those poor sums-bitches I heard about, coughing 
up on themselves, not able to breath through that filth."

>>Baloo takes his hands off from over Kit’s ears…Kit wakes up..
>>Kit:  Huh?  Wha?  What are we doing here?
>>Becky: Sattelite of Love, remember?
>>Kit: Oh, yeah…

"Gas, son!" Alec snapped at Kit's blank look, "but poor Chester, he 
grabbed for his mask and put it on, but boy, mask's no good with a 
bloody crack in it!  

>>Becky:  Okay, was there blood on it or was it just a plain old crack??

He died spitting up heaven knows what 

>>Becky:  My guess would be the gas…duh…

and alls I could do was watch him."  The room was eerily quiet as the 
old koala waded through memories best forgotten.

>>Baloo:  Nice going, Kit..
>>Kit:  I just cant help my morbid fascinations, I guess…

 Kit felt sympathy.  All of the war stories he'd heard weren't like this.  
Where was the glory, the conquest?  At 11, even after what he had 
seen, the boy had a little idealism in him, 

>>Kit:  It was hard after they came out with “Hercules”, but hey, life 
            goes on…

but the koala's hard, matter-of- factness was something new to the cub.

>>Baloo: Oh yeah living with pirates wouldn't teach him anything like 

"Well son, guess I've chewed your ear off, you didn't come here to 
hear me sniffling."  Alec's sharp eyes seemed to glaze over

>>Baloo:  (Kit)  Fake eyes, huh?

as he tucked those four years back into the private places of his mind. 

>>Becky: Right next to his recipe for marshmellow chocolate bunnies 

"Actually Mr....," Kit stopped when he realized he didn't even know 
the koala's last name.  "Sedgwick"

 "Actually Mr. Sedgwick, I think this is exactly what I came in here for,"

>>Kit:  Can anyone say “Afterschool Special moment”?

the boy said quietly showing a disturbing amount of understanding 
on his face.

>>Baloo: That isn't all that's disturbing in this fic. 

Suddenly, an unsettling emotion hit Kit, twisting his stomach as his 
mind remembered something important he had forgotten.  "Baloo!"

 "Excuse me, son?"  

>>Kit:  Great, now he thinks Im his son…me no thinka he has all his 
             boomerangs in one bag…

Alec turned to the boy.

 "Mr. Sedgwick, thanks for everything, but I really need to head out."

 "Sure thing, son, time to be closing up for me too."  "You got 
somewhere to be?"

>>Becky(stands up)
>>Baloo (pulls her back) Don't do it Becky! Just let it go!

Kit groaned inwardly.

>>Kit: Does that hurt?

 He had forgotten to tell Baloo where he was going!  And it had been 
hours now, he might miss his ride back to Cape Suzette!

 >>Kit:  (quickly) Oh well, that’s the way the fur flies…

"Thanks again, Mr. Sedgwick, I appreciate your showing all of this to 
me," and Kit was running out of the door.

>>Baloo: And into uncoming traffic 

"Anytime, son,"  the koala said softly, still staring at the photograph, 

>>Becky(laughs evilily)
>>Kit: What was that for?
>>Becky: I dunno. Seemed appropriate. 

When Kit arrived back at Raston Lumber, Inc.  the building was dark 
and all of the doors were locked.  *Rats!*  the boy thought, not 

>>Baloo: or mustarding
>>Becky and Kit: (groan)

the thought of having to spend the night in this cold place if Baloo 
was already gone.  He then headed back to where the Sea Duck had 

>>Kit: Then he headed for a local bar, then he went back to Sedgwick's
>>Becky: Then the audience fell asleep 

When he was in sight of the sea-plane but still quite a ways away, he 
stopped in surprise.  Not only was the Duck still there, but flashing 
red and blue lights indicated

>>Baloo:  Becky’s people had come back to take her to the mother 

two local police cars there as well.

Kit's stomach was now in his heels as he made his way to the plane. 

>>Kit:  Seeing as hed come this far without consulting a doctor, I’m 
            not surprised…

Baloo was standing by the cargo hold and was twisting his cap in his 

>>Becky:  (to Baloo) You do that a lot…Is that one of your “rituals”?

 talking to an officer while another officer was on his radio.  

>>Baloo:  He just happened to be a jazz singer…

Kit's sharp ears picked up a description of himself

>>Kit:  All *good* things, of course…
>>Becky and Baloo roll their eyes.
>>Kit:  What?!  Like Im supposed to ignore the bounty that is my 

being radioed out as he approached Baloo from behind.

>>Becky: and yelled "Boo!" 

"Yeah,"  the large bear was saying, "one minute he was there, then 
_poof_ he 

>>Becky:  turned into a cabbage!

had disappeared! 

>>Becky: That trick isn’t as good…

 I scoured the streets but I'm just one guy, how much ground could I 
cover?"  "Look,"  the bear had genuine fear in his voice, "I don't have 
a lot in the way of money, so a ransom's no good 

>>Kit:  I don’t know…Mel Gibson had his moments…

if he's been....kidnapped."  The pilot seemed to have trouble saying 
the word. 

>>Baloo: Darn this speech problem!

"But I'll do
whatever I have to."

>>Becky:  Big scam, drag show…whatever!.. 

Kit was stunned, not only had no one ever bothered to check up on 
him wherever he had gone, certainly no one had acted like this.  Kit 
plucked up his courage.  "Hey, Baloo," the cub said sheepishly.

>>All: Baaaaaaa! 

Baloo whirled around to stare incredously at his navigator. 

>>Kit: Then whirled back to the police. Wheeeee!

 "Well, that was easy," the one officer said to his partner, "guess we're 
done here."  Baloo didn't seem to notice when they left. 

>> Kit:  Why would he?  There wasn’t even a description of them…

Kit was wincing, expecting the gray bear to start screaming about how 
much trouble he'd cost him and how late they were going to be getting 
back.  Instead, the boy found himself in a large hug from the pilot.  
Both were silent as Baloo held the boy tightly, visibly showing his 
relief.  He didn't release Kit until a few minutes later, then he stood eye 
to eye with the cub, places his paws on Kit's shoulders and looked 
him over as if to reassure himself that the boy was here and in one 
piece.  Then he hugged the cub again.  Kit was more than slightly 

>>Kit is heard sniffing..
>>Becky: (to Kit) Are you al-
>>Kit: I have something in my eye, okay?!
>>Baloo gives Kit a friendly rub on the head…

"Um....Baloo, I'm sorry...are you okay?"  Kit looked at his friend who 
was wiping his forehead.

>>Becky: Um...why? Shouldn't he be wiping his eyes? 

"Kit,"  Baloo said with uncharacteristic seriousness, "I'm only gonna 
say this once, when we're in a strange place or any place for that 
matter, you stick close or at least tell me if you're gonna run off!  Do 
you know how bad you scared me?  One minute my navigator's there 
and when I blink, you're gone! 

>>Kit:  I wasn’t gone…Id just turned into a cabbage and ..oh, never 

 I didn't know what happened or if you'd been hurt..."  Baloo stopped.

>> the name of love. 

Kit felt strange 

>>Baloo:  The tropical disease was taking its toll..

and was pretty sure it showed on his face.  The bear was sure acting 

>>Kit:  Yeah, he’s been a real laugh riot…

Kit didn't know what to make of it, but he felt guilty for causing the 
pilot such a hassle.  In spite of himself, the boy felt a deep emotion 
relatively unfamiliar spread
through him.  

>>Becky:  He is entering those teen years…

*He was worried about me, he'd would have had the entire police 
force out looking.*

The expression of concern marked by the deep shadow caused by 
worry on the big bear's face made Kit feel really....strange, almost 
good, like he was wanted, no, even needed by the pilot.

>>Kit:'s a feel good moment. Group hug everybody! 

Baloo gently manuevered the still pondering cub towards the cockpit, 
boosted him up, then walked around to climb into the pilot's seat.  
There was an awkward tension in the air as Baloo tried to find the 
right words to use for really chewing the kid out,
without sounding too parentish.  Unfortunately, words like, 
responsibility, maturity and consideration kept popping into his head.

>> Kit:  Wow, Baloo, you’ve turned into Mike Brady!

Kit was looking at him strangely, still.  Baloo sighed and said, "Ok, 
kid, from the top.  Just tell me where you were at." 

 >>Kit:  Well, you know all the stereotypes about gun store owners?.. 
              Theyre true and…

So, Kit explained about the store, Alec Sedgwick and the story he had 

"I can understand all that, Lil' Britches, next time, just _tell_ me, got it?"

>>Baloo: Okay so I'm afraid of airfoils but kooky gun stores...I'm fine 

"Well, Baloo, I would have been back sooner, but I went to the lumber 
building first"

 >>Kit: Ack! Bad flashbacks.

"Why didn't you just come back to the Duck, Kit-boy?  That's where 
I'da been."

"I wasn't sure it would still be here, and...."  Here Baloo interrupted,

>>Becky: No see he already interrupted. So...There Baloo interrupted. 

"What?, course it would be here, whadya think, I was just gonna pull 
up stakes and leave you here?"

>>*choke, sob* 
>>Baloo:  Kit, you okay?
>>Kit:  Im tellin’ you, Im chokin’ up here!

Kit didn't respond but the expression on his face made it obvious.  

>>Kit:  Im gonna hurl now, right?

Baloo now gave vent to all of the pent-up feelings of frustration and 
helplessness he'd been feeling for hours, in the form of anger.

>>Becky: He punched a hold through the plane
>>Baloo: Plug it up! Plug it up! 

"Kit, do we gotta have this conversation again?  What you did today 
was not only thoughtless, but selfish, too!   You could have at least 
told me that you were gonna run off like that, given me some warning!  
Instead, you just waltz away 

>>Becky:  Being one of the Von-Trapps is never easy…

like everything you do won't matter later on and not have a thought in 
your head that someone else could be worried sick!   

>>Kit: Hey Baloo, remember how you didn't want to sound like a parent?
>>Baloo: Yeah?
>>Kit: You failed.

Spango-Bango, or anywhere else if you get right down to it, is no 
place for a kid to be running off!  You're a smart boy, Kit, but I wonder 
if you have any sense of self-preservation, sometimes!"

>>Kit:  Geez, Baloo.  *Youre*  sympathy just went out the door…

Kit now felt a touch of anger besides his shame.  His cheeks were 
flaming and his temper mounted at Baloo's lecture, mostly because of 
how bad he felt at causing the big bear to worry.  

The boy wondered if he would ever get used to asking someone 
beforehand, maybe never.  He was in the habit of doing things for 

>>Becky: Well that fact hasn't been pounded into our brains yet. 

"I didn't _waltz_ off  Baloo, 

>>Kit:  It was the flamenco!!

I said I was sorry, ok!"  "Don't you think you're making a big deal out 
of this?  I'm not used to begging to go anywhere and even if I had 
asked, you'd probably had said no!  I'm your navigator, that's it.  You 
really don't have any right to tell me off or to give me orders.  We're 
partners, that's all!  And as for my _self preservation_, Baloo, if I didn't 
have any, you'd never have met me!"  

>>Kit:  Yeah, see…that’s what I was thinking and..yeah..

The boy ended, his voice up to a shout, and with that ugly truth finally 
brought to

>>Kit: Oh you mean about Baloo's...mph!
>>Baloo: (covering Kit's mouth) heh heh.

  It was one of the first times Kit had talked about his difficult past, 
willingly Baloo immediately 

>>Becky:  Wait…who was willing?

felt saddened because he knew Kit was right on almost every count, 
he didn't have any right to lecture and order.  He didn't even have the 
right to worry. 

>>All:  Yeah he does..
>>Kit: That’s lame…

 All the rights he had were those that Kit gave him and if the boy 
decided that a
line was drawn at the pilot-navigator symbiosis, 

>>Kit:  Great, now Im being compared to a lichen…

then Baloo really couldn't overstep that and try to protect someone 
who didn't
want to be protected.

>>All sing theme to The Bodyguard:  But I….will always…love you…. 

The bear cleared his throat self-consciously and Kit, who'd been 
staring out of the window, turned to look at him.  "Um...Kit, look, I 
didn't mean to jump down yer throat.  It's forgotten, ok?  Water under 
the bridge."  

>>Baloo: And various other over used cliches 

Kit smiled, "Sure Papa Bear, sorry I was yelling...and sorry again...for...
you know."

>> Kit:  Oh, good. *Back* to happy!…

Both bears smiled at each other and the flight back to Cape Suzette 
occurred with small talk between the two, but not much else.  Both, 
however, knew things were unresolved and the problems

>>Kit:  Or not, whatever…

 of each still hung between them, creating an invisible barrier.

>>Baloo:  Like the shields in Star Trek??  Cool…

*To be continued.....

>>Kit:  Okay, intermission!!!
>>Becky:  Oh, look, its Wildcat!
>>Baloo:  And he has food!

All leave to go to the lobby…