Yummy Dark Mysterious Sinister Musicians

First up: Erik the Phantom of the Opera. Oh yeah! He can kidnap me anytime! What the hell was wrong with Christine??? Going off with that "pretty boy" Raoul the Viscount De Chagney. I hate Raoul! DIE RAOUL DIE!!!!! Okay I'm better now. You're probably wondering how I could love this guy, and even if you weren't I'm gonna tell you anyways. 1.He's smart. Really smart. Like mad scientist smart, take over the world smart. Horribly, unnaturally, erotically smart. I love intelligence! Mmmmmm....Erik explain how the torture chamber works again...lovely. 2.He can sing. In fact his singing is so great that Christine thinks he's an angel. His voice is so perfect and pure...oh to hear that voice!!! Happiness would be mine!! 3.He'll kill all your enemies. This is of course because he's homocidal, which in most girls is a turn-off. I have no problems watching my enemies die slow painful deaths...providing I get to join in the fun every once in awhile. 4.He's entertaining! Even without the musical abilities, he still has many skills. Many...many...skills...uhhhhhhhh, better not go there! Don't want this site ending up in the land of smut with "The Intellectual Interpretation of Debbie Does Dallas" Where was I? Oh yeah Erik's clean pure and lemon fresh skills! He can throw his voice which I think is the coolest talent in the world! He can build a sorts of...stuff. (Stuff? Yeah you know...stuff) He's an expert at everything with goes back to the intelligence thing and you know how I get about that so I'll shut up. 5.He's charming. Oh so suave with his mysterious self. I love charm like politicians love gullible people. Erik's all gentleman like and proper. Amazing considering how he grew up. 6.He dresses well. No, I'm not one of those shallow people who is obsessed with clothes. I wouldn't know good fashion if it bit me on the backside. I just have a thing for gentlmen clothing of olden times. Men looked so hot back then. I love a man in a suit but I adore a man in one of those old suits! 7.He's devoted. There is no chance at all, Erik would cheat. None. Zip. Nada. He'd be so incredibly grateful he'd becoming your willing slave. He kissed Christine's feet for pity's sake! I want a guy to drop to his knees and kiss my feet! In conclusion Eriks rules and Raoul drools.

Next up: Tom Lehrer. He is the greatest musician in the universe. 
I discovered him at a young age...which might explain alot. My Tom
was or is a college professor who went to Harvard at the age of like
fourteen or something. The intelligence thing again. He wrote funny
songs to amuse himself and his friends, otherwise known as the voices
in his head. His songs became popular with college students and he
sold some records and went on tour and blah blah blah. He retired and
no longer gives concerts. Damn.

1.CD's-"An Evening Wasted With Tom Lehrer", "Tom Lehrer Revisted",
That Was The Year That Was, Songs and More Songs By Tom Lehrer

2.Video-Hey Mr. Producer:The Musical World of Cameron MacKintosh


all of them! Oh fine be that way...
1.Fight Fiercely Harvard--You have to love a football song with the 
word "peachy" in it. Sing along in your snootiest voice.

2.Be Prepared--At last...really helpful advice.

3.Lobachevsky--As a college student I enjoy any song about plagurism

4.The Irish Ballad--Girl kills entire family (heh heh)

5.My Home Town--A place I wish I was from

6.When You Are Old and Gray--Finally a truthful love song

7.I Hold Your Hand in Mine--A romantic ballad about obsession and
murder...possible wedding song

8.Poisoning Pigeons In The Park--pointless violence...nothing more 
need be said.

9.The Elements--Sing along...or at least attempt to sing along.

10.Oedipus Rex--Ah...nothing like a man ripping his eyes out.

11.We Will All Go Together When We Go--Death all over the place.

12.The Masochism Tango--Another possible wedding song.

13.I Got It From Agnes--A great song to sing on a really long car trip

14.National Brotherhood Week--the painful truth

15.Smut--Sing this really loudly at a funeral...see what happens.

16.So Long Mom--A very touching song about WWIII

17.New Math--I can sing this...hey I take my triumphs where I can find

18.The Vatican Rag--If you're Catholic, you'll either love this song
or hate it...I loved it.

Mmmmmmmmm...Ain't he yummy?

Trent Lane:Janey's brother, Daria's crush, lead singer of Mystik Spiral
(or Mystyk Spiral or Helpful Corn) and object of worship by countless
numbers of screaming fans-femmes. Why is an animated man the victim of 
such adoration? Well duh! Look at him! Don'tcha just wanna ruffle his
hair? He just so darn cute with that sleepy oblivious look of his. And
his voice (provided by Alvaro Gonzalez) will melt you into goo. I love
it when he say "Hey Daria." oooo...chills. And he so sweet and kind and
thoughtful and....ok I need help. Well,I'm not alone. I am a proud 
member of The Church of Trent, along with a bunch of others like me.
Check it out and don't forget to watch Daria on MTV every weekday at
3pm plug plug ;^)*

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