Never Coming Back

Did you ever feel a sadness so strong that the result was anger? Did you ever realize that you didn't even know who you were angry at? Why don't they understand? Why can't they see it. Why do people lose so much of themselves when they grow up?

Why can't I fly? Oh, I know that I, physically, can't fly. I haven't got any wings. But in my mind I'll always be able to fly and soar. It's all rubbish of course. Nonsense. Shouldn't be thinking of stuff like that. I'm much too old for childish games. Much to old to play.

Where are my dreams and fantasies now? When did it all become so bleak and horrible? I try to explain why things are beautiful and wonderful. They just stare. Can't they see? It's right there. All the worlds and kingdoms and cities of a million enchantments are their's for the taking if they'd just open their eyes. But they can't...or won't. I'm not sure which. It's a horrible way to live. I've got nobody to play with. Nobody remembers the games anymore! Nobody remembers the thrill and the joy. Wake up! Wake up and dance amoung the flowers one last time. Don't leave me here all by myself. I don't want to be alone. It's no fun if nobody will join me.

Try. Just try to remember the wind and when it was your friend. Remember when every color and shape was a pleasure to behold. When music didn't just come from a stereo and you knew every note by heart. When there was no guilt, no pain, no worries, no horrors, just the ground and the sky and the sounds of echoing laughter of a million playmates who understood. Can you remember? Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Smell the grass beneath your feet? You ran nowhere and everywhere and I was there by your side. We all were at one point. The game never stopped, you just quit playing. But I never did and now I wait by myself for anybody to remember.

Please...don't just leave me all by myself. I want to help you. I want to help you smile and laugh again. I want to help you to see what I see and to know some sense of innocence once more. There are no illusions because all is yours to create if you'd just let yourself believe for a moment that it all exists. We can all understand. I don't want to be the only one who really understands.

I can't be where you are. I've tried but it's too cold and dark there. I am shunned for what I know and the scars are slow to heal. You do not welcome me but you I would gladly allow to join the game. All you have to do is prove to me that you understand.

There is a place where the grass is green, the sky is blue, and a million crystal towers rise above the scenic beauty. The colors and the buildings vary from day to day and from person to person. It's all the same place though and that's where I wait.