Judge not the child...

Name: Nicholas Jeremy Fedora

Position in Order: Former Keeper

History: Nicholas was born five minutes after his twin brother
Richard, thereby losing the right to be the Heir. Jealous of his
brother, and fueled by his mother's favortism towards him and Chaos'
own manipulations Nicholas betrayed the Order. The result of his
trickery was the expulsion of Richard from the Order after his
becoming Keeper. Nicholas takes the role of Keeper and misused his
power, thereby the Keeper's Disease hit him somewhat earlier and
stronger then others. He sired one son, Jakob, before dying at the
age of 29. After his death he is forced to fix the rift he made by
causing Richard's expulsion. After his attempt to gain ultimate power
from an instability is stopped by his great granddaughter Indiglo he
is confined to eternal sleep.

Other Facts: Thanks to the time manipulation he ends up being nine
years older then his brother Richard, he never truely made peace with
his father, son and brother but they have forgiven his crimes, it is
forbidden in Everywhere to disturb his rest.

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