Twisted Sweetness

This page is for the support of James and Meowth as a couple. *ducks as various items are thrown at her head* If this makes you angry or
weirded out...well then you're alot more sane then me.

But James belongs with Jessi!

Yes and I'm willing to believe that. I'm a Rocketshipper, really I am.
I find the whole thing very sweet and romantic. They make a lovely

Meowth is a Pokemon! You are sick and weird!

Thank you Master Obvious. Actually truth be told I prefer a ginjinka
Meowth with James, but hey it's all good!

You're scary

Thank you.

Things that will be on this page...I hope.

Pictures...easiest thing for me to get.

Fanart...*big eyes* Pwease?

Fanfic...probably written by me

Various odds and ends as I think of them.

There isn't anything on this page! It sucks!

So? So do all my other pages! At least I'm consistant.

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