Thoughts from Orange Soda

Gabe grins. "Okay! *ahem*... Thoughts from an orange soda. Who's 
the favorite? Is it Rita? Tina? Pamela? Or is there actually a 
chance that it's me? Maybe Don Solo will come and save me, but maybe 
he's too busy with the vulture and the foxes. And then there's that 
gypsy king sitting in the truck. I bet he's getting cold, I should 
go turn on the heat."

Steels grins. "May I cut in?"

"Absotively posilutely."

"Ok-aaaay! Eh heh. Foist of all.... it's impossible ta get a date 
wit' Emma Peel. I ain't particularly fond o' trash compactors, an' 
keep yer Spock ears on or yer gonna miss de good songs. Don' go 
chasin' waterfalls, you'll just get soakin' wet an' dat's a bad idea 
in de middle o' October." He grins. "Next!"

Aero holds up her can of pink lemonade. "When Tito sings Hi-Ho, 
that's the thing that cracks me up. Bargain movies at 5.99 are a 
very good thing...especially ones you can't get on the Disney 
channel. Why do doodles get scribbled out? Aren't they scribbles to 
begin with? And why are empty chai mugs and squirt guns such a 
commodity?" SHe turns to Darkwing with a flourish. "Poof."

Darkwing blinks. "Um... Phantom or ghost? Or wizened knight? That is 
the question. Going the wrong way on the right side of the tracks 
could lead to trouble. Couldn't it? Well, maybe. I'm not sure. Go 
ask Alice, but I don't know if she's still in Tamworth or not. You 
can't hear a cat mew without saying 'aww' at least once. It's a fact 
of life. And by the way... I'm hungry, does anyone want to order out 
for a box of weasels?"

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