Thoughts from Peach Iced Tea

Ricia stares at her iced tea. She pokes an ice cube which bobs from
the unexpected force from a larger force. Somewhere something or
someone pokes Ricia who looks up with a contemplative look.
"Where does knowledge lie? Is it in countless Jack games? Or is it
the truth Mulder looks so hard for while Scully triple checks the 
facts like a deranged Joe Friday? Why must we protect the world from
devistation? Will Mr. Roarke ever get off the island and why must
we all wind up in the corn field? I'm sure I don't know. We must not
panic for it is written there in big friendly letters. The Vogons will
come but the Dominion will eventually fail and Giovanni will again
reign supreme. I knew the answers when I was young. It was about
dandelions and ice cream trucks. Now it's a barrage of dates and
facts. I want a doughnut but the paper towels have taken over. Why
did we agree to bring back Mr. Whipple when we knew it would
lead to disaster? Perhaps he knows where Major Tom ended up. I
know Joel and Mike know where the truth lies but nobody wants to
talk to Torgo. Cambot no longer possesses Rocket Number Nine
but we do still have movie sign. I miss the dandelions." 

Rambling mine. Everything else somebody else's

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