Thoughts from a Piano

Trav walks over to his piano in the band. "Thoughts from a piano..."

He thinks for a minute and then lets loose. "If a butterfly dies in 
China, is there such a place as Japan? And if Ertha Diggs discovers 
a pyramid in Egypt, what's the name of the bird that that flew by 
just now? If a witch accelerates time in San Fransico, does the 
piano in New York will play any faster? And what good is a driveway 
if you only park on it, and drive on a parkway? How fast does 
darkness travel? The speed of light? I mean you can't flip a switch 
and a darkbulb will dark up and make a room dark. Speaking of the 
unexpected, why is it so unexpected? If we expect the unexpected, 
then the unexpected wont be unexpected, it will be the expected. So, 
does that mean you can expect the expected? And if Cher buy's a blue 
wig, will there be a blizzard in Hong Kong? And how many trumpet 
players does it take to screw in a darkbulb? If Abraham Lincoln 
we're still alive, would there be a Halloween? If you were buried at 
sea, would that mean you'd have to like seafood?"

This oddly named ramble is Travis'

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