Thoughts from Canadian Bacon Pizza

Ricia nods. "Thoughts from...Canadian bacon pizza. Fresh souls from 
the cornfield...Anthony put them there. Now leave your body and mind 
at the door. The Pumpkin King shall welcome you but only if you know 
is the woman is Jane Seymour, Anne Bolyn or Catherine Parr. I wonder 
in many a sleepless night why it's's real good. Push the 
panic button only if you know the answers to the Gate-Keepers 
questions. Could you survive the Thunderdome? Would you lop off his 
head? Breaking harp strings ring through the night and it's 
forty-leven by the clock. Keep to the undeniable truth that R is for
ra-ra-rocket and even Meowth will get his pay day."

This complete nonsense is you'd want to steal it

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