Of Fedoras and Pocketwatches

Welcome to a world where hope is born anew with each generation.
Where the voices in your head decide your fate.
Where Here, There, Everywhere,Anywhere and Nowhere are somewhere.
Where Chaos is very real.
Where the universe lies in the fate of a watch.
Welcome to this world of family honor and deception.
A world of sacrifice and murder.
Where nothing is ever as what it appears and time is everything.

Welcome dear readers to my world.

Termination and Completion
A preveiw. A little teaser to get you hooked.

For the one I misjudged and who in the end was closer to myself 
then I wanted to admit.

Tea and Crumpets with Chronos and Chaos
No this has nothing to do with the book but it's really funny so 
who really cares? Contains spoilers

Meet the strange characters tht frequate this universe. In progress