Dark Circles

Quiet in my companion
The only one who cares
Staring endlessly at me
Never do they laugh
Laughing's for the weak
Darkness surrounds the timid
I reach out
They reach out
Both of us touch glass

Seed of the Pomegranate

I search for that raputurous blossem
Encased in sweet blood red
To open the chasm of dark delights
Deep in the land of the dead

There on his throne my lover sits
Wrapped in darkest black
And as his kiss devours me
I never will look back

No innocent of sweet young girl
The fire has spoke my name
He needs someone who wants him
A title I eagerly claim

Alas the flower has slipped my grasp
I shriek of my desperate need
To demand my right to stand with him
And taste of his sweet dark seed

The Prophesy

Beware the girl who wears the crown
Of black fedora with feather bright
For it is she who'll strike him down
And obtain the throne of night

Usurp the kingdom of the dark
And watch in awe as terror flew
This crown will miss its mark
If destroyed by Ricia true

But beware, for ye shall mourn
Feather twined eternal flame
If you dare this crown to scorn
Or worn by all but rightful name


No one will hear you scream
No one will hear you cry
Cause no one really gives a damn
Whether you live or die

Alone you wander on this earth
Until you fade away
Cause there's no real difference
Between the night and the day

Grasp your thread of sanity
Ignore the echos in your brain
Inhale the scent of misery
And wallow in the pain

The end will come before you know
So welcome Death's embrace
Close your eyes, surrender all
For you have lost the race

My poems. Not yours. I own a gun.

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