NOTE:I own these poems. Take them and die.


Darkness falls and all is quiet
Cannot hear the noisless riot
Creeps into a terrified mind
Whispers words no words can find

Screaming voices straight from hell
Haunted eyes know them well
Now, my friend, you shall see
An end to all my misery

Silence unbroken in the night
Shattered dreams that won't take flight
Mind is broken, end is near
Shrieking with unending fear

Tears no mortal man can see
Fall from eyes that cannot be
A shadow now I must stay
Until I hear the music play


Eternal shadows of my mind
I see them in the light
Eternal peace I cannot find
Singing softly of the night

Shadows took it all away
As I screamed out in growing rage
Hope and joy are gone today
Locked inside my mind's own cage

Singing voices in the dark
I can feel their song
Making their scarring mark
Of all who have done me wrong

Crying songs of sadder times
Dancing demons of my dreams
Mingle with the graveyard chimes
And echo with my fading screams


Now and forever
I will remember
Now and forever
I will not forget thee
Now and forever
Though the horror haunts me
Now and forever
Stays the silence of space
Now and forever
To see the memory of a face
Now and forever
Now and forever
Now and forever
Now and forever
Now and forever


I do not feel the perpetual dusk
And I shall not feel the pain
I will not heed the words of hate
Pounding in my brain

For I will live in worlds untrue
Where skies and starlight shine
And the figments and the ghosts
Shall from my tattered mind combine

Then reality, how hateful that
Oh it shall be destroyed
And I shall see the stardust then
That mortals ne'er enjoyed

This world will be of mystic sort
And it shall be more kind
Then worlds I've seen of normal type
Outside my tortured mind

And so I leave my fellow man
And hurry on my way
To world of sound of daffodils
And moonbeams in the sky do sway

And the world will miss
At least the ones who saw me there
But wonderous worlds will not wait
For those who are the children rare

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