Dream god
Beautiful sensual realm
Whisper love and lust
Worship the goddess of desire
Bright pleasure candle melting slow
Kiss me gentle death
Beloved dark angel
Eternal passion

Caress The Temple Bells

Sweep me down on blood
Wild scream
Yearn it
Carnal fragrance
Crushed under passion
Shiver beautifully
Absorb his shadow
Melt into dark rapture
Cherish orgasmic pain
Flame of ecstasy
Power mesmerizes
Delicate mystery
Secret lover
Join with me

Ancheint Land

Fire and shadow scar my face
Still I seek the ancheint place

I cast the stones to seal my fate
And march with pride through iron gate

Reach out through entwining flame
As haunted souls scream out my name

Darkness seeps into endless night
As flocks of ravens take to flight

And in my kingdom here I stand
Surveyor of my ancheint land


The blood of all shall mark the day
When all who roam shall find their way
And fall into what road they chose
Unheeding questions that they pose

I am here,standing by
Unmoved by their pleading cry
One by one they march in spot
Unknowing of my jealous plot

Countless live lost this night
And none shall hear their desperate fight
The world shall perish in fire and flame
And the words of the tortured shall scream my sweet name

I own these poems. You do not. If you take without permission. I find. You die. I laugh. Understand?

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