The Meaning of Life

Fly softly
Childhood dreams
Clinging tight
Fading soon

Hold fast
Clouded wonder
Dancing hopes
Leave not

Dark invades
Music dies
Keep reaching
Start trying

Fight hate
Deny lies
Find hope
And fly


I hear the ticking in my brain
Pounding steady like the rain
Cannot stop the beating sound
No relief to be found

Run,my friend,from my fate
But for me it's much too late
To stop the ticking of the clock
And remove my hearts cold lock

In my pocket lies my soul
Forever out of my control
But this watch keeps steady time
Reminding me of my crime

I've regret what I've done
And I have nowhere left to run
Close my eyes no more to wake
And pray the Lord my soul to take


Darkened shadows on the ground
Fire flickers all around
Confused and frightened here I stand
Alone in an unknown land

Lightning flickers mix with fear
There is a longing sadness here
To save what is forever lost
And stop,now,the ultimate cost

I have seen this place before
With the one I did adore
But he is lost and gone
And it was I who did him wrong

Oh,it happened way too fast
Haunting screams in my past
I screamed to those I thought would save
But they just laughed and dug his grave

Falling fast I hear his screams
Oh they will stay inside my dreams
Please believe I loved him so
And lonely tears will let him know

The Starkeeper

I was asked one night
To be the keeper of stars
To care for the ones 
Both near and far

To polish them nightly
And make them all shine
I get no pay
But the stars are all mine

So when you look up and see them there
Both near and far
Remember me fondly
The keeper of stars

My poems! Not yours! Get away from them! Away! Hey! I said back off! Mine!!!!!

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