Our Song

Our tranquil union time 
Whispering orgasmic beauty
My love
Worshipping the sensuous
Gorgeous lusting ache
Speak my love
Naked rain will awaken you
In a hypnotic garden fountain
With clear bright purple candles
Our delightful romantic dream
In this beautiful sweet attraction
Our song is found here

Life's Advice

Wander with wisdom
In the music of ecstasy
A hot sensual eternity
Creates divine bliss
Melting with passion
Keep this precious flame burning
Rejoice in its bewitching power
Its magic caress
Commit to its devotion
In this vast realm
Protect its treasure
For that's where dreams lie

Youth Blood and Sin

You'll never gaze up at my way
Though in the corner of your eye
I'll always stand

In the fringes of your mind
Ever do I dwell
To remind you of yourself

He was my completion
And you are him today
For you there is no me

So let my bruises tell the story
Of youth and blood and sin
And what you shun to be

For I am your completion
Though you shudder at my name
In the fringes of your mind

There I dwell

Rebuild the Tower

Gone away to the inner state
Far behind and quite irate
Encouraged by the never
Fortress bent and walls smashed

Rebuild the tower
Rebuild the walls
Once were crumbled
Now are whole

Now are whole

Fortress bent
A new day spent
Hear the cry
Around this place 

I know the answers
To your riddles
And hear the cries
Echoed within

Echoed within

Parts get crushed
Pieces smashed
To blend and meld

Horror of the pain
Drips across this broken place
Cursed to be
Broken eternal

Broken eternal

Rebuild the tower
Rebuild the tower
Rebuild the tower
Echoed within
Broken eternal

Now are whole

Take my poems and I'll make you my "personal project" That's not a good thing.

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