The Muse

Oh in the end I know it's unimportant
The answers to the questions
I never did quite ask

And for you I've known
That the words must never flow
All the notes remain unsung

Forever is my illusion
And I grasp so tightly now
Fading from this dream

If the words the end remain unwritten
My twisted mockery stays on
And on...
And on...

Forever is my illusion
And I should've known the truth
To question my own creation

So the words remain unwritten
And the fantasy unscathed
Until the ink seeps through me

Forever is my illusion
Forever is my delusion
Forever is my derangement

The end will never come
I've stopped the flow of words
That echoed around my head

Stopped the spin of something
Never quite explained
Won't stop the constant moving

Continuous and unchanging
A blank and painful truth
Is my ever-present corruption

Within a creative fearful force
That means your termination

But if forever is my illusion
Then forever must you stay
And keep the words from flowing

Take=Pain Death Burning Eternally etc