The Pride and The Shame Part II

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show Disney does. However Ricia, Jakob, Calinda and Ian are mine 
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Thanks to: Lily for telling me the name of the Dean (hope you like 
the end)

Ricia slammed her apartment door. She didn't need this. She wanted a 
normal life. She wanted everyone to leave her alone. She took out 
the gold pocketwatch and placed in on the table. It mocked her. "Ha 
ha! Reluctant Time Keeper! I own you! I own you!", it seemed to say. 
Ricia rubbed her eyes tiredly. She walked to her bedroom and sat at 
her desk. It was a big English desk that had been passed from one 
Fedora to the next. Family was so important. Ricia reached up and 
took off her black fedora, another gift from her father. She smiled 
remembering what a fit her mother had had when her father presented 
Ricia with the old hat. Her mother had insisted in wasn't lady-like 
for a young girl to wear men's clothing. Ricia laughed out loud and 
glanced over at a full length mirror. Dressed in a man's business 
suit completely with tie, her mother would have spazzed out 
completely if she could see her daughter now. Ricia preferred the 
style of old fashioned suits to the modern "power woman" suits.

Her eyes swept up and down. She was pretty enough in a strange sort 
of way. Brown and black hair, a bizarre combination of her mother 
and father's hair colors. Green eyes which stood out intensely from 
her purple feathers. Ah...the purple feathers, a true enigma. Her 
mother's feathers had been white and her father's a cream color. 
Rumors spread like wild fire when Ricia was born. The tawdry affair 
of Calinda Fedora was all that was talked about for months. 
Professor Jakob Fedora, former head of the Chronology Department at 
SCU, just smiled and shrugged. He knew Ricia was his blood. The 
proof was in the watch. Only a one of Fedora blood could touch the 
watch and Ricia had clasped the watch soon after she was born. "A 
true born Time Keeper" her father had insisted.

Now, he and her mother were dead. Ripped away from her violently in 
a flash of revenge and murder. Now all that remained of the Fedora 
Time Keepers was a 32 year old female college professor. Ricia 
tossed the hat into her closet. She could feel the pressure pounding 
in her brain. It wasn't as easy as everyone seemed to think it was. 
Men didn't like woman like her. She was intelligent and eccentric. 
Most of her dates booked when they saw the clocks. At SCU she'd been 
deemed a nasty wench who considered herself above men, so it can be 
guessed how popular she was there. 

Ricia picked up a magazine laying on the floor. It had opened to the 
Personals section. there was an idea. Ricia picked up a 
pen and began to write:

			Intelligent, strong-willed SFD
                        ISO intelligent, patient man
			with a good sense of humor
			Species not important.

Ricia stared at the ad she had written. She shrugged. Why not? She 
reached for the phone to call her ad in.


Ricia sighed as Dean Tightbill continued to blab on about things 
that didn't interest her in the slightest. 

"So blah blah blah fired blah blah blah."


What was that?

"So blah blah blah fired blah blah blah."

Fired? Fired?

"Who's fired?" , Ricia asked shocked.

Dean Tightbill smirked. "Why, you Miss Fedora. We're scrapping your 
whole department. This college will finally be rid of your whole 
cursed family!"

Ricia shook with rage. "You can't do this! I have students! What 
about them? What about their studies?"

He shrugged. "They'll have to find other courses of study. I've 
finally got you Fedora! Your jobless and your joke science has been 
wiped from Saint Canard University! And there is nothing you can do 
about any of this. I win Fedora."

Ricia's eyes narrowed as reached for her pocketwatch. "Oh....really?"

Ricia cleaned out the desk in her office. She looked at the 
portraits hanging on the wall. Her great-grandfather, her 
grandfather and her father. Three generations of Chronology 
professors. Her portrait was supposed to be added when she got 
tenure. She wiped her eyes. She'd have to remember to ask Ian to put 
the paintings somewhere safe or Tightbill was likely to have a 
bonfire when he woke up.

She walked across the campus. She glanced over at a group of 
students laughing hysterically. The source of their amusement was 
what appeared to be a statue of the Dean stripped to his underwear. 
Ricia smiled softly. "You lose Tightbill", she whispered.

End Part II

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