The Pride and The Shame IV

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"Oh my God. Oh my God."


"My clocks. All my beautiful clocks."


Ricia ignored the cop. She felt like her whole world had collapsed. 

"Ma'am, we need to ask you some questions. Was anything actually 

Ricia shook her head. "No, they just br-broke everything."

"Are you sure. I mean there were so many clocks. You wouldn't know--"

Ricia cut him off sharply. "I'd know!"

"Why would anyone come in your apartment to break clocks?"

"Cause the lock on Timepieces R Us was too complicated! How the hell 
should I know?"

"Ma'am I understand how you feel but..."

"You understand?? You don't understand squat! When's the last time 
someone broke in your house and smashed your most precious 
possessions? Get the hell out of my apartment! Go do your job and 
leave me alone! I don't know who did this! If I knew I wouldn't need 


"GET OUT!!!"

The cop dashed out the door, which slammed behind him.

Ricia fell to her knees and sobbed. It was so quiet. So damn quiet.

Tick tick tick

Ricia reached into her jacket and pulled out her pocketwatch. Crying 
she clutched it like a life preservor. She reached over for the 
phone and dialed.


"Uncle Ian?"

"Ricia? Are you okay?"

"No...oh God. Uncle Ian they destroyed everything. My clocks!"

"What? No...I didn't think it would happen to you."

"What would happen? Ian do you know who did this?"

"Ricia I want you to hide! Go to a friend's house and stay there! We 
can't afford to lose you. Not now!"

"Why? What's..."

"Just do as I say!"

Ian hung up. Ricia stared at the phone. A friend's house? She didn't 
have any friends! None mentioning anyway. In the corner of her eye 
she spotted her toaster lying on the floor. She stared at it. "Oh 
don't be stupid! He's not going to hide me from...whatever it is 
Uncle Ian wants me to hide from." The toaster just continued to lie 
there." Ricia glared. "Fine! You win!" She walked out the door and 
headed towards the lighthouse.

Megavolt adjusted something in his latest invention. He glanced up 
at his toaster. "No the pretty lady isn't coming back! Stop asking 
that." He stood up. "There now, my little one let's hear your first 
words." He pressed a button.

Knock knock. "Megavolt, are you in there?"

Megavolt stared in amazement at the new device. "You sound like 


Megavolt spun toward the door surprised. He opened it to find a very 
distraught Ricia standing there.


She flung herself at him and hugged him tightly. "Oh Megs! They 
broke all my clocks. Uncle Ian said I should hide at a friends 
house ,but I don't have any friends except for you and I was 
wondering if I could stay here! Just for a little while."

Ricia let go of Megavolt and looked at him pleadingly.


"Oh thank you!"

Ricia sat at Megavolt's table, toaster in her lap. She had told 
Megavolt the whole story. Her voice only shook a few times.

Megavolt looked sadly at her. "Do you know who your Uncle Ian is 
going after?"

Ricia shook her head. "It probably has something to do with me being 
a Time Keeper."

Megavolt walked over to his latest invention. He reached for a 
screwdriver. "What's a Time Keeper?"

Ricia petted the toaster. "We keep time flowing forward. If the 
Fedoras die out chaos will result. There won't be anybody to control 
where time goes. Uncle Ian is worried I'll get killed I 

Megavolt looked confused then looked over at Ricia."You're the last 

Ricia looked down. "I am. I have no children. If I don't have one 
there won't be anybody to claim the title." For some reason 
mentioning her need for children made Ricia blush horribly. 
Thankfully Megavolt didn't seem to notice.

He smiled. "I'm glad."

Ricia blinked. "You're glad I have no children?"

"No...I'm glad you're here."

Ricia smiled. "I am too."

For awhile they said nothing to each other. Megavolt continued to 
work and Ricia stared off into space, petting the toaster gently.

"It's a couch."

"I'm aware of that thank you."

Ricia looked at the coach. It was a bizarre shade of orange. It 
looked like it wasn't so much created as thrown up.

Megavolt handed her a pillow and blanket. "Night!" He walked out of 
the room leaving Ricia to contemplate the coach some more.

A figure stared at the lighthouse. "Now Miss Fedora, you can't hide 
from Mranonak." He took a drag from his cigarette. "Soon I shall 
control the universe and time will be a hated distant memory." He 
flicked the cigarette into the bay and started towards the dark 

Ricia sat on the coach making a mental note to have it's builders 
killed. She suddenly heard a crash. She stood up. "Megavolt?"


"Er...Mr. Toaster?"

Mranonak grabbed her from behind. She screamed and kicked him hard. 
He yelled and let go. She dashed across the room and pulled out her 

Megavolt dashed into the room. "Ricia? Are you...?" He looked at the 
newcomer. His hands crackled with electricity.

Ricia raised her watch and pressed the button.

Now for those of you who were wondering, here's the answer to the 
question: "What happens when you combine electrons and chrotons in a 
steady flux?"


Ricia was flung backwards and slammed agaist the wall. She slumped 
to the floor.

"Ow...what happened?"

Megavolt was holding her trying to get her to wake up. "You're 

Ricia let him help her up. "No, I'm not. What is it with you? 
Whenever I'm near you I get a head injury!"

Megavolt looked hurt. "I'm sorry."

Ricia suddenly felt guilty. "Never mind. Where's our uninvited 

Megavolt pointed over to a tied up and gagged canine.

Ricia grabbed the gag and ripped it out of his mouth. "Talk. Now."

Mranonak glared at her. "Burn in hell, spawn of Chronos!"

Megavolt shot a bolt of electricity his way. "Don't talk to her like 

Ricia was touched by his defense of her.

The canine sneered. "What's the matter Fedora? Can't take care of 
yourself. Got to have your boyfriend do the dirty work." This made 
both Megavolt and Ricia blush. Ricia hit Mranonak across the face. 
"I can take fine care of myself! And he's not my boyfriend!" She 
turned to stare at Megavolt. "Are you?"

Megavolt looked lost. "Um...I'm..."

Mranonak rolled his eyes. "Hello! Evil clock smashing guy here!"

Ricia stopped gazing at Megavolt and turned slowly towards the tied 
up intruder. "You...smashed the clocks! You broke friends!"

"Oh how observent Fedora. You obviously didn't get your intelligence 
from your father."

"What do you know of my father?"

"We had some dealings."

Ricia stared at him. She stared closely at him.

I control you now Time-Keeper 

Mom? Dad?

Now the order ends


" can't be. It can't be."

Megavolt touched her arm. "Ricia...?"

Ricia pulled away and looked scared.


Mranonak laughed. "You recognize me. I must tell you if I'd known 
you were there I'd have killed you too."

A deranged howl escaped Ricia's mouth as she lunged for his throat. 
"Die you son of a-"


Ricia turned and stared. She wasn't in the lighthouse anymore. She 
was in misty nothingness. Her father stood there.

"Daddy?" She ran and hugged him.

"There there. I have a job for you. You must destroy Mranonak. Fire 
the watch twice."

"You told me I couldn't do that. It could have horrible 

"Mranonak is a threat to our way. You need to claim your title of 
Time Keeper. Now go Bright Eyes. Your boyfriend is concerned about 

"He's not..."

Jakob Fedora laughed. "Sure he is! You can't lie to me Bright Eyes. 
You feel something for that man."

Ricia opened her mouth to respond but found herself back in the 

Megavolt was staring at her. "Ricia? Are you alright?"

Ricia kissed him on the cheek. "Lovely." She grinned at Mranonak. 
"Time to die!"

He laughed. "You can't kill me! Only one thing can kill me!"

Ricia continued to smile as she pulled out the watch. "Twice hit. 
Twice dead."

For the first time, there was genuine fear in Mranonaks eyes.

There was two big flashes of green light.

The chair was empty. 

Ricia fell exhausted agaist Megavolt.

Megavolt put his arms around her. "Is he gone?"

Ricia nodded and closed her eyes.


Ian Featherson gazed at Ricia over a cup of coffee. "A 

Ricia shrugged. "Why not? Could be fun."

Ian looked at her. "I trust you Ricia." He turned and shook 
Megavolt's hand. "Welcome to the family.

Ricia glared at him. "We're not getting married Uncle Ian!"

Uncle Ian grinned. "Yet."

Megavolt looked at Ricia. "What is he talking about Ricia?"

Ricia shrugged and smiled. "I have no clue Megs. Not a single clue." 
Her eyes sparkled as she held the electric clock he had presented to 
her ,and Megavolt seriously wondered what he had gotten himself into.


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