Full Name: Ricia Dark Fedora-Sputterspark. What a mouthful.

Stories:"The Pride and The Shame" "The Untitled Wedding Fic" and  
"To the Tune of an Electric Lullaby"

Type of Creature:Duck...don't ask me specific species I'm purple so 
I have no clue.

Full Name Meaning: Ricia means noble, Dark means...uh dark...duh, 
Fedora means as far as I know, hat and Sputterspark means er...
electricity with a speech impedement.

Nicknames:Bright Eyes

Origin of Nicknames:My father used to call me that. I don't want to 
discuss it.

Height:*shrug* I dunno. 5ft something

Body Build:Slender...a rather unimpressive figure. Men never tripped 
over themselves to get to me.

        --color:brown and black...yes both
        --cut:short boyish cut.
        --length:uh...didn't I just answer that?
        --type:What?? It's hair. It's hair-type hair!

Iris Color:Why can't you just say eye color? Iris color...green.

Eye Shape:There's alot of pics with my eyes half-closed or partly 
closed. Apparently I'm going to fall asleep any second.

Face Shape:I refuse to answer that on the basis that it's stupid.

Skin type:The type that's covered in feathers, but if you really 
want me to check *rip* Ow! Dammit!

B-day:April 14th , 1967...more or less. Age is kind of screwy in 

Age at start of story:32

Time of birth:I was too young to remember

Astronomical sign:Aries...I think. Why are you going to buy me a 

Birthplace:SCU....long story.

Birthstone:Diamond, or as most people who make birthstone jewerly 
say it cubic zirconium.

Physical/Mental difficulties:Excuse me? Well my watch runs on my own 
life energy, does that count?

General health condition:Fine as long as I don't overdo it. Use the 
watch sparily.

Character Importance:I am the alpha and omega! Bwahahahahahaha!

Importance to Plot:I'll tell you as soon as we have a plot.

Big Secrets:I'm really a member of FOWL High Command...well no but 
wouldn't that be cool?
        --Will this be revealed? Evidently not.
        --How? In a story my creator writes at 4am after eating 500 
          lime pixie sticks.
Five descriptive words:stubborn, intelligent, original, obsessive, 

Two strengths:My tolerance...I'm married to Megavolt, you need alot 
of that, and my imagination...you also need alot of that.

Two weaknesses:My big fat mouth that likes to speak without my 
permission and my obsessive attachment to things. *sniffle* my 

Five good attributes:Well isn't this getting repetitive. Okay. I'm 
smart, kind, tolerant, funny and talented...oh and I'm modest too! 
Sorry couldn't resist.

Five bad attributes:None I'm so wonderful! La la la! Okay stop 
looking at me like that you're creeping me out! I've got a nasty 
temper, I'm emotionally attached to inanimate objects, I'm 
apparently arrogant, um....I dress in men's clothing if you'd 
consider that bad, and I have the tendency to zone out at very bad 
times. Happy now?

Hobbies:Looking at my collection of ties I've stolen from old 
boyfriends...ah memories, collecting clocks, making my own suits, 
planning the untimely demise of Dean Tightbill...uh was that out loud?

Talents:I can build clocks...well all Fedoras can but *shrug*, I 
make my own suits cause it's incredibly hard to get a tailor to take 
you seriously when you're a woman. Stupid sexist shmucks. And I play 
the piano which is something alot of people don't know.

Quirks:I used to steal ties from my boyfriends when we broke up. Got 
myself quite the collection. I talk to clocks....and electrical 
appliances now.

Likes:clocks,fedoras...the hat not myself,though I do like myself 
but I'm guessing you mean objects, a nice cup of tea, violin music, 
a well cut suit, and toasters

Dislikes:coffee (unless I'm really tired), dresses, make-up, getting 
up in the morning and the word preresquite

        --food:anything I can order by phone...I don't cook.
        --music:classical and swing
        --instrument:piano and the violin...no I don't play the violin
        --song:The song "Meet Virginia" just for the first two lines 
               "She doesn't own a dress, her hair is always a mess." 
               Oh and "I Wanna Marry a Lighthouse Keeper" cause...
               well duh.
        --game:My favorite game? Uh...Pictionary cause it comes with 
               that little hourglass. I really don't know.
        --color:Gray and black...do have any idea how hard it is 
                finding a color that doesn't clash when you have 
                purple feathers?
        --flower:Dandelion...I know it's a weed! Bite me!
        --pasttime:fixing clocks, listening to music, and of course 
                   spending time with my husband, whom I love 
                   despite the fact I've barely mentioned him.
        --holiday:Guy Fawkes...it's a real holiday..in some country. 
                  November 5th
        --clothing:like I said before a well-cut suit.
        --novel: Q-Squared by Peter David...deals with Chaos as a 
                 living entity. Let's just say it strikes a familiar 
        --movie: The Great Mouse Detective...love that scene in Big 
Least Favorites:
        --food:seafood...I hate seafood. It smells and it's nasty.
        --music: anything devoid of rhythm...I cannot begin to tell 
                 you how much that pisses a Time Keeper off
        --instrument:the kazoo...it's just lazy.
        --song:Time by Hootie and the Blowfish "Time why you punish 
               me?" Oh like it's our fault your life sucks!
        --game:Bridge....no reason I just don't like it.
        --color:pink...carnation pink, way too feminine. I also hate 
                white. Makes me think somebody forgot to color it in.
        --flower:Uh...beats me. I don't particulary hate any flower. 
                 Mostly because if I say anything bad I'll probably 
                 get attacked in my sleep.
        --pasttime:cooking...in case I haven't made that clear
        --holiday:Columbus Day cause it's just stupid. He didn't 
                  discover America! He got lost!
        --clothing:a frilly pink dress.
        --movie:The Time Machine...HG Wells is an evil horrid man.

Lucky Number:8675309...oh wait that's Jenny's lucky number. Mine is 
8.29. None of your business why!

Earliest Memory:My parents were singing something...my mother played 
the piano. She taught me how...I should play more. I can't remember 
what they were singing....bits and pieces. "Voice, fiddle and flute 
no longer be mute. I'll lend you my name and inspire you to boot..." 
That's all I remember. I should ask Ian about that.

Fondest Memory:Sitting in my father's lap watching him fix clocks. 
We'd sit at that old English desk and he'd tell me stories. I could 
hear my mother playing the piano in the next room. 

Worst Memory: I was twelve years old. I never saw it coming. Who 
does? Ian was there to comfort me and take care of me..."...I'll 
lend you my name and inspire you to boot. And besides I'll instruct 
you like me to entwine..." I miss my parents. I miss the piano 
music. I can't remember the words.

Pet Peeves:people who abuse their clocks, people who touch my stuff, 
being teased about my feathers, hair, clothing or anything else for 
that matter, anything out of sync, a bad cup of tea, Columbus Day, 
and HG Wells.

Family:My parents names were Jakob and Calinda...they still count as 
far I'm concerned. Ian who raised me after....*clears throat*, 
Megavolt my husband, Thompson my son, Static my multi-great grandson 
from the future, and Livewire who would technically be my 

Religion: The Order of Time...it's complicated

Significant Other/Interest:That would be Megavolt...or did I mention 
that? I believe I did.

Pets: Toasters...lots of them. 
        --For how long? Well I don't know how longs Megs has had 
          them, but for me about 2 years
        --How did you get the pet? I married Megavolt, and aquired 
        --How old? *shrug* Older then two apparently
        --Scientific Name: Toastica My Breadia....*snicker* I'm sorry.
        --Temperment: They like to jump out the window and whack 
          people on the head.

        --Where:I live in a lighthouse
        --Type: Uh...it's a lighthouse...are you feeling alright?
        --Sharing (with?):my husband, my son alot of toasters and 
          blenders and clocks and...well you get the point, 

School/Alumnus:Saint Canard University *makes gagging noises*
        --major/minor:Chronology...well obviously and my minor was 
          Physics, which is why I understand what Megs is talking 
          about most of the time.
        --Fave subject:Advanced chronology...best student in the 
          class. Poor kids were at a disadvantage.
        --Least fave:Language classes...I just didn't care.
        --Approximate GPA: 3.98...so close yet so far.
        --Clubs:No I generally tried to advoid anything that 
          required contact with actual people.
        --Sports: hahahahahahahahahaha *gasp* hahahahahahahahaha 
          *sniffle, giggle* Okay.
        --Extra-curricular:Uh...wouldn't that be clubs and sports?

Job:I own a clock repair shop named Tempest Fugit
        --Do you like it?:Sure, it's a blast.
        --Why/not?:I get to fix clocks, and I'm my own boss.
        --Career?:Fixing clocks and occasionally making clocks
        --Do you like your boss?:Sure, I like myself.
        --Why/not?:Are you implying that I shouldn't??
        --Satisfied?:Uh...*snicker* yeah...oh you mean my job. Sure.

Do you drive?:No..actually I don't.
        --kind?:Uh...I don't...leave me alone.
        --if no, why not?:I just never bothered to learn, I had more 
          important things to do.

Collections:clocks and ties
        --Why:Well the clocks come with being a time keeper. As for 
          the ties...souvenirs from ex-boyfriends...*evil chuckle*

Motto:Let not the sands of time get in your lunch.
        --Why:I reminds me that although my duty is important I 
          still need to have fun.

What do you want in life?:To be happy, a few children...and 
hopefully to not die young
   --Think you can get it?:Yes..heck I'm happy now, I've got a child 
     and...we'll see.
        --Why/not?:Uh...I just answered that.

Childhood (good/bad):Well pretty good considering...
        --traumas:My parents were brutally murdered in front of me.
        --effect of traumas:I still have nightmares...can we change 
          the subject?

Are you happy?:Yes...I am.
        Why/not: Because I have a job I enjoy, a husband and son who 
        love me, my "uncle" Ian,  lots of friends ...and the 
        occasional cup of tea.

Best friend:Mandy , Aero, and John
        --Met (when, how, where):We met in a bar...long story. It's 
          now a blackened smear on the landscape.
        --How long:A few years.
        --Why:Well Aero is the one who introduced me to alot of 
          people so I'm grateful and Mandy? Well she's QJ's 
          girlfriend...so we spend alot of time together. John 
          because...well he's funny and we often think alike.

Enemy:Dean Tighbill
        --Met (when, how, where):when getting my graduate degree, he 
          was the bloody dean! and at college obviously
        --How long:Too long.
        --Why:Cause he's a touchhole

Who do you wish to be friends with?:Somebody rich who would give me 
lots of things...know anybody like that?

Would you ever want to be someone else:No...I'm perfectly happy 
being myself
        --Who/Why?: I said no!
        --Or why not?:Cause I like being me...handling other peoples 
          problems doesn't sound like fun.

Idol/Hero:My father...corny I know.
        --why: Because he was a great man...and his father died when 
          he was young too..he went through it.
        --do they know:Yeah...somewhere he knows.
From the front door of your room, describe what you see:I'm guessing 
you mean bedroom. Okay, alot of electric appliance and clocks parts 
strewn around, a bed...well it's a bedroom! An old English desk, a 
chair with one of my sports jackets thrown across it, a few 
lightbulbs, a closet filled with yellow jumpsuits and black suits...
and my tie collection heh heh.

If everyone jumped off a cliff, would you?:Depends on how high the 
cliff is...and what's at the bottom.

        --Funniest:"Ricia-a-Roni the Saint Canard treat..." Who knew 
          how long that would last?
        --Most Embarassing:that time in French class I fell asleep 
          and drooled on the desk...ew.

Biggest fear:Chaos

Most adventuresome thing:Uh...nothing really, unless you count 
facing my parents murderer.

Scariest thing:I faced my parents murderer.

Most cowardly thing:I...didn't stop him! I should've done something! 
Ian says I would have gotten killed too but...maybe I could've saved 

Most desperate thing:I killed Mraconak...Dad said I should but...I 
don't like killing people.

Stupidest thing:I had that date with Trevor in 92...nice ties though.

How would anyone recognize you if you changed your image: The 
watch...the watch is a must.