Character Profiles for OFAP

The Masters
The leaders of the Order of Time. They manufacture time and are the
ultimate enemies of Chaos and his followers. They exist as a
collective consciousness as have no physical form. Aloof and
mysterious they seem to care for nothing but themselves and Jonathan.

Jonathan Gainsborough
The main character of the piece, Jonathan is pulled into a war he
never meant to fight. The first mortal to be involved in the ultimate
battle between order and chaos. Stubborn, bitter, but strangely
caring and unnerving loyal to the Masters, Jonathan must deal with
his new confusing existance.

Vincent McQuellian
A tutor for the wealthiest families in the kingdom, Vincent is pulled
into the world of The Order unknowingly and unwilling by his students
Jonathan and Erik and his daughter Tara.

Abigail Gainsborough
Jonathan's mother, she's a no nonsense woman with little patience for
anything that disrupts her household. Deep down she does care about
her only son but doesn't understand his attitude towards the plans
she has for him to follow in his father's footsteps.

Tara McQuellian
Vincent's gentle daughter, the Lady Tara is Jonathan's betrothed but
is in love with Erik. Tradition says that she must marry Jonathan but
the whole thing may go down when she learns of his secret...

Erik Fedora
The son of the palaces blacksmith, Erik falls for the lovely Tara.
Despite his lower status, Vincent takes pity on him and tries to
instruct him. He's brave but unsure of his ability to truly help
those he cares for.

Joshua Gainsborough
The son of Jonathan and Tara and heir to all of Jonthan's power.
Sickly,quiet and prone to nightmares, the young boy seems to fear
everyone around him and pushes the world away from him.

Sebastien Fedora
The son of Erik and Tara, Sebastien is a good if slightly unstable
person. Given the gift of prophesy, he is one of the most respected
members of the Order after The Masters and Jonathan.

The ultimate enemy of the Order of Time, Chaos and the Masters are in
an eternal struggle to gain supremacy over the universe. Violent and
unpredictable, he is determined to break up the careful balance of
the Order, anyway he can.

Lukas Fedora
Sebastien's completely unstable son. Lukas is only seen after death
as the reluctant advisor of Nicholas. Though he'd never admit he
cares for his great (etc) grandson and is oddly protective of him.

Jason Fedora
Richard and Nicholas' father, he favored his eldest son, Richard
becasue he didn't know how to deal with the unexpected second son. He
never appears in the book but his memory plays an important part in
Chaos' scemes.

Joanna Doran Fedora
Richarad and Nichoas' mother. Unlike her husband she favored her
second born. She is completely oblivious of the corruption going
around her and only gets more unaware after the death of Jason.

Richard Fedora
Son of Jason and Joanna, he is the eldest twin. A key player in the
Great Corruption, Richard is really a peaceful sort but due to
situations becomes strangely violent and reclusive.

Nicholas Fedora
Son of Jason and Joanna, he is the younger twin. Another of the key
players in the Great Corruption, he is jealous of his twin's power and
the attention he receives.

Catherine Ratoga Fedora
Nicholas' wife, she married him as a conveniance more then from any
actual love on her part. Overbearing and apathetic to the feelings of
those around her, Catherine seems unwillingly to face her
responsibilities towards her husband and son.

Jakob Fedora
Son of Nicholas and Catherine but sharing none of their more
undeserable traits, Jakob becomes the youngest Keeper and most
clueless of them due to his lack of proper training. Protected only
his best friend Calinda and his boyfriend Ian, he seems reluctant to
use the pocketwatch. 

Ian Felderton
The first mortal to throw themselves willingly into the Order despite
having no obligations through blood or marriage. At a young age he
took pity on his young friend and agreed to be his Guardian. He is
respected in the Order for his unselfishness.

Calinda Silverton
Jakob and Ian's best friend, Calinda becomes involved in the Order
when she agrees to carry an Heir for Jakob. She must deal with her
familiy's disapproval of the company she keeps and her sudden
involvement in something she doesn't really understand.

Micheal Anonak
The son of a rich business man, Micheal is Calinda's boyfriend and is
unsure of her decisions. He is very unsure of himself and doesn't
really understand why Calinda cares for him and sometimes doubts her

Juliana Fedora

Timothy Spencers

Thompson Spencers

Indiglo Spencers

Alicia Kaston Spencers

Quentin Spencers

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