A Promise Kept

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Breathe it sweet within the night
I hear the voice again
And push my soul  into flight
To ask what might have been

To touch the magic of your ways
And stay within your reach
I'll live in your arms all my days
Ignore the words my parents preached

Oh I never thought you would come
But into your world I am swept
That whispered phrase made my soul hum
You have confirmed a promise kept
The phone rang. A hand reached down and picked it up. "Higher for 
Hire. Cunningham speaking.", the bearess listened for a moment, "Mr. 
Kendall, we delivered your berries on time. We are not responsible for
the trucking companies...yes Mr. Kendall you're right they were late." 
She rolled her eyes at the phone, "Mmm-hmm...ya-ha...oookay....Goodbye 
Mr. Kendall."

She fell back into the chair after hanging up. 'What a weirdo', she 
thought. Suddenly the door opened and the cheif pilot of Hire for 
Higher came through the door. "Hey Boss-Lady.", Kit Cloudkicker 
winked at Molly Cunningham. Molly grinned. She had just taken over the 
business recently. Her mother still helped her out now and again but 
it was officailly hers. She came around the desk and hugged the tall 
bear. "Hey Kit. Boss-lady? You're turning into Baloo!"

Kit put a hand to his chest in mock horror, "Never! I can deliver 
cargo on time! And...I can see my feet!" Molly shook her head. "Where 
is Baloo, anyway?", she asked.

Kit shrugged. "Where else? He's off at Louies."

"Which one?"

"The orginal! You know that's the only one he goes to!"

The phone rang again and Molly was suddenly swamped with work. Kit 
walked aimlessly over to the window and looked down from the fourth 
story window. Things had changed alot in the last twenty years. Kit 
had served as a pilot in the second world war,and when he returned 
the job waiting for him at Hire for Higher helped him regain his 
stability. The business had profited from the war. As gruesome as it 
was war was good for business. Rebecca had managed to add office 
space, planes and a few pilots to the small business. He was now the 
main pilot. Baloo had "retired" from the business. He still flew of 
course and amazingly he still flew the Seaduck. Kit had alot of 
respect for that old plane, but he still expected it to fall apart 
any second. Baloo had managed to buy back the Duck about three years 
earlier and had promptly quit. Rebecca had taken it considerably well.
That could have been because Kit had agreed to stick around and fly.

Molly tapped him on the shoulder and brought him out of his daydream. 
"I'm shutting down and heading over to Mom's with the kids. Did you 
want to come?", she asked. Kit nodded. It would nice to see Rebecca.

"I'll come back for you Rebecca...someday"

Rebecca woke up with a start. She shook her head to clear the images. 
There was a fleeting voice but nothing else. She had been having so 
many weird dreams but, when she woke up all that was left were fuzzy 
images and that voice. A very familiar voice.

"Mom? We're here!", Molly's voice rang through the apartment.

Rebecca turned and smiled, all thoughts of dreams forgotten. "Molly, 
honey! Where are my grandkids?", she asked.

Two boy cubs ran into the room and flung themselves at Rebecca. 
"Grandma!", they yelled.

Molly put her hands on her hips. "Evan and Frank VanCalos! You be 

Rebecca smiled. "It's alright Molly. I've got them.", she said 
holding one boy on each hip and walking towards the kitchen. "How'd 
you boys like some ice cream?" The boys chorused their approval. 
Molly was about to protest but decided agaist it. Rebecca spoiled 
those kids rotten and nothing Molly said would change that.

"Where's Quentin?", Rebecca asked from the kitchen.

Molly walked in. "He couldn't make it. He had to meet with the 
director of his upcoming show. But look who I brought instead.", she 
gestured towards the door like a gameshow hostess.

Kit walked through the door. "Hey Ms. Cunningham.", he grinned at the 
brown bearess.

Rebecca smirked. "Hey yourself Mr. Cloudkicker. Where have you been 
keeping yourself?", she asked as she gave him a warm embrace.

"Your daughter is working me to death. She's trying to drive me 
insane through cargo."

"Oh good. I've taught her well!"

Kit's mouth dropped open. "Hey! No fair ganging up on me!"

The five bears were finishing up their dinner when the phone rang. 
Rebecca wiped her mouth and went to answer it. "Hello?...Do I want to 
buy a what?", Rebecca shook her head and rolled her eyes at the 
others. She glanced over to the counter. A glowing white flower sat 
there. Rebecca dropped the phone in surprise.

Molly stood up. "Mom? Are you okay?"

Rebecca hung up the phone. "Yes, honey I'm fine I just saw..." The 
flower was gone. "Um...nothing."

Kit and Molly looked at each other worriedly.

Rebecca forced a smile. "Stop looking like that! I'm not going 
senile! I just need more sleep."

Molly picked up her two squirming food covered sons. "Maybe we'll get 
going, Mom. Let you get some rest."

"Yeah. Maybe that would be best. Bye Kit. Bye you two! Come give 
Grandma a kiss goodbye!"

"Mom! They're a mess!"

Evan and Frank gave their grandmother sloppy kisses. She wiped the 
spagetti sauce from her face and waved goodbye. Turning away from the 
door, she went over to the couch and layed down.


She sat up quickly. "Who's there?", she demanded. Silence was her 
only answer.

Cautiously she picked up an umbrella that was in a stand near the 
door. "Who's there? What do you want? What right do you have scaring 
me out of my mind??", she yelled into the seemily empty apartment. A 
bright light started to shine outside a nearby window. Rebecca turned 
to look at the source of the light.

The umbrella tumbled from her grasp and clattered unnoticed to the 
floor. Rebecca stared numbly at the sight that met her eyes.

A ship.


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