Properties of Life II-MSTing

 The TS crew now resume the duty of observing Aly’s first fic…

    Rebecca was at her usual spot behind her desk 

>>Kit:  Huddled in a corner having a nervous breakdown…

working away at some documents, but her mind was a million miles away. 

>>Baloo:  Aliens were studying it.  Why is anyone’s guess…

Although Rebecca hadn't known her she corrected herself- 
make that three employees

>>Becky: Two is good!  Im thinking of *making* it two!..(gives Baloo 
         a dirty look)

very long, she knew that something was wrong.  Ever since Baloo and 
Kit had come back from Spango-Bango two days ago, Baloo had been 

>>Becky:  They decided to stop selling discount week-old food down 
          at the bakery..
Knowing she'd have a better chance getting an honest answer out of 
Kit, she had taken him aside and asked him. 

>>Baloo:  (Becky)  Are you on drugs?
>>Kit: (Becky)  Is Baloo eating paste and the cheese out of ratraps? 

All the boy said was the two had had a fight and then had shifted 
his feet uncomfortably. 

>>Becky:  To shove the several assorted weapons he had bought earlier 
          behind a couch..

Rebecca frowned, remembering, and looked up from her desk as Baloo 
walked in, Kit was still outside she assumed, and flopped down in 
the easy chair. 

>>Baloo:  She had just turned back into a mermaid..

"Baloo, we have an important run tomorrow, I want you and Kit geared 
and ready." 


>>Kit:  You make plane go boom-boom fast!…Take the little showsaver 

obviously the bear hadn't been listening, "Oh sure, Becky, 
spit-shined and looking fine....tomorrow." 

 "Baloo!"  Rebecca said sharply drawing his full attention to her.  
She sighed, straightened up some papers and walked over to face the 

 "Pinasta Island?  Sea of Lascal?  Dangerous mission?  Is any of 
this ringing a bell with you?" 

>>Kit:  Sounds like the plot of a Mission:Impossible ep…

"Oh yeah,"  Baloo slapped his forehead, "better make sure Wildcat 
has the engines in tip-top shape." 

*He certainly sounds excited*  Rebecca thought sarcastically.  
"Baloo, I don't mean to pry,"

>>(Baloo and Kit start laughing amiably..Rebecca sulks..)

the bear looked at her suspiciously, 

>>Baloo:  To see if she was packing heat..

"but is everything alright?  Between you and Kit, I mean, you've 
been so quiet around each other, and Kit mentioned something about a 

>>Kit:  Well, I do have a schedule to keep, and…oh, she means Baloo…

"He's my navigator, Rebecca,"  Baloo said flatly.  "We talk when we 
need to, he tells me which way to go and I fly where he says, end of 

>>Kit:  In that case, fly me to the mall so we can the hell away 
        from tedious conversations like this one…

 Baloo got up to leave. 

>>Becky:  But instead the chair collapsed..

"Wait just a minute, buster!"  Rebecca stopped him in his tracks.  
"You may be able to fool some people, but you can't fool me.  I know 
how you feel about that boy.  He isn't just your navigator, you care 
about him."  

>>Kit:  And this is surprising becaaaause…….?

Rebecca looked at the large bear trying to get him to respond. 

>>Becky:  but that didn’t work, so she tried squeaky toys.. 

"Then I'm settin' myself up for a world of hurt, we don't know if 
that kid will one day just decide to up and go or decide to do 
something that'll cause him to get hurt, 

>>Kit:  Like mountain bike-bungee jumping or skydiving or backwards 

and I can't stop him!  

>>Kit:  Why would you?  I could make a ton of cash!

Besides, who do you think you are, lady?  You're overstepping
your bounds, you're my boss, I'm your pilot."  "You're not his mother 
and I'm sure not his father!" 

>>Kit:  Thank God for genetics!.. No offense, Baloo..
>>Baloo:  Oh, no offense.. You need any help with that skydiving?

Rebecca stood very still, stunned by Baloo's harsh words 

>>Becky:  (Baloo)  To denounce the evils of truth and love!

and the terrible expression of pain on his face.  

>>Kit:  Those damn burritos…

He had hit a very sensitive spot with her and it was with great 
difficulty that she regained her composure. 

 "You're right, Baloo,"  she said after a moment of silence, "but 
that doesn't mean that I can't love him.  That's what love is, it's 
hard, sometimes impossible and you always run the risk of being 
hurt, but you do it anyway. 

>>Kit:  Yeah, listen to Oprah.. I mean, Becky…

 Even though it means going through hell if something happens to the 
boy, it just can't be helped.  You just go on and keep loving him, 

>>Kit:  Yeah, Baloo! 

Baloo looked at her, the light of comprehension beginning to show.  
"Besides Baloo, regardless of what you think, I don't believe Kit is 
going anywhere. 

>>Kit:  Oh, thanks..

 Do you know how much he looks up to you? 

>>Kit:  Well, I kinda have to…the height thing..

 I know you really can't tell, but you're like his support, he leans 
to you.  It's just...this is all so new to him, give it time, 
Baloo.  He needs to adjust, then who knows?  But
don't spend all your time worrying about something that may or may 
not happen." With that, Rebecca walked back to her desk, feeling 
that she needed to sit down. 

>>Becky:  Conducting therapy was always so tiring for her.. 

Baloo shot one more remark in his boss's direction as he walked out 
the door.  

>>Kit:  KA-BOOM!
>>Baloo:  Well, that was pointless..

"This sure ain't an easy way to do things, is it
Beckers?  How did we get roped into this?" 

>>Becky:  What’s with this fascination with rope?  Hint, hint..

"I don't know Baloo,"  Rebecca said laughing," but isn't it great?"  
The two shared a look of understanding 

>>Baloo:  Because Becky had been into her stash of nitrous oxide 

before the bear walked out. 

He had known him for nearly a month, but for Kit to try and 
comprehend about anything Baloo's mechanic, Wildcat said was nearly 
impossible, even for someone as versatile as him.  Still, he found 
himself liking the lion.  Most of the things he said
sounded incredibly 

>>Kit:  high..

odd, but he was always open and honest.  The mechanic just acted 
like himself with everybody and never asked for anything but an 
engine to tinker with.  The lion, in fact, seemed to have set up his 
own kind of bond with the bear cub, almost like a brother.  

>>Kit:  A brother I never speak with, or hang out with, or have 
        anything in common with, or..

Although who was supposed to be the older and who was supposed to be 
the younger Kit was still trying to decipher. 

>>Kit:  The Rosetta Stone.

The boy was in Wildcat's shed and was looking slightly ill at ease 
with the various....things scattered everywhere.  

>>Kit: Hemp bracelets, letters to Santa, brownies made with some 
       extra love, tricycles, various stolen engine and plane parts 
       that were part of a massive crime syndicate..

"It's okay, Wildcat" the boy said, "if you're busy with something, 
I can come back later," then winced as he heard 

>>Kit:  Baloo singing in the shower..

a loud crash from the back.

"Nah, man, I found it!" Wildcat emerged and held up a pretty sorry 
excuse for a hammer.  "Delilah can fix even the sickest engine...

>>Becky:  Sounds like some waitress he picked up on a highway 

.'specially when it starts going put..put....crash!!"  He flopped to 
the floor of the shed in a fit of coughing and pretended agony. 

>>Becky:  It was part of his latest insurance scam.. 

"Um....great Wildcat, but it's my airfoil that needs to be looked 
at, it's been sticking a bit when I try to flick it open."  

>>Kit:  If anyone says anything, Ill kick your stupid face in…

With quite a bit of apprehension Kit handed the board over.  "See"  
he demonstrated the problem. 

>>Becky:   Of sepearation anxiety

Calmly the lion took the airfoil and began a frenzy of pounding and 
other ear-deafening noises.  Kit, not being able to bear watching, 
closed his eyes and waited for the racket to subside. 

"Good as ever, Kit"  With remarkable speed the mechanic finished and 
handed the board back to the boy. 

"Thanks, Wildcat!"  Kit looked at the lion, a smile lighting up his 

"Sure, man.  I mean, can't call it cloud-surfing without a board.  
It wouldn't be surfing.  

>>Kit:  (disinterested) Yeah, good one. Gotta go now. Buh-bye..

What would you call it?" 

"Wildcat, I think there are more important problems to worry 
about."  Kit said, trying not to laugh. 

>>Baloo:  The nitrous oxide was spreading..

"Like what, man?" 

*Oh, I don't know, plummeting to a grisly death is pretty high on my 
list* the boy thought walking out and shaking his head. 
*Nice guy, _wierd_ but nice* 

Wildcat walked out behind him with his faithful Delilah to resume 
work on the engines. 

>>Kit:  (Kit)  Maybe Ill just uh…leave the two of them alone now.. 

Kit, for the twentieth time that day, began thinking about

>>Kit:  What it means to be alive, and what it was I wanted to 
        accomplish in this great, wide world..

 the run him and Baloo were taking the next morning.  

>>Kit:  Oh yeah, that too…

He remembered hitching a ride to the island of Pinasta.  He hadn't 
stayed very long on account of

>>Baloo:  It sounded too much like pinata, and he didn’t want to be 
          mistaken for one..
>>Kit:  HEH HEH!..shut up..

 he really didn't like the atmosphere.  

>>Becky:  So he fully supported the hole in the ozone? What?

The government was actually some large corporation that ran all of 
the island's economic ventures.  *Exploited would be the better 
word*  Kit thought remembering the stark contrast between the poor 
living conditions of the natives and the wealthy
landowners and businessmen. 

So, the boy really hadn't been surprised when he heard Rebecca

>>Baloo:  Yelling the Xena warcry!…it was her new thing..

 cautioning about the ongoing civil war, as she was describing
the run Kit and Baloo would have.  Kit wasn't sure he liked aiding 
the corrupt government in getting some trade supplies through the 
rebel blockade.  Rebecca hadn't like the idea very well either, but 
she argued that one small delivery couldn't take
that much away from the rebel's cause and as long as their money is 

>>Becky:  What’s a little dealing with militia governments between 

 Baloo, never one for political commentary, 

>>Becky:  Oh really?  I thought he was an expert…

 had only been concerned about getting through the tight blockade in 
one piece.  Rebecca had softened him up about this whole business by 
first, telling him just how much money they were getting and second, 
by complimenting his 

>>Kit:  Fill in your own thought here, folks..
>>B&B:  Kit!

piloting skills. 

Remembering the whole scene, Kit shook his head.  *Tomorrow*  he 

        IS…ONLY…A DAY… A-WAY!

the unease he felt about the flight made worse when he thought about 
the growing distance between him and Baloo. 

 He didn't enjoy the thought of having to go on a dangerous mission 
walking on 

>>Kit:  without anything cool to wear on my feet..

eggshells around the large bear.  For some reason, the knowledge of 
him and Baloo not getting along as well as they usually did hurt the 
cub's feelings. 

Kit sat down at the end of the pier and watched the sun 

>>Becky:  explode into a fiery supernova killing this fic once and 
          for all…

sink through the cliffs.  He couldn't remember a time in his life 
that he'd enjoyed more than his stay at Higher for Hire.  He had 
enough to eat, more than enough actually since Baloo was convinced 
that his navigator was too skinny and tried to tempt his appetite 
with all sorts of junk.  He also had a warm place to sleep and
was staying with individuals who seemed to want to have him around. 

>>Kit: (Becky)  Kit, that reminds me…can you repaint my apartment 
       this weekend?

 The more Kit thought about the confrontation between him and Baloo 
at Spango-Bango, the more he realized how 

>>Kit:  cool it was that he’d hung out with a lunatic..Fun, fun, fun!

right the pilot had been and how wrong his own attitude had always 
been where the gray bear was concerned.  Kit took the new 
realization that Baloo cared about him, not just the Sea Duck or 
anything else with new found gratitude, it actually made the boy
feel lighter than air. 

>>Kit:  Uh-oh…disease time, right?

Already deep in thought, Kit began to examine feelings he at one 
time had only wanted to tuck away.  The cub knew that he would 
rather have someone looking out for him, even if it meant the loss 
of some freedom.  

>>Kit:  (with hands to head) This is only a fic, only a fic, only a 

Freedom, that all too familiar desire with him, was not always 
everything it was cracked up to be. 

 *I guess losing some of it is worth it* the boy thought happily, 

>>Kit:  took off the mind-control device and woke up!

started when he felt a large paw on his shoulder.  He looked up to 
see Baloo standing over him with a happy grin on his face.  *He must 
have just had some good news*  the cub thought. 

>>Kit: (Baloo)  Here are the keys!  Fill the Duck up with gas before 
        you leave…
>>Baloo:  This fic isn’t a comedy, Kit.. 

"Well, kiddo, ready for tomorrow?"  Baloo asked, helping Kit to his 

>>Kit:  Why the heck would he do that?
>>Baloo:  The disease is taking its toll..

"I think so Baloo, guess I'll have to be."  Kit began walking to the 
main building of Higher for Hire with Baloo's arm around his 
shoulders.  He was struggling to find the right words 

>>Baloo:  to the lyrics of “Freedom” by Diana Ross, but he just 
          couldn’t concentrate..

to tell Baloo about his previous thoughts, but something in him held 
him back. 

>>All:  The disease…
He just wasn't ready to open up so much, not even to the large 
pilot.  Baloo looked like he had something to say as well, but 
couldn't quite form the words.  So both remained silent and

>>Becky:  Kit tried to communicate with him by playing sherades.

let the unspoken emotion between them go unexplained, undefined and 
without the 

>>Baloo: help of the X-Files..

power to bridge them, for how long, neither knew. 

>>Becky:  Didn’t you have some sort of news?
>>Baloo:  Who knows?... 

-July 15, 1936 

Rebecca waved at Baloo and Kit as they took off for their run to 
far-off Pinasta Island.  The journey would take quite awhile and 
Rebecca had run off the list of instructions given to her by their 
client regarding safety at least five times that morning. 

>>Becky:  No skateboarding, Kit..
>>Kit:  Awww!
>>Becky:  That goes for you too, Baloo.
>>Baloo:  Dang!

As the yellow plane disappeared through the cliffs, Rebecca felt a 
chill go through her.  

>>Baloo:  since she had just turned into a mermaid again.

Although times were tough and Higher for Hire really needed the 
money this job would bring, and she wasn't too proud or idealistic 
to pass by any extra cash source,
Rebecca had serious misgivings regarding a job that put her pilot 
and navigator in danger, and Pinasta Island was

>>Becky:  Wha?  Nasty?  Shasta?
>>Baloo:  Pinata?  Pina Colada? Wha?

a dangerous place to be right now. 

She had read about atrocities being committed by

>>Baloo:  Disney with their new TV animation, so he counted himself 
          lucky to have gotten out in time.. 

both sides of the war that had turned her stomach and had urged 
Baloo to be careful many times as a result.  She had also overheard 

>>Becky: singing in the shower and shuddered.

talking to Kit about staying close to him at all times when they 
were making the dropoff.  Kit had readily agreed which surprised 
Rebecca because she knew that 

>>Becky:  Baloo had body odor problems..

the boy was respectful, but didn't like to be told what to do.  She 
had only assumed that the pair's serious conversation had been 
referring to some previous experience. 

>>Becky:  in another very Zen.. 

For now, however, Rebecca walked back into her office and made 
herself comfortable by the radio.  *Just want to keep all of our 
options open*  she reassured herself, but still not able to shake 
the foreboding feeling she'd had since accepting this run. 
*I'm sure everything will be fine* 

>>Kit:  Let’s review.  Warzone!  Supplies!  Were going to be 
        carrying cash!  In a warzone!  With supplies!  Oh yeah, 
        it’ll go off without a hitch..



>>Becky:  Well, theres a nice, big gap to make the fic look longer..

Kit and Baloo chatted through the flight, both trying to relax 
themselves and prepare for the rough experience of visiting the 
island hot spot. 

"Well, Lil' Britches, guess we're gonna have to be ready for any 
trouble, don't wanna put our bacon in the fire anymore than we

>>Kit:  Does every analogy you come up with in this fic have to do 
        with food?
>>Baloo:  Apparently…

have to." 

"Yeah, Papa Bear,"  Kit said and hesitated.  Baloo, knowing that 
something was on the boy's mind waited patiently for him to go on. 

>>Kit: (Kit)  Did I mention yet Im almost 12? 

"Baloo," Kit finally turned to look at the pilot, "do you feel.....
you know.....bad about 

>>Kit:  constantly ignoring my talent..?

what we're doing?  I mean, those people on Pinasta have a good 
reason to fight back for what's been done to them."  Baloo nodded to 
show that he was listening. 

>>Becky:  He had to do something to avoid suspicion… 

"I feel like we're taking sides and I don't like the side we're on."  Kit concluded staring intently at his friend. 

>>Becky: (Baloo) How about a side of onion rings?  And pickles, I 
         love pickles..

"Well, Kit, what can I tell ya? "  the bear took off his cap and 
scratched his head.  

>>Becky:  Because he hadn’t done that in five minutes..

"I don't like it anymore than you do, but a job's a job and money's 
been tight lately."  Kit's look of sad puzzlement only became worse 
at the large bear's statement.  Baloo tried another tactic. 

>>Baloo:  I threw the plane down into a spin and all the pirates 
          wound up with their noses in the sea!
>>Becky:  Youre bored, aren’t you? 

"Kid, who are we to be passin' judgement?  You can't change some 
things, Lil' Britches, no matter how hard you try, an' that's a hard 
fact of life, sure, but it's true." 

>>All:  (sing) You take the good, you take the bad, you take em all 
        and there you have The Facts of Life, …the Facts of Life.. 

"So, you're saying that it's okay to help the government because we 
can't do anything to change the war?" 

>>Baloo: Sure.  Whatever..

Kit replied, cocking an eyebrow at the gray bear. 

"No, no kid, don't take it like that."  *Dang!  If only that kid's 
mind wasn't so quick!*  

>>Kit:  Darn the luck!  Can’t expect anything less from me, though!

Baloo tried one more time. 

>>Becky:  to get up out of his chair.

"Sometimes Kit, it really don't matter what you try and do and how 
successful you are at doin' it, someone's usually going to show up 
to make more trouble or cause someone else pain.  Unfortunately, the 
world's like that and I wish I could change it but I can't.  It's 
tough, so we do what we can to make it, right kid?"  

>>Kit:  If he starts talking about Scientology, I’m leaving…

Here Baloo looked directly at the cub who knew what the pilot was 
referring to but said nothing. 
The flight was a long one, but with time, the Sea Duck, according to 
the maps ended up passing over the Sea of Lascal, a clear, calm 
stretch of ocean that appeared a beautiful deep blue with hardly a 
ripple in sight.

>>Becky:  But then a ripple in time appeared and swallowed them 
          whole. The End.

Then both pilot and navigator saw the patch of green that war their 

>>Baloo:  It war?  Was that a typo or should Aly be scaring me?
>>Kit:  At this point we’re all afraid.  Except me.  Im too busy…
        what with my mind being so quick and all..
>>Becky:  Please let intermission be soon…Please let intermission be…

"Okay, Lil' Britches,"  Baloo said leaning closer to see, "keep your 
eyes peeled.

>>Becky:  and your hair shredded..

I'm just hoping this will be as _easy_ as our friends down there 
said it would be."  Baloo didn't even attempt to keep the sarcasm 
out of his voice. 

>>Becky:  Oh, that’s new..

"Where did they say the gap was again, Baloo?" 

>>Kit: At the mall..east of the diner…

Kit pulled out a map of the island which had markings on it that 
indicated where the strongest artillery of the blockade was. 
>>Baloo:  But then he noticed that it was all based on GI Joe 
          episodes, so he got out the real map..

"West side, there's been some equipment trouble, otherwise there's 
not much chance of breakin' through anywhere." 

As the Sea Duck flew closer to the western side of the island, Kit 
could see the mis-matched ships that were near by. A loud boom that 
resembled the Cape Suzette cliff guns sounded from the one closest 
to their position, but the tightly-knit fleet had a
visible gap where at least three ships should have been and Baloo 
flew in low as instructed so the artillery, though well-aimed, fell 
short of it's target. 

>>Baloo:  Wait…theyre shooting at us, but were invited?? Wha..? 

When the Duck finally docked, Kit and Baloo had to wade through the 
warm, shallow water to reach the rocky beach, which, unfortunately, 
looked deserted. 
"Hello!"  came a far-sounding cry from

>>Becky:  Mr. Roarke..”Welcome to Fantasy Island!” 

inside the dense jungle growing very close to the shore.  Suddenly, 
a tall rhino stepped
out, flanked by two other serious looking rhinos in uniform.  The 
middle individual looked very out of place wearing a spotless white 
suit and a brand-new derby. 

>>Baloo:  Was his name Tattoo? 

Baloo took one look at the rhino and drew a conclusion of almost 
instant dislike.  *This fella looks oilier'n most of Wildcat's 

>>Becky: Oh.  Good one. 

Kit also felt a faint sense of mistrust.  Being on his own for so 
long, he'd become very good at weighing out the pluses and minuses 
of someone's character just by expression, dress and such.  It was 
an invaluable trait for an orphan. 

"You must be Baloo, I spoke to your boss, Rebecca Cunningham, I'm 
the one who set up this deal.  Name's Kurnz, I'm the

>>Baloo:  Juiceman!  Nectar for everyone!

manager of outpost seven on Pinasta.  Our financial situation there 
has been much worse since this little up-start with the
natives."  The manager's tone was friendly enough, but the smug and 
superior undertone in it was grating to Baloo's ears. 

Kit, too, noticed that Kurnz didn't offer to shake Baloo's hand and 
remained standing a little distance away from them.  The
boy also noticed that his two..bodyguards?  made no motion 
whatsoever to leave or relax their rigid stance. 

>>Baloo: sort of like Becky on a bad morning… 

*Okaaay* the cub thought, *things must be worse off here than the 
papers say.* 

"Yeah, I'm her pilot and this is....." 

>>Baloo:  The island where all your dreams come true! 

"Ah, very good,"  Kurnz cut Baloo off mid-sentence, "so you're ready 
to recieve the shipment?"   The bear scowled, this guy was in way 
too big of a hurry.  *Bunch of tight-fisted, stuff-shirts*  he 
thought disgustedly. 

>>Becky:  What a powerful thought. (yawns)

"Ready as ever."  the pilot said simply.  

"Good, follow me, quickly please."  and with that, Kurnz started 
walking down a small path so rapidly, Kit and Baloo nearly had to 
jog to keep up. 

>>Kit: (laughs at the thought of Baloo jogging)
>>Baloo:  What was that about?
>>Becky:  Beats me..

*What's this guy in such a hurry for?*  Kit wondered struggling to 
keep up. 

As they went, Kit noticed that some parts of the jungle, quite a few 
parts to be honest, were miserable to look at.  Many areas had been 
cleared away with only tree stumps to show what had existed before.  
In other places, the trees looked discolored,
had missing leaves or no leaves at all and some had bark stripped 
off.  Many parts looked burnt and desolate. 

>>Kit:  (sings) Oh, you know, until you go.. But you don’t know what 
        you’ve got til its gone.. 

*Boy, this place is a regular paradise.  

>>Becky:  (sings)  So you pave paradise, and put up a parking lot…

No wonder the natives don't want them here*  Kit thought, once again 
feeling guilty for being party to helping these people. 

Finally, after much huffing and puffing from

>>Kit:  Wildcat…

Baloo, they arrived at a dirty, beat-up shack with some rickety 
looking sheds
around it.  There was rusted machinery and other such junk 
everywhere and several tired-looking individuals wearing the 
government standard khaki uniforms lounging around.  For such an 
important pickup, no one seemed to be doing anything
important or constructive. 

>>Kit:  Theyre in the government and theyre lazy.  Yeah, theres a 
        real change of pace..
>>Becky:   It must be one of those ‘casual’ banana republics.. 
>>Kit:  I thought we were going to the Gap…

"Come on, over here, no dawdling."  If possible, Kurnz was becoming 
more and more apprehensive with each minute. 

With growing alarm, Baloo saw the two guards holding two very 
nasty-looking rifles and looking around uneasily.  *What in blue 
blazes is this three ring circus?* 

>>Becky: Cirque du Soleil?

the bear thought with mounting agitation and unconsciously put an 
arm around Kit's shoulders.  

>>Kit:  Way to protect me, Baloo…
>>Baloo:  Well we are in a warzone.  It’s the least I can do..
>>Kit:  Literally…

The boy, in response, stepped closer to the pilot and both waited as 
several employees began to carry out some crates.  

To both Baloo and Kit's great surprise, there were only about five 
of them.  *So much for the big times* Baloo thought.  Kit was 
wondering what could be in them to cause Kurnz and his friends to 
become so jumpy.  His quick mind immediately thought up some 
possibilities and none of them were pleasant. 

>>Kit:  Elvis collector’s plates, Spam, Pat Boone tapes, books by 
        sitcom stars, astrology charts, copies of “Hercules”, tapes 
        of William Shatner singing, lawn ornaments,…

"Alright, time to load up, back this way."  Kurnz was already up and 
running down the trail followed by the employees carrying the 

"What! Wait, hold up, where's the fire?  Can't me an' my partner 
here stop to catch our breaths for five minutes?" 

>>Baloo: (Kurnz)  Well the fire of the Olympic torch is a great 
         responsibility and…

the gray bear looked none too happy with this strange operation and 
Kit was definitely in agreement with his friend.  *Something's not 
right*  Kit thought, * Things are too tense around here.* 

>>Kit: (sarcastically)  Gee, that must be my quick mind in action.. 

Kurnz turned to look at Baloo, "My company is paying you to fly some 
valuable cargo out of this hellhole, not to stand around wasting our 

>>Baloo: Oh well.  We tried…

As for your _partner_," Kurnz sneered the word and looked at Kit for 
the first time, 

>>Kit:  No need to be snotty!  Geez..

"I doubt if you or he would understand the importance of leaving 
here as soon as possible.  I also question your judgement at 
bringing a child into a warzone.  Don't they have babysitters in 
Cape Suzette?" 

>>Baloo:  Yep, we call them teachers and… 

Baloo made an unintelligible sound 

>>Becky:  Like I was expecting a really smart one..

and took a step toward Kurnz.  The guards lowered their guns.  
Although Kit was fuming,
seeing the dangerous weapons pointed at his closest friend moved him 
to grab Baloo's arm in an attempt to calm him down. 

>>Becky: (Kit)  Calm…blue…ocean…Calm…blue…ocean…

"Come on, Papa Bear, let's just get out of here." 

Baloo patted the boy on the head and gave him a small, grateful 
smile.  "Sure Kit, this place is givin' me the willies, anyway." 

>>Kit:  Well, don’t give em to me..I have enough problems..

Both shot a dirty look at the dandified manager who was way ahead of 
them on the path. 

>>Becky:  Dandify?? I see we’re making up verbs along the way.. How 

If possible, the island's interior looked even worse walking through 
it a second time.  Kit shook his head in disgust.  *So much for 
progress*  he thought bitterly when the small group reached the 

>>Kit:  Stupid beach.. 

The Sea Duck was still bobbing slightly with each wave as Baloo 
opened the cargo hatch and Kurnz's lackeys loaded the crates 
inside.  Kit was unsettled by the overwhelming stillness.  No animal 
or bird 

>>Kit:  was harmed in the making of this fic.  Thank you.

sounds, no wind through the trees, even the faint artillery sounds 
they'd heard as they'd landed here had stopped.  It was eerily 

>>Becky:  Gee, where are Freddy and Shaggy and the gang when you 
          need em’? 

Kurnz took one more anxious look around before motioning to his 
companions.  "Remember, get the cargo out of here at any cost. 

>>Becky: (Kurnz) Even your lives.. Mwa ha ha ha ha!

“No delivery, no paycheck."  and the unpleasant manager disappeared 
back down the trail. 

>>Kit:  I’ll just take it for granted that it was the manager who 
        actually said that.. 

"Well that was a hoot an' a half."  Baloo shook his head and joined 
his navigator back on the beach.  "Sure is quiet, huh Lil' 

>>Baloo:  Eerily quiet?
>>Becky:  So quiet you could hear a pin drop?
>>Kit:  Quiet enough for Baloo to hear his thoughts…
>>Becky: Nothings that quiet..

So, Baloo had noticed the disturbing silence as well.  "This place 
is a regular dreamboat, and how 'bout that Kurnz guy?  He was one 
crate short of a haul, huh Kit-boy?" 

But Kit was too busy looking down the left side of the beach to 
reply.  What he saw did nothing to improve his mood. 

>>Kit:  Kathie Lee Gifford was taping a show there..*shudder*

"Uh, Baloo, I think we should get out of here." 



>>Becky:  That’s it…nice long pauses now…

"What for, Lil' Britches?  'Ol Baloo needs just two more minutes of 
relaxation."  The bear was sitting on the warm sand and didn't 
notice the urgency in the cub's voice. 

"No, Baloo, I mean we need to leave, pull chocks, whatever, _right 
now!_" and Kit pointed to a large object moving surprisingly fast up 
the coast towards the sea-plane. 

>>Kit:  The first guest was Rosie O’Donnell..

"Is that a gun-boat?" 

>>Kit:  Well, I was close… 

Baloo didn't even stop to answer as he jumped to his feet, picked 
Kit up and dashed though the surf to climb into the cockpit. With 
eye-blurring speed, he started the engines and the Sea Duck began to 
gain speed just as the first teeth-jarring boom sounded and a large 
splash rocked the yellow plane. 

>>Baloo:  Nothing rocks a plane like a splash of water… 

"They _knew_ an attack was coming!" Kit yelled in anger as Baloo 
tried desperately to perform a takeoff amidst the bombardment.  Two 
more booms sounded just as the Duck achieved liftoff and two more 
huge splashes barely missed them. 

>>Baloo:  Stupid splashes… 

"I don't think they're planning on missing again, Baloo."  Kit said, 
peering out the window to see their attacker. 

>>Kit:  It was GI Joe!  Launching an attack on this fic to end 
        everyone’s misery!

"Tell me about it, kiddo.  We'll be outta here before they get the 
chance though."  *I hope*  

>>Becky:  (dully) Wow, now Im all strung out from the suspense. Did 
           anyone bring any Junior Mints?

the bear's forehead was covered with sweat as the Sea Duck gained 
altitude with agonizing slowness.

>>Becky:  much like this fic..

A loud boom and then a prolonged cracking sound caused the pilot and 
navigator to look at each other with a combined, "Uh Oh!" 

Baloo looked out the window and, in horror, saw

>>Kit:  a gargoyle, then he freaked and crashed the plane…

one of the engines burst into flames.  He could see fragments of the 
shell in the engine and wing and could hear the ongoing cracking as 
the engine literally fell apart.  More booms sounded close

>>Baloo:  Stupid gargoyles…

to the cockpit and Kit saw two other boats join the first. 

*I think we're in trouble* was Kit's main thought as the cub saw the 
engine burst into flames as well.  The navigator of the Sea Duck 
made some quick decisions. 

>>Kit:  Let’s see…3PM cloudsurfing..4PM make delivery, 5PM save us 
        from an agonizing fiery death.. 

They were still low enough for there to be minimum danger if he 
tried to climb out and put the fire out.  He was used to traveling 
anywhere on a plane, be it inside or outside.  Besides, if that fire 
hit the gas tanks the pair would have understated _big_
problems.  That did it for Kit. 

>>Kit:  This would be the part where I save our hides as usual…
>>Baloo:  It must be nice to live with such a large imagination, 

He jumped out of his seat and ran into the cargo hold to grab the 
fire extinguisher.  "Kit, get back here!"  Baloo yelled struggling 
to control the faltering

>>Baloo:  Falteraaaall…faltereeeee…

plane.  Explosions were going off all around the plane when another 
finally hit it's target. 

Kit felt the floor slide out from underneath his feet as

>>Kit:  he found himself in the Temple of Doom!

the sea-plane was literally flipped over.  Then his head came into 
contact with the wall and he knew no more. 

(all exit temporarily)

Talespin cast resumes their places.  All awaken hastily as the fic 
*Silence again, I really hate how quiet this place always it* was 
Kit's first thought as he 

>>Kit:  realized his grip of the English language was slipping with 
        the word “it”..

came back to painful consciousness. 

>>Kit:  Stupid consciousness…

There was something wet on his forehead and, 

>>Becky:  Whatever it is, I don’t want to know..
>>Kit:  Don’t worry. Its probably just blood or a giant squid or 

suddenly remembering the events of the crash,

>>Kit:  (Kit)  Lets see….I was right…as always….Baloo and I were 
        visiting some cartel, Rosie came after us and now 
        everythings a blank…

he was pretty sure they had crashed after that last hit, Kit stood 
up and banged his head on the upper cot. 

>>Baloo:  (Nelson laugh) HA ha… 

"Ow!" he leaned back again. 

"Kit, lay still!" the gray bear leaned over him with concern on his 
face and placed a large paw on the boy's sore forehead. 

>>Becky:  Hes not the most medically savvy person in this fic, is he?

Kit just looked at him ruefully and Baloo, convinced the cub seemed 
alright, released a huge breath, 

>>Becky:  That blew them back home..

sat down at the end of the cot and took off his cap. 

>>Kit:  He hadn’t twisted it in minutes.. 

"Lil' Britches, don't ever do that again!  What if one of those 
shells had gone through the hull?" 

>>Kit:  (Kit) Uh, we would have died.
>>Baloo: (Baloo) Oh, okay. 

"Sorry, Baloo,"  Kit attempted to sit up again and winced, "believe 
me, I'm sorry."  The pilot helped him to a sitting position and 
started to chuckle. 

>>Kit:  A little bit mellow for the situation, aren’t we? 

"Some bump ya got there, kiddo.  Guess you finally had some sense 
knocked into you, huh?" 

>>Kit:  Its not bad enough I had to hit my head.. now I have to be 
        laughed at.  Thaaaats nice. 

"Very funny, Papa Bear.  What happened? Are we in the ocean? How's 
the plane?" 

"The Duck's seen better, Kit-boy, she sure can take a liking though.  

>>Becky:  Oh, who couldn’t use a liking?!  Liking’s for everyone!

All I'm really worried about is that engine.  The water put the 
flames out, but she's gonna need some major repairs and I'm not 
relishing spendin' any more time here." 

"What about those ships, Baloo?  Obviously they wanted to stop us, 
so where are they?"  Both bears stopped for a moment to

>>Becky:  Hear the wind whistle between Baloo’s ears..

listen but all they heard was the sea lapping against the side of 
the plane. 

"Stay put, kiddo, while I see what's going on."  Baloo gently pushed 
Kit down on the cot 

>>Kit: (Kit)  AAAUUUGGHHH!  

and walked into the cockpit. 

Kit lay there for a minute and listened to Baloo's footsteps on top 
of the sea-plane. 

>>Kit:  Im all of a sudden getting this ‘Jurassic Park’ vibe…

He then heard, with alarm, more sounds coming from outside, garbled 
voices and more hollow, resounding footsteps.  Then he heard Baloo's 
angry voice loud and clear. 

>>Kit: (Baloo) I am NOT the guy who played the scientist who gets 
       spit on! 

"I don't _care_ how necessary you over-grown pygmies thought it was, 
look what's happened to my baby!  Not to mention that there's a kid 
in there with me!  Whatever happened to innocent bystanders?" 

>>Becky:  They got mowed down in Double Vision… 

Kit, by this time was in the cockpit, climbing out the window to the 
top of the Sea Duck.  

>>Baloo:  Pretty dextrous for someone who’s just been knocked 
>>Becky:  Oh, he’s such a little trooper…

The three ships he had seen earlier were close by, with a small 
motorboat located next to the bobbing plane.  Half of the Duck, it 
seemed, was covered with soot and was banged up, not to mention the 
useless excuse for an engine. 

>>Kit: (Baloo) Bad engine!  Bad! 

*Sure wish Wildcat was here*  Kit thought wincing.  

Kit:  Am I wincing at the thought of wanting Wildcat to be around?  
      That’s kind of cold…

Baloo was standing next to three lizards in unfamiliar military 
uniforms. *Here come the natives*  

>>Baloo:  To what? Street Fighter?
>>Becky:  Fantasy Island?
>>Kit:  The Dominion on DS9?

Kit walked over to the pilot who was surveying the damage as the 
other three glared at the large bear with their arms folded. 

>>Becky:  and then they danced the Macarena.  The End. 

"How bad do you think it is, Papa Bear?" 

>>Baloo:  This fic?  No comment… 

Kit kneeled down to look closer.

"Don't know Kit."   Baloo glanced quickly at his navigator, "I 
thought I told ya to stay in the Duck!  Oh, never mind."  "How's yer 

>>Becky: (eye begins to twitch)
>>Baloo:  Punctuation getting to you again?
>>Becky:  Does anyone have any Visine? 

"Feeling better, what do they want?"  Kit indicated the others still 
standing to the side, silent. 

>>Kit:  Look, I know I just hit my head, but I cant miss something 
        that obvious.  Lets review again, shall we?  It’s a 
        warzone!   We have supplies!  In a warzone!  

"Really don't know, kid, but they said all of this was _necessary_, 
whatever that means."  "Oh, boy.....where's Wildcat when I need 

>>Kit:  Probably lost..

Baloo echoed Kit's earlier thought with a groan. 

Then, to both of their surprise, Kit felt himself being picked up by 
his sweater by one of the lizards.  "Hey!!"  Baloo said angrily,

>>Baloo:  Sweaters don’t grow on trees, you know!

"Whatdya think you're doin'?  Put him!" 

>>Becky: (guard)  Youre a lousy navigator!  Bad kid! 

The soldier ignored Baloo and handed a struggling Kit to the other 
two, who, still holding the boy, began to descend back down to 

>>Baloo:  underwater kingdom.  They were merfolk too.…

small boat.  Baloo, not about to sit by idly through this and with 
growing alarm, started to follow the three. 

"I said stop!  Come back here.....hey!!" 

Kit was still kicking at the two lizards when

>>Kit:  Baloo came to pull me off them…though they were pretty 
        defeated by the time he did…
>>Becky: How about popcorn?  Did anyone bring popcorn?

the motor started.  One yelled back at Baloo who was descending as 
quickly as he could.  "You, pilot, stay here.  A new boat's 
coming."  the lizard spoke relatively good English  "The boy comes 
with us until we get your cargo, you just make sure we do." 

"What!?"  Kit and Baloo said simultaneously. 

"You heard, one stop closer could have serious implications." 

>>Becky:  Well stopping completely and not breathing maybe…
>>Kit:  We must have taken one stop in the wrong direction…
>>Baloo: (laughs unenthusiastically) Uh huh huh…

The largest soldier who had Kit held him up easily.  Kit met
Baloo's gaze with an expression of complete confusion, Baloo stared 
back with concern. 

>>Kit: (Baloo)  Great!  Now who’s going to cover for me when I make 
        up something idiotic?!

"Look,"  the bear yelled, " if you want this cargo you can have it, 
just hand the kid back over."  Baloo's voice had taken on a tone of 
urgency.  "I don't have any loyalties to that slime, Kurnz, we don't 
have to do this.  Just take the crates and go, I wish I'd never 
seen 'em anyway." 

The ringleader made no indication of having hear and 

>>Becky:  his see wasn’t that great either.  Or his smell..

simply shouted back to Baloo.  "Next boat, then you'll see. One more 
warning, I would co-operate.  We don't take kindly to mercenaries

>>Kit:  That’s nice…by the way…WE ARENT!

and we aren't afraid to make an important example here." 

Kit met Baloo's gaze one more time before the boat started heading 
towards on the larger ships. 

>>Becky: uh…shouldn’t it be towards on to?
>>Baloo:  Pick, pick, pick… 

Kit was more angry than frightened at this point and remembered 
bitterly how he had felt guilty for aiding the effort against these 
people.  *They deserve each other*  the boy thought in fury as he 
glared at the huge soldier who was still holding onto him. 

>>Kit: Am I talking about the soldiers who are with me or just the 
       whole kit and kaboodle?
>>Becky:  Please don’t mention that name…
"Do you _suppose_ at your earliest _convenience_ that you could 
possibly let go?  I don't think there's anywhere I can go."  the cub 
spat out, his words dripping sarcasm. 

>>Baloo:  Except he could try swimming away.. 

The three soldiers looked at each other for a moment, but only the 
ringleader replied.  "Keep your mouth shut, boy!  

>>Kit:  Hey, kiss my-!

Our fight's not with you.  Just wait a few hours and don't bother 
us, then you'll see the bear again."  The mention of Baloo drove a 
sharp jab of worry through Kit. 

>>Kit:  Which isn’t that uncommon.  Especially when I know he needs 
        to borrow cash… 

"They're not going to do anything are they?  Baloo's harmless, none 
of this was his idea." 

>>Kit:  Except for bringing me. Thanks, by the way… 

"Quiet,"  the ringleader snapped as the small motor boat reached 
it's much larger companion.  The largest lizard, who had not even 
slightly released his hold on the boy.
followed the other two onto the deck, through a hallway and came to 
a small door. 

>>Becky:  and then made him eat a cupcake so he could meet the Mad 

Without saying a word, he pushed Kit into the empty room harshly and 
slammed the door, locking it behind him. 

*Great, just peachy.  How many other times am I going to be in on 
causing Baloo problems?*

>>Kit: (dismissively chimes) This could ne-ver hap-pen… Like Id 
       really blame me for this mess…

with that thought the boy again felt worry for the large pilot 

>>Baloo:  Why, do I have a disease now?
>>Kit: Well, its about time!

and with a resolved look on his face, began to scour the room, 
looking for 

>>Baloo:  the keys…Since that bump on his head he really wasn’t all 

a way out.  *There's always another way out,*  the cub reminded 
himself, *and sooner or later, I always find it.* 

>>Kit:  This time…its personal… 


Baloo had been pacing on the top of the Sea Duck for some time. 

>>Becky:  It was now a pile of scrap metal..
>>Baloo:  Hey, do I make fun of you?..oh, wait, don’t answer that…

He was intelligent enough to know that the soldier's threat was

>>Becky: Five minutes without food…he didn’t know if he could make 

valid, which frightened him and angry enough to swim after the boat 
with Kit in it right now. 

*Wait 'till I get my hands on those slimy salamanders.  

>>Kit:  I thought they were lizards..
>>Baloo:  Plot hole!

Wait 'till I get my hands on Becky!

>>Becky:  Oooh! Where is this going?
>>Baloo: Oh, (makes gag gesture)

No more runs for this bear, no sir. 

>>Kit: (laughs at the thought of Baloo running again)
>>Baloo and Becky look at each other and Becky shrugs.

When I get Kit back, We're headin' to the farthest port away from 
this eyesore and we're stayin' put.* 

Finally, after what seemed lilke an eternity,

>>Becky:  They trlied to malke selnse of thils stlupid grammalr..

Baloo heard the familiar drone of another

>>Baloo:  storm of hot air blowing through, but realized it was just 

engine and saw a speedboat carrying three figures heading towards 
the sea-plane.  When they had secured their boat, they motioned to 
Baloo, who immediately
climbed down and jumped into the small craft, 

>>Becky:  and fell through. 

which rocked with the large bear's entrance.  The other three held 
on and gave the pilot a nasty look. 

>>Kit:  Being extras from Titanic, they couldn’t get any other work.. 

"Alright"  Baloo said, his temper having long since reached boiling 
point, "who are you?  Where's Kit and why is all of this 
happening?"  the grey bear stopped firing questions

>>Becky:  Because he’d used up his thought for the day..

and glared at the others.  A tall, scholarly-looking leopard stood 
up, took out a pair of glasses, cleaned them on his shirt and peered 
at Baloo. 

"I'm afraid, sir, that you and the boy have become involved in our 
little dust-up." 

>>Baloo: Is dust-up slang for one of Becky’s idiotic plans? 

"Get to the point, mister.  I asked you some questions and I want 
'em answered.  Now!"  
Baloo stood over the leopard who didn't even appear slightly 
intimidated by the much larger pilot's menacing stance. 

He sighed loudly and looked at Baloo as though he was a very stupid 

>>Becky:  Finally!  Someone else who knows my pain!

"Alright, you probably deserve to hear an explanation." 

>>Baloo:  (leopard)  Im a weenie and this would be the climax of the 
          plot.  Enjoy.

"Oh well, thanks so much."  Baloo said sarcastically but stopped 
when the leopard looked at him again. 

"The cargo you have in your plane, sir, belongs to the people of 
this island.  The ATS corporation,who supposedly runs things here, 
signed an agreement with these people,"  he motioned to the 
dour-looking soldiers beside him, "not to mine or destroy
two sacred spots on Pinasta. 

>>Kit:  The casino and the port-a-potties…for the obvious reasons 

ATS, of course, signed without knowing what was there and were very 
much surprised when some diamond deposits were found located 
conveniently in one of these religious areas."  "They declared the 
agreement null and void and immediately began mining there." 

"Yeah, so, what's that got to do with me?"  Baloo asked still very 

>>Becky:  Geez, do they need a megaphone? ..YOU’VE GOT THEIR 
          PROPERTY, DUMBASS!!!

"Well, before they could get most of the diamonds out, the people 
here finally revolted 

>>Kit:  Oh, Im sure they were revolting long before that..
>>Becky:  Buh-dum, ching!

and the result is the war you see now."  "Unfortunately, one outpost 
managed to mine some out and had them hidden away, waiting for the 
right chance to ship them

A sudden flash of insight hit Baloo.  

>>Baloo:  Becky had been flirting with him earlier!  It must have 
          been hard for her to resist..
>>Becky:  (unenthusiasic) Yes, the temptation is just so great…

"That bein' outpost seven, maybe?" 

The leopard gave him a small smile.

>>Baloo:  I just feel so special now..

"Exactly, those crates you have in there are filled with them."  
Baloo let out a low whistle.  

"But wait, that don't explain why those guys earlier didn't just 
take the cargo back.  I don't want it, I just want to get Kit and 
get outta here." 

Again, that small smile.  

>>Becky:  Ooh, where is this going?
>>Baloo:  Are you getting enough sleep, Becky? 

"Hmmm, obviously you haven't studied about these people's religious 
practices."  The blank look Baloo gave him said enough. 

>>Baloo:  Becky’s stash of nitrous oxide had struck again..
>>Kit:  (laughs)
>>Becky: Oh, shut up… 

"When something, anything, is taken from these lands without the 
proper tribal authorities present, then these people believe that 
they, their ancestors and their home will be cursed." 

>>Kit:  Where are they? Euro Disneyland?

"They also believe that they will be cursed  if someone from the 
tribe attempts to return it themselves, after the object has been 
tainted.  So, an individual who has no blood ties or connections to 
them must return it." 

>>Kit:  How very similar to the Temple of Doom.  Go fig!.. 

"And since your buddy Kurnz ain't likely to return 'em, that means 
I've been volunteered?"  Baloo was now, if possible, angrier than 
before.  "What you're really tellin' me is because of some island 
mumbo-jumbo these guys nearly kill me and my navigator, damage my 
plane and kidnap my best friend and then expect me to go back to 
that place to help them?"  he stopped breathing

>>Becky: Oh, that’s a shame, I was just getting used to this fic..

hard and stepped back. 

"Do you really believe all of this?  You don't look like one of 
them."  Baloo asked looking quizzically at the serious-faced 

>>Becky:  (leopard)  Well no, but I was adopted. Don’t tell anyone… 

"Not believe, no,  simply respect all of this, as you say.  My name 
is Professor Ewing and I've been living with these people for 
ongoing eight years now."  "I apologize for the treatment of your 
friend, but these people are simply not used to outsiders

>>Baloo:  Even Ponyboy?
>>Becky: Uh huh huh…funny…

keeping there word and

>>Becky:  them there word is as good as gold.

they've been watching you since you first landed here.  They 
concluded that the only way to get you to help was to use the boy 
for insurance." 

>>Kit:  It won’t work.  Im no good at scams. 

"There wasn't any kind of equipment failure, was there?"  "These 
guys were just waiting for some sucker to fly in an' I've been 
played like a fiddle this whole time."  Baloo clenched his fists in 

>>Becky:  Gee, I bet the leopard guy is just trembling.. 

"Very perceptive, now, I advise you to come with us.  The sooner the 
task is completed, the sooner you'll be able to see the boy."  It 
seemed to Baloo that whenever the Professor mentioned Kit, he turned 
away, not making eye-contact with the pilot. 
*He feels guilty*  Baloo thought, *good, is he's lucky, that's all 
he'll feel* 

>>Baloo:  This time…its personal… 

Throughout the entire explanation the two other soldiers signalled 
to the nearby gunboat.  When the ship had pulled up, several 
uniformed figures were attempting to hitch the nose of the Sea 
Duck.  The speedboat pulled to the side of the massive boat. 

>>Kit:  That was just enthralling… 

Baloo, Prof. Ewing and the two others came aboard.  The Professor 
looked at Baloo.  "This is where I leave you to our local, 
_doctor_,"  he coughed slightly on the word 

>>Kit:  Well, his name is “Ew”..
>>Baloo:  Ewing..
>>Kit:  How bout X-Wing?  That would sound better..
>>Baloo:  Be ewy ewy quiet…the fic is still going..

and grinned, "the boy will be fine, you'll see him when the diamonds 
are returned. 
These soldiers here will start repairs on your plane and replace 
your engine." 

Baloo looked at the leopard in disbelief,

>>Baloo:  The leopard had a tattoo of Becky on his arm..
>>Kit:  His first name was Def.

"The Duck's totalled, mister, it'll take days with an expert 
mechanic, not...." Baloo
didn't finish the sentence but pointed to the figures moving 

>>Becky:  Suddenly Baloo found himself in mathmagic land with Donald 

"Don't always be so quick to judge my friend," the Professor said, 
looking sideways at Baloo, "you really don't think it's by accident 
that we have all of this?

>>Kit:  (Baloo)  Well, I think that a crowbar makes a good pilot so 
         Im not exactly an expert or anything…

Even though ATS has money, we have manpower and something else more 

>>Kit:  A really obvious tie-in pun for a name..

than that.  I suggest you don't forget that we have a cause, and the 
side with a cause nearly _always_ finds a way to achieve victory."

>>Baloo:  Thank you, Worf.

With the same small, tight smile the leopard climbed back down into 
the speedboat and left. 

>>Becky: becausehewaseatenbyagiantsquid.. 




>>Becky:  Take your time now…don’t want too short a break...

Kit had gone through his options one by one and had come to the 
unpleasant conclusion that his best escape route was through

>>Kit:  The Castle of the Queen of Hearts…dang…

the small knothole, 

>>Kit:  Where’s a good cupcake when you need one?

the only window in the tiny room. 

Kit grimaced, he was a good swimmer, true, 

>>Kit:  (grinning with his hands behind his head) I have many 
         talents; its undeniable..
>>(Baloo and Becky roll their eyes)

but to plunge such a long way into rough waters when he wasn't even 
sure how far from shore he was, wasn't the most pleasant idea that 
Kit had had come to him. 

His mind kept wondering about Baloo.  

>>Kit:  What was up with him calling me Lil’ Britches when I never 
        wore any?

The cub fervently hoped the pilot was alright, but he wasn't about 
to be a victim or a pawn to these creeps.  Bad escape or not, the 
boy was determined to take it. 

>>Baloo:  Have to do something to pass the time, with the option of 
          driving me crazy keeping him out of danger not available..
>>Kit:   Oh, whatever…

With surprisingly little effort, Kit managed to

>>Kit:  save everyone’s lives. The End.

manuever himself through the small hole, gulped when he saw how far 
up he was and waited to take the dive, mentally preparing himself 

*I hope I never have to do this again*  the cub thought,

>>Baloo:  With fics like these?  Don’t give your hopes up…

*at least not without a rope, talk about working without a net*  
Kit closed his eyes and....felt himself being pulled back inside. 

>>Baloo: the light in the tunnel.. 

Unfortunately, the boy realized it was easier to go out the window 
than to come back in through it.  He glared at the two soldiers who 
towered above him. 

>>Kit:  Gee, now I just feel so insignificant… 

"What?  Haven't you ever heard of fresh air?"  Kit stood up and 
crossed his arms to gaze unconcernedly, (he hoped) at them.  The 
hard stare he recieved told him that they weren't buying it. 

>>Baloo:  As opposed to the fact that he looked like Winnie the Pooh.. 
>>Kit:  Uh, I wouldn’t be making that analogy about me if I were you…

"You're going to the island, this way."  Kit hesitated, looked at 
the still open window, then decided against it, not really wanting 
to break his neck if he didn't have to. 

>>Baloo: It was the guard that just said that, right?
>>Becky:  Huh?  Where am I? 

"Gee, I'd love to and I'm sure glad I have a say....hey!"  Kit 
exclaimed as the larger of the two picked him up by the neck of his 
sweater.  *The next adult to pick me up like that..*  Kit didn't 
finish his dark thought

>>Kit:  Why the heck not?!

but let his emotions boil as all three headed outside and into a 
smaller boat.  They traveled in silence until the boat had reached 
the beach, then the large soldier once again moved to hoist Kit up. 

The boy was faster this time, however, and dodged him, jumping out 
of the boat and into the surf, only to find himself being tackled by 

>>Kit:  a cast member from Baywatch..

the other soldier. 

"Fine," the boy glared at him, "I'll go, but I can walk!"  
Shrugging, the soldier pushed him ahead through the dense foliage.  
They hadn't gone very far when they arrived at a large, 
weather-beaten building that looked none too secure. 

>>Becky:  Really?  And here I was expecting a mansion… 

Again, the three walked through several hallways until coming to a 
room, they then left Kit standing in the middle of it and locked the 

*Swell* the cub thought disgustedly, *no windows, that porthole is 
starting to look better and better*  

He sighed and once again began the task of examining yet another room. 

>>Kit:  Stupid room… 


The building Baloo was led into looked like it had seen better days.

>>TV’s Joe:  (sings)  Oh, Ive seen better days, been star of many 
>>Baloo:  What was that?
>>Becky:  Oh, it was probably just the usher or something…

*Like maybe a century ago*, the pilot thought warily looking at the 
ceiling.  He stood on a large open deck with the ever-present 
soldiers and waited.  A few minutes passed before one of the 
strangest looking individuals Baloo had ever seen walked through the 

>>Kit: Was it that guy who stands on street corners yelling out that 
       Shere Khan is a vampire?

Instead of the uniforms that all of the other natives wore, this guy 
was wearing the loudest Hawaiian print the bear had ever seen.

>>Becky:  It was made out of Velcro and had little harmonicas on it..

He looked like some sort of antelope with two intricate horns on his 
head, large thick glasses that made his eyes look three times their 
normal size and tattoo-markings all over the rest of him. 

>>Baloo:  Wasn’t this a Darkwing Duck character?
>>Becky: PLOT HOLE! 

"Hidee-ho! You're the pilot, great, fabulous, wonderful, yeah!  All 
ready, huh?  Too bad that I'm not,"

>>Kit:  (bored) Funny.  Yeah, that’s a shame.

and the doctor began laughing in a high-pitched giggle that lasted 
much longer than it should have. 

Baloo, for once, was at a loss for words.  

>>Becky:  Was his mouth full?

*This guy can't be for real*  the bear had to fight off the urge to 
double over laughing.  *This is the all-powerful medicine man?* 

>>Becky:  Sean Connery is in this?  Where?! 

"Got the sparklies?  Great, wonderful, grand, let's go!" 

"Um..."  Baloo wasn't sure what to say to the odd....whatever 
walking in front of him.  "What exactly do I have to do?" 

>>Baloo:  Just about everything in and under the sun…and without 
          being appreciated for it?
>>Becky:  Are you trying to hint at something? 

"Do! Do!  Everything, anything, absolutely nothing, it's wonderful, 
amazing, terrific!  Hand-to-hand combat, killer swamps, fires, 
dodging bullets, walking through land mines, scaling mountains, 
treading through scorching deserts, crawling on hot coals,

>>All:  (sing) A real American he-ro…GI Joe is there!!!…

being subjugated to loud music, having your teeth pulled out and.....
of course,"  the out of breath doctor shuddered, "delivering 
strawberries.....Eww! Strawberries." 

>>Kit:  Is this that guy you hired when Baloo quit?
>>Becky:  No, his voice wasn’t high pitched..
>>Kit:  PLOT HOLE!

"In one day!  You've gotta be kidding me"  the gray bear looked at 
the doctor with an incredulous look on his face. 

"Yep, but wouldn't it be great if I wasn't?" 

>>Becky:  In this fic? Yes, nothing would make me happier.

"Great, wonderful, grand"  Baloo said, mimicking the doctor.  *This 
guy must've looked at the sun too long* 

>>Kit:  Wouldn’t he be blind then, and not crazy? All together now:
>>All:  PLOT HOLE! 

The doctor looked thoughtful, "Let's see, we hit the trail, well, we 
don't actually hit it because it never did anything to us, you know,

>>Kit:  Thank you, Jack Hanna..

but I think we should go tomorrow, wonderful, terrific, great, okay, 

"Wait!"  Baloo stopped the antelope before he hurt himself.  
"Where's Kit?  Is he alright? 

"The kid's great, grand, super...: 

>>Kit:  Oh, please, Im blushing..
>>Becky:  Please let intermission be soon…Please let intermission be… 

"Yeah, yeah, I know,"  Baloo cut in before the doctor could go on, 
(and who knew for how long he _could_) "But can I see him?"  The 
pilot, throughout the bizarre conversation kept feeling the same 
nagging worry for his navigator.  

>>Kit:  That being that Kit might actually figure out that crowbars 
        are very easy to throw out the window…

"Sorry, diamonds tomorrow, then the boy.  

>>Becky: (sings) Diamonds are Forever!!! Oh, sorry…I keep expecting 
         Sean to pop up..

Then everything will be grand, wonderful, fantastic...."  the doctor 
trailed off still muttering adjectives as Baloo slumped down in a 
chair, slapped his hand over his eyes and shook his head wearily. 

Baloo was still in the chair, several hours after the doctor and his 
companions had left the room.

>>Baloo:  Nitrous oxide does that to people..

Although bone-tired, the large bear's imagination kept plaguing him, 
conjuring up ideas about Kit.  It was like his horrible experience 
in Spango-Bango, he knew the boy could be in serious trouble but was 
at a loss for what to do and any thought of Kit being hurt or in 
pain caused the bear's chest to tighten making it hard for him to 
breathe or focus.  As long as the rebels had the cub, Baloo felt 

>>Kit:  Of course that could have also been the python that just 
        drove its jaws into his leg…

His nerves near breaking point, the gray bear almost jumped out of 
his skin when he felt someone tap him. 

>>Kit:  Way to play it cool, Baloo. 

"Oh, it's you.  What do your buddies want now?  I thought we were 
leavin' in the morning." 

The Professor sighed and pointed to a single uniformed figure.  
"Just follow him, alright?  And try to keep your voice down."  Then, 
under his breath, he muttered, "I knew this was a bad idea in the 
first place"  

>>Becky:  We should never have tried to time travel…apparently apes 
          run the future, and oh, never mind…

and then turned down the corridor to find one, specific door. 

Kit felt like screaming in frustration.

>>Kit:  Doesn’t anybody care I’m almost twelve?!?!!

He had covered every square inch of the room and although it looked 
old and worn-down, it was actually very secure.  In the darkness, 
Kit knelt down to the only real outlet in the room,

>>Kit: Oh, Im not going to get electrocuted now, am I?

a crack at the bottom of the door. 

>>Kit:  Phew!

The cub was just about to over escape possibilities for the 
fifteenth time when a light appeared, and several footsteps made 
their way to the door. 

Kit, exhausted, decided to try asking one more time why he was here 

>>Becky:  Why are any of us here? No seriously, WHY??

and what was going on.  A leopard wearing civilian clothes walked 
through with one guard. 

"Alright, this is the right kid, good job, I'll relieve you now." 
and made a shooing motion with his hand.  The guard walked out and 
Kit looked at the leopard suspiciously. 

"Where's Baloo?"  was the first thing the boy said, anger in his 
voice.  The leopard looked at him blankly.  "You know, the pilot, 
big gray bear, guy who has nothing to do with all of this?  Where is 
he?  Is he okay?" 

>>Baloo: (leopard) Yeah, hes an alright kind of guy.  Why do you ask?

"Your friend is fine, follow me." 

"No!  I'm not budging until you tell me what's going on."  *I can't 
believe I said that*  Kit thought, realizing his choice of words. 

>>Kit:  Neither can I.  Really.

"You want to stay here?  Alright, fine by me."  But Kit was already 
following him out, deciding that he preferred relative freedom

>>Kit:  Thank you!  Couldn’t have put it better myself!

to a reasonable explanation.  He followed the leopard outside, they 
walked for awhile until coming to a small clearing. 

>>Baloo:  I thought the entire island was clearings..
>>Becky:  That was the bad island.  This is the somewhat tolerable 
>>Baloo: Oh. 

Standing in the clearing was a large, familiar figure scratching his 
head in confusion. 

>>Kit:  I could say something here, but I wont…

Kit's heart jumped, 

>>Becky:  out of his body but Baloo put it back.  Its an Temple of 
          Doom reference.. Oh, never mind..


and looked around the leopard to run over to the bear who quickly 
had the boy in a tight hug.  

>>Becky: (Kit in muffled voice) MMPHMM! CMMPHNT BREATH!!

The leopard's stance didn't change but a small smile crossed his face. 

>>Baloo:  (leopard thinking)  Must keep…smiling…that’s what all the 
           tapes tell me..
>>Becky (leopard thinking)  Im good enough, Im smart enough, and 
         doggone it, people like me!  I am the best me that I can be…

"Great to see ya, kid!  Let me look at you."  Baloo peered at the 
cub and mussed his hair through the baseball cap.

"You too, Baloo, I, uh, guess I was worried Papa Bear."  Kit was 
still in a state of complete confusion, but was relieved to see the 
pilot again. 

>>Kit:  Touching moment!!
>>All:  Awwww! 

"Well, I'm fine, kiddo, how 'bout you?"   "Fine Baloo"  The bear 
hugged Kit again, a huge smile coming over his face, then he turned 
to the leopard. 

>>Baloo:  You okay?
>>Becky:  Im fine.  Couldn’t be better.  Im fine.  Punctuation isn’t 
          that important… 

"Hey, Professor, what's the deal?  I mean, I'm grateful to ya,"  he 
put his arm around Kit protectively, "real grateful, but I thought 
you were on those uglies side." 

"I'm not on anyone's side, Baloo.  I just decided that I don't like 
this hostage tactic.  These people don't want to hurt anyone, they 
just want to protect their culture.  I decided that if we went 
through with this,"  he pointed at Kit, "we'd be no better than ATS." 

>>Baloo:  Does that stand for Anti-TaleSpin?
>>Becky:  Alternate TaleSpin?
>>Kit:  A Really Crappy Version of TaleSpin? 

"I just hope all your pals see it the same way." 

"Oh, they will, especially after you return the diamonds." 

>>Becky:  (sings)  Diamonds are Forever!! 

"Excuse me?"  Baloo said and held his hand up to Kit, who looked 
ready to explode if someone didn't tell him what was going on. 

>>Becky:   Well as far as I can tell, I sent the two of them into a 
           living nightmare, the plane was forced down, Kit keeps 
           getting jerked around one way or another, and Baloo has 
           been having a conversation with a non-Sean related doctor… 

"Sure, remember, I told you I respect their beliefs, not their means 
of getting what they want.  Just return them, _here_"  

>>Kit:  Sure. Here ya go, heh heh…

and the Professor pointed to a spot on a small map he held, then 
gave the map to the large bear. 

"The crates have already been taken to the edge of the land where 
they need to be returned, just follow these instructions when you 
get there and you'll be fine."

He again pointed, this time to some scrawled writing on the back of 
the map. 

"At the risk of soundin' selfish, what if I refuse?" 

>>Becky:  Then it wont be a terrible shock.  Believe me. 

"Well, we still have your plane, which I'm guessing is about your 
only way out , I wouldn't expect any help from Kurnz or his lackeys 
either. Our forces overran outpost seven, oh, I'd say forty minutes 
ago."  the leopard calmly looked at his watch. "Also, I recommend 
you just humor us with this.  

>>Kit:  God knows you wont be spreading any…

It's a pretty easy task, the doctor will be there to oversee and to 

>>Becky:  Yes, it always helps when cast members of other shows make 

"Oh, you an' that crackpot are in cahoots I see, well...."  The 
leopard raised his eyebrows at Baloo's interruption and the bear 
shut his mouth. 

"He's strange, but these people hold him in the highest regard as a 
medicine man." 

>>Becky: (Prof  leopard whatever-his-name-is) They also stick bones 
          up their noses, so just go along with it, okay? 

"Doesn't say much for them"  Baloo muttered under his breath. 

"Anyway, you'll be doing us a great service.  ATS has spent too much 
money and has overextended itself with this war.  Those diamonds 
were one of their last hopes for any profit.  We're hoping they'll 
tuck their tails between their legs and leave here in peace." 

"You really believe they will, after everything that's happened?"  
Kit said quickly, glad to get a word in edgewise. 


The Professor looked at Kit sadly.  "No, my boy, I don't.  Here's 
hoping, though.  Finish the task and I won't blow the whistle on you 

>>Baloo:  Gee, now don’t go all mushy on me now…

and your plane will be docked where you originally landed." 

"Where all the fun started"  Baloo said, once again under his breath. 

"Farewell,"  and with that, the aloof Professor stepped back through 
the jungle with almost no noise to show that he was there. 

>>Kit: Must be wearing jungle sneakers..  

All Kit had to do was fold his arms and give Baloo a _look_ for the 
pilot to quietly explain what he'd been told.  After finally coming 
to an understanding with everything, Kit grinned at Baloo. 

>>Kit:  So glad I came along!  We gotta do this again if I have a 
        death wish! 

"So, I guess it's kind of an honor, huh, Papa Bear?"  the cub was 
having a hard time controlling his merriment. 

>>Kit:  Oh yeah…sounds like gobs of fun… 

"One I could do without, Lil' Britches, here, take a look at this 
thing and see if you can make heads or tails of it."  

>>Baloo:  Was that a pun?
>>Kit:  I have no idea…

the bear handed the map to his navigator who stared at it intently 
for a moment. 

"If this is our current position, then I'm guessing we go....that 
way,"  Kit pointed and took off,

>>Kit:  Hey, now were getting somewhere!

scrambling noisily through the jungle.  Baloo shook his head, *May 
as well get this over with.* 


The trail hand't been the easiest to follow, but with help from 
Kit's excellent sense of direction, both pilot and navigator reached 
the spot of land they were seeking by dawn.  It didn't seem much 
different, but Kit noticed some small changes.  Such as the
trees were growing intact and the foliage was green and covered most 
of the ground.  The boy also heard the first animal and bird noises 
since coming to Pinasta. 

>>Becky:  And then an anaconda leapt out and swallowed him. The End.
>>Baloo:  I thought we were on a different island..Im so confused!!
*So that's why it's sacred.*  Kit smiled appreciatively, glad that a 
small part of the island's beauty had been preserved.  The stillness 
of the early morning scene was suddenly shattered by a drawn-out, 
"Helooo there." 

>>Becky:  Im in Hel.  You?   

"Oh no,"  Baloo began backing up, "I recognize that voice." 

>>Baloo:  Katie?
>>Becky:  Katie!? Who’s Katie!? 
>>Baloo:  Wouldn’t you like to know?
>>Becky:  (completely bored) Yes, Baloo, Im just on the edge of my 

The doctor then broke through the bushes to

>>Becky:  I don’t want to know…

run at breakneck speed towards the pair, stopping inches away from a 

>>Baloo:  Oh well, cant win em all.. 

"Made it, huh?  Terrific, super, great, wonderful, follow me!" 

>>Kit:  Gotta love that NyQuil!!! 

Kit just looked at Baloo, whose expression said more than words ever 
could.  Then  both started to follow the hyperactive tribesman. 

>>Becky:  As he ran off a cliff.. 

The five crates stood stacked by a large tree.  Kit looked at them 
differently now that he knew what was in them, but the peacefulness 
and beauty of this place made him glad that they were restoring it.  
*Besides*  Kit thought with a smirk, *I'll never let Baloo live it 

>>Kit:  How absolutely devious of me. 

"So, doc, what do we gotta do?"  Baloo asked. 

Kit: (Kit, through his teeth)  Let me fly…Im almost twelve…Youre 
     completely tired…just let me take some pressure off…Let me fly… 

But the doctor was already opening the crates and putting the 
diamonds into a large hole, freshly dug a short distance away.  

>>Becky:  What a wonderful hiding place.  Why bother to surround 
          them with recognizable containers?  Just throw em’ 
          someplace.  Way to be prepared!

There was literally mounds of the sparkling fortune. 

>>Becky:  I could make a really obvious statement about the jungle, 
          and stuff that sparkles, but Ill skip it.. 

Kit and Baloo stared open-mouthed for a moment, then Kit grinned, 
walked over to one crate and started dumping them also. 

>>Kit:  (sings) Hi ho. Hi ho. Its off to manual labor I go… 

*I can't believe I'm doing this*  Baloo shook his head and joined 
Kit, whose eyes were dancing with laughter as he 

>>Kit:  Threw away a fortune..Yeee-haaa!

and the doctor threw handfuls of the gorgeous stones back. 

*Well, this is something I can say I'll probably never do again.* 

>>Becky:  I hope he doesn’t mean digging…I could use some 
          landscaping done at H4H… 

Kit seemed to catch onto the pilot's thought. 

>>Kit:  Im telepathic now.

"Money to burn, right Papa Bear?"  he said giggling. 

"Right Kit-boy"  Baloo noticed suddenly how much younger Kit looked 
when he laughed.  *He doesn't do it enough* the gray bear smiled at 
the boy, patted his shoulder and continued to set things right for 
the people of Pinasta. 

>>Becky:  Geusendheit. 

Professor Ewing was as good as his word, Baloo whistled when he saw 

>>Baloo:  macaws above him…and he needed to pass the time somehow..

shape his once bomabarded plane was in.  Now, he was thankful that 
his navigator was beside him, they were both safe and no one was 
going to be hearing anything about ATS bothering the natives of 
Pinasta for a long time, if ever. 

>>Kit:  Unless theres a sequel to this..
>>Baloo and Becky:  Shhh! 

*Guess bankruptcy just does somethin' to the company's morale*  
Baloo thought smiling. 

>>Kit:  Good, Baloo…

Kit was in his own world, staring out of the window, a small smile 
on his face. 

>>Kit: (Kit)  If I time things just right, I can grab the keys when 
       Baloo is asleep tonight..

"Whatcha thinkin' of, Lil' Britches?"  Baloo asked the cub, 

>>Kit:  (Kit) What?  Nothing!  Huh?  Pinasta!  That’s it!

wanting to get rid of the heavy silence in the cockpit. 

>>Baloo:  Stupid silence… 

"Nothing much Papa Bear, just how me and you always seem to get 
mixed up in some kind of trouble."  The large bear chuckled.  "Looks 
that way, kiddo!  Guess we're just bound for adventures, huh?"  he 
smiled at the boy, a great deal of happiness of his face. 

>>Kit:  Yeah, I always feel giddy when Ive almost been killed…What a 
        load off!  Its like a vacation!  

Kit smiled back at him, only wanting to be right there, in that 
moment.  "What did Ms. Cunningham say when you radioed her, Baloo?" 

>>Baloo:  (Baloo)  Oh, I really shouldn’t repeat that kind of 
          language in front of you… 

"I don't think she believed me, Lil' Britches, but at least she 
didn't yell that much.  Guess Beckers has a conscious just like the 
rest of us after all." 

>>Becky:  Gee, flattery will get you nowhere…

"I don't know, Baloo.  I actually really like her and.....I think 
you do too, not that it's really any of my business."  Again, Baloo 
chuckled at the boy's teasing tone. 

>>Baloo:  Cute…Real cute… 

"Guilty as charged, kiddo, but I can't let on that I'm gettin' soft, 
she'd work me into an early grave."  Kit just smiled and shook his 


July 19, 1936- 

Despite the fact that he had slept to early afternoon, Baloo walked 
down the steps of Higher for Hire, yawning and

>>Becky:  allowing bugs to fly inside..

Feeling half-asleep.  Kit didn't look much better as he sat lightly 
dozing in the armchair.  Both had not arrived back until the wee 
hours of the morning and exhaustion was prevalent on both the pilot 
and naviator's faces. 

Baloo leaned over Kit and gently shook his shoulder. "Hey, Kit-boy, 
why don't you go on back to bed.  Becky's not coming in today,

>>Baloo:   She got a tip from someone that there was a bad idea…I 
           mean, “opportunity” she hadn’t tried yet and you know the 

said we needed our shut-eye, an' for once, I'm in agreement." 

When Kit didn't respond, Baloo pulled out an old blanket from under 
the stairs and placed it over the cub. 

>>Kit:  Oh, great.  A filth-encrusted blanket that’s been on the 
        floor for who-knows how long…Thanks a ton…

As he turned to walk outside, though, he heard Kit yawn. 

>>Kit:  Oh, Ive been yawning for awhile now… 

"Morning, Papa Bear."  the boy looked at Baloo drowsily. 



>>Becky:  Nice, long breaks now…

"More like afternoon Kit, why don't you get some more sleep?" 

Kit:  Because Im not doped up on Ny-Quil like that doctor we met… 

"No, I'm fine."  Kit was slowly becoming more alert.  "But I think 
I'll wait before going anywhere or doing anything like that again." 

Baloo smiled, "Yeah, but I don't think this'll be a regular thing.  

>>Kit:  Unless Aly writes a seMMPHMM!
>>Baloo:  (with hand clamped over Kit’s mouth) Now, Kit, don’t want 
          to give anyone any “ideas now…

Y'know, the cargo business, boring stuff.  But man, kid, what I 
wouldn't give for just one of those sparklers we took care of.  Buy 
back the Sea Duck in a blink. 

>>Becky:  You know, he could have just slipped one in his shoes if 
          he wore them..
>>Baloo:  D’oh! 

"Yeah, there sure were alot of them, I bet just one could buy a 
whole squadron of planes!"  Kit exclaimed, looking excited at just 
the thought. 

>>Kit:  of stealing the keys…just a little bit longer… 

"Well, Kit, when we strike it rich one of these days, I'll give you 
one for your birthday.   If I'm lucky, I'll do it when you turn 12.  

>>Kit: Hey, did I mention that Im almost-huh? You remembered!  Im 

Sympathy present for my aging navigator."  Baloo said jokingly, then 
turned to walk out.  Something, however, stopped him where he stood. 

>>Becky:  (to Baloo) Whatever it is, I just cleaned, so you’re going 
           to have to pick it up..

Kit was staring at the floor and looked completely dejected.  Baloo, 
unsure of what had happened, cautiously stepped in front of the boy. 

"Uh.....did I say somethin' wrong, kid?" 

>>Kit:  Sure.  Where should I begin?

Kit mumbled something and continued looking down. 

"What was that?" 

"I said, I don't know when my birthday is" Kit said softly. 

Baloo was confused for a moment, then full realization hit him hard.  "But....I thought you said you're gonna be 12 really don't..."  and stopped, not knowing how to go on. 

"It's because I'm an orphan."  Kit said sadly and looked at Baloo, 
large tears in his eyes. 

>>Kit:  OH, COME ON!!!!  I wouldn’t cry over something like that!   

Baloo had a tight knot in his throat, making it hard for him to 

>>Becky:  Oh, a little anti-venom kit will clean that right up.
>>Kit:  Was that a pun?

All of the fear, feelings, doubts, joy and anxiety he had felt since 
meeting this boy took the form of a very important reply. 

>>Kit:  (Baloo)  Don’t worry.  You may have already won ten million 
         shaboozies in the Pazooza giveaway… 

"Well, kid, I don't know if you ever celebrated one before, but to 
me, any day you start over, have another chance or stumble onto 
somethin' better is like a birthday, so if you want, an' only if you 
really want to, we can celebrate it today." 

Kit:  Great.  Ill just take the Duck out for a spin, and Ill be back 
      by twelve.  Promise. 

Kit looked at the bear, tears sliding down his cheeks.  "Just one 
problem, Lil' Britches.  You're gonna have to wait a day or two for 
me to get you something, so don't be disappointed." 

Kit knew the large pilot was joking, but the boy's heart felt filled 
to the brim and finally, he released the emotions and thoughts 
usually kept safe inside. 

"Papa Bear, what _haven't_ you given me already?"  Baloo was now too 
emotional to say anything and so he simply pulled Kit into a tight 

>>(Baloo hears Kit sniffing, Baloo puts his face in his hand)
>>Kit:  Oh, like you weren’t just affected by that! 
>>(Becky passes the Kleenex all around)

Once again, silence filled the space the two occupied, 

>>(Kit blows his nose from his seat)

but now the only feeling that hung in the air was one of love.  
Finally Baloo released the cub and messed up his hair. 

"So, when exactly do I get my present, Baloo?"  Kit said, a 
mischevious smile on his face. 

>>Kit:  Im guessing that the present is going to be something 
emotional, with some sort of implied moral like we don’t really need 
things as long as we have each other.. 

Baloo threw back his head, laughing and then said something that had 
been on his mind ever since a waif of a bear cub had asked him for a 
ride over a month ago.  "Good things come to those who wait, Kit." 

>>Kit:  Oh!  How did I see it coming?  
>>Becky:  Isn’t it good things happen to bad people?
>>Kit:  No, its bad things happen to people who leave their 
        Christmas decorations up too long..
>>Baloo:  I thought it was good things happen with positive thinking..
>>Becky:  Oh yeah, youd know a ton about that..

-The Beginning 

>>Kit:  The BEGINNING?  This was just the beginning??!  
>>Becky:  Oh Dear Lord…
>>Baloo:  Im hungry…
>>Kit:  I think Wildcat has snacks in the lobby..
>>Becky:  Well, what a shame.  Its over.
>>Baloo:  Aw, whats the matter?  It couldn’t be jealousy over the 
          fact you weren’t really in it, could it?
>>Becky:  More like boredom.
>>Kit:  Hey, I could really go for some pizza..
>>(all exit as they talk about dinner)

The Real End 

MiSTie Authors Note:  Okay, look guys.  I realize there were gaping 
holes in this MiST regarding current media related issues that the 
TS cast couldn’t possibly know about.  Im aware of this.  I just 
don’t care.  I thank you for your time, and I hope you enjoyed my 
attempt at spreading laughter.

Your pal and swashbuckler,

TV’s Joe  

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