My Religion

I have only recently found my way back to Christianity. However I am
pretty liberal and progressive in my ideas and beliefs. I firmly state
that I will not be told what to believe. True belief does not come
from teachers and books, it comes from the heart. Please understand
that I have little interest in being proven right or wrong. I do not
want nine million Bible passages sent to me to confirm I'm a lying
icky sinful devil, who's going to burn in Hell forever and ever.
Hallelujah, hallelujah. Go away. If you can handle the fact I may
not agree with you, please continue.

What I believe:

1.I believe that Jesus Christ died for my sins.

2.I believe in the Holy Trinity, both as one and as three.

3.I believe in the holiness of Mary and the Saints.

4.I believe that there are masculine and feminine aspects to the

5.I belive in the sanctity of all life.

6.I believe in angels,fairies,dragons and other such creatures.

7.I believe that the Bible is open to many interpretations and
contains much that we have yet to uncover.

8.I believe one can learn and incorporate teachings from other
belief systems into our own, as long as the core tenent is kept.

9.I believe in being respectful to all beliefs.

10.I believe in reincarnation.

11.I believe in the virgin birth and in the Immaculate Conception.

12.I believe in the Rapture and the Tribulation-granted probably with
my own personal spin on it.

13.I believe that the true destiny of every soul will not truly be
decided until the Day of Judgement. Nobody should assume anything.

14.I believe in Heaven and in Purgatory. (Note: I do not believe in
paying a soul's way out. Na-uh, don't work like that.)

15.I believe in karma and in penace. Penace pays off karma.

16.I believe love in all forms is the greatest thing of all.

17.I believe psychic powers are granted to us by the Divine and are
not evil unless used for selfish purposes.

18.I believe God loves spite of myself.

What I don't believe:

1.I don't believe in being superior in my religion.

2.I don't believe the majority of people who call themselves Christian
are even close to being so.

3.I don't believe Hell is quite what the raving priests say it is.

4.I don't believe everything that isn't Christian is evil.

5.I don't believe in wearing stripes with polka dots.

6.I don't believe that fucshia should even be a color.

What? Oh. Well I don't pay much attention to what I don't believe. I
don't find it horribly interesting. And I hate fucshia.