"In your pocket lies your soul..."

Name: Sebastien Vincent Fedora

Position in Order: Former Keeper, Father of the Fedoras

History: Sebastien was born to Erik and Tara Fedora who marveled at
his feathers but pledged to love him despite his strange coloring.
When he was five the villagers mistrusting of anyone different
attacked his house and set it aflame. Tara died in the fire but not
before telling her son that he would do great things. She died before
she could explain further. Sebastien was then raised by his father
and his tutor Vincent. When he turned fifteen, he was visited by
Chronos and given the pocketwatch. Afterwards he was forced to kill
Erik to keep the line pure and Vincent to keep it from getting out.

Other facts: His purple coloring is due to him being the first Fedora
TimeKeeper, he is not related to Chronos, in the Order he is honored
and revered by even the Masters.

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