The Shadowdwellers

	She shook with fear as her blood pounded in her ears. Her 
breath came out in paniked gasps that echoed in the dark alleyway. Her 
mind screamed at her body to shut up. "They'll hear you! They'll sense 
you! Oh, please God, don't..."

	He was standing outside the glow of a streetlamp when she 
causiously opened one eye and then the other. She looked at the figure 
that the shadows seemed to asore. Soft music began to play and 
hypnotixed the haunted girl. He reached out a hopeful hand toward her. 
She gripped his hand and a mixture of tears fell through the inky 
blackness toward the cold, heartless light. The music played on.

	She walked slowly as he glided and flowed around her. He led 
her to a place that was almost completely swamped in darkness. The 
only light eminated froman old lantern in the corner. He danced 
happily around the room as the light chased but never caught him. An 
unfamiliar noise reached her ears. It had never been heard before, but 
there it was. Laughter. Her laughter. She ran to him and he engulfed 
her. She opened her to thank him for his wonderful gift, but he 
brushed her face softly and seemed to say "Stop. No need. I know." 
Tears of joy and disbelief dropped on his hand and formed intertwining 
crystalline shapes agaist the void. The music played on.

	A horrible noise found its way into the ears of the two 
content companions. A sound so terrible, so evil it could not be 
described. It was the sound of pointless, illogical hatred. She cried 
out in terror. He caressed her and tried desperently to comfort her. 
He glanced up angerily at the infernal noise and grew cold with a sad 
fury. He drifted towards the sound of ignorance. The music played on.

	She heard the noise change into screams of horror and 
confusion. He had surrounded them in cold darkness. They reached for 
the light that no longer could touch them and give them power. They 
screamed for her and pleaded anxiously with him, "Let us go! Let us 
go! We'll be good! We will! We will!" but he didn't listen. She found 
her way to him and touched his hand. He looked up confused when she 
shook her head. "They hurt you.", his eyes said sadly. "I know", her 
eyes replied. "I want them to stop making you suffer. I can't let them 
hurt you. You belong to me. You are a shadowdweller." "Not like this" 
The light found them. The music played on.

	They dropped at her feet and she stared coldly at her 
tormentors. "Forgive us. Forgive us. We did not know! We did not 
understand!" they gasped. Tears of frustration spilled down her cheeks 
as he wavered protectively near her. Ever so softly, a singular word 
made itself heard in the lonely night "Why?" Sobbing uncontrollably 
she shrieked the word over and over. They stared speechless at her as 
he glared accusingly at them. Regaining some control she demanded an 
answer but there was none to give. They shook with fear and grief and 
sobbed apologies to the pitiful creature standing before them. The 
wind took their forms away. The music played on.

	Her mind saw slow motion as she turned to look at his fading 
image. Crying out she reached for his arm, and caught nothing. A force 
hit her and a bright light flashed. She was staring at a man's kind 
concerned face, "We will continue this tomorrow", he said reaching for 
the radio. She glanced up and read the sign above her head "Kayvelt 
Mental Institution". She fell back and closed her eyes. The music 

Well? Praise? Flames? Should I just hand it over to Mike and the bots?

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