Prologue: Termination and Completion

Nothing is ever as what it appears. That's the first lesson to
learn in an endless sea of knowledge. There is no simple, only the
complex. It is our job to see to it that you never realize the
complexity of what you perceive to be simple. We did our jobs without
assistance but it all ended when we let our guard slip for only a

Blue light has touched the balance.

There can be no hope now.

The Lord of Chaos has invaded and for this the universe is doomed. It
was our own fault. We never thought he could succeed. Never thought
our strength and ability would fail us. We must not allow our
universe to fall. We must not allow Chaos to win. A vessel will be
formed to hold a power to weave the threads of time. With this object
we will choose a Keeper that can direct the constant and never let it
flow off course. A form of a pocketwatch the vessel shall take and to
its owner's blood shall find its loyalty. All we need is the one who
will not be destroyed by the watch. A worthy blood.

Young boy, quietly sitting by yourself...ever by yourself. Sweet
little thing we'll burn our mark into you and own you completely.
Never will you be alone for we will be with you, but always will you
be alone cause we're never really there. Little creature, whisper
your name against the entwining rivers of past, present and future
and give yourself to us. Surrender your innocence and dreams for the
sake of all others. Nothing can exist without you and yours; forever
we will give you forever...precious mortal. We make a gift to you,
dear one, our child, our love, a simple token. All you must do is

Jonathan Gainsborough looked around him. Had anybody else heard that?
It sure didn't look like it. He brushed a whisp of black hair out of
his face and tried to look unconcerned.

It didn't work in the slightest.

"Mr. Gainsborough, are you quite alright?"

Jonathan blushed slightly and nodded, "I'm sorry Master McQuellian, I
guess I was daydreaming."

Vincent McQuellian, tutor to the wealthiest families in the region,
was normally a very kind and patient man. His soft brown eyes usually
held in them a look of delight and humor but not today, "Mr.
Gainsborough, I am fully aware that ten year old boys have no talent
for keeping their minds in one place but..."

Handsome little creature do not ignore us...

"Mr. Gainsborough!"

"What? I'm sorry, did you say something?"

Vincent sighed, "Yes, I said many things. Most of these things seem
to have flown right over your head. I do not think your mother will
be pleased when she learns of your inattentiveness."

"Oh, please, Master McQuellian, don't tell her. I'll be extra
attentive next lesson, I promise! I just have a lot on my mind right

"You will never follow your father into battle if you do not keep
your mind off foolishness."

Jonathan didn't bother pointing out that he didn't want to be a
soldier, never stated he wanted to be a solider, and had no plans to
be a soldier. It would've been a completely useless protest. He was a
Gainsborough and that was what Gainsboroughs did. They had been
soldiers for generations. Whether he liked it or not, he was doomed
to become something that didn't interest him in the slightest. There
was no escape.

He looked up to see his tutor had left, probably in disgust. He
wandered over to a window that overlooked the palace grounds. The
gardens were in full bloom and the fragrance of dozens of species of
flower wafted along a gentle breeze to him. He smiled brightly at the
beauty before him, but his smile quickly faded as his gaze fell
across the high walls that surrounded his home. There was no escape.

There's always an escape, precious creature. All you have to do is
accept our gift.

Jonathan looked around once more and noticed the guard at the door
looking at him strangely. There was no way he could answer the voices
in his head without that guard noticing. The fool would probably run
straight to his mistress and tell her all about her son's strange

Abigail Gainsborough was a formidable woman. She permitted no
nonsense in her household and that included strange voices that
seemingly appeared from nowhere. Jonathan knew better then to go to
his mother for advice. She’d simply punish him for being foolish and
the young boy wasn’t up to being punished today.

They will never hurt you again dear one. All you have to do is
come Here.

Here…yes it would be so simple to just run. Just escape to wherever
it was he had to go. So very simple. No mother nagging and berating
him for being such a disappointment to the Gainsborough name. No
father insisting he follow in his footsteps. Just run to the voices
and never ever have to deal with anything ever again. Jonathan felt
dizzy and tired. His mind whirled, preventing him from thinking about
what he was saying. It was ridiculous to think this way. His parents
were rich and powerful. There was no chance he would be able to leave!

If you come to Here, we will protect you from those who wish you
harmed. Just join us in Here.

Jonathan looked back over to the guard, who was looking especially
bored.  He wondered for a moment how entertaining the young man would
find it if his young charge started speaking to seemingly nothing.
The boy grinned momentarily at the thought but then decided, once
again, that it probably wasn’t the best course of action. He had to
get rid of the guard but how? He thought for a long moment, the
voices having decided to leave him to plan. Finally he realized what
he could do. He gestured for the guard to come over to him.

The guard, looking cautiously around him, walked over to
Jonathan, “What do you need young Master Gainsborough?”

Jonathan studied the guard for a moment and then spoke, “Master
McQuellian has walked off with one of my scrolls. I wish it back but
as you know I am not permitted to leave this room without being
accompanied. I wish for you to go fetch my tutor and bring him back
to me.”

“Why do I not just take you to him?”

“Are you questioning me? Go!”

The guard seemed to struggle with this but then, “I’m not supposed to
leave you by yourself, young master. You could leave the room.”

Jonathan frowned. This was going all wrong. He suddenly grinned as he
thought of what he must do. “Just lock the door behind you. I cannot
escape a locked room can I?”

The guard seemed satisfied with this and dashed out of the room,
careful to secure the door behind him.

Jonathan scowled. Damn fool.

You have done well. You will now come to us.



“I’m already here.” He heard the voices laugh softly.

No, no little thing. We don’t mean here, we mean Here. You are
There and we are Here.

“How do I get to you? The door is locked.”

We will provide a way. We will bring you to us and keep you…

Warmth shot through Jonathan’s body and he felt faint. Grasping onto
his own consciousness he managed to speak once more before the
darkness engulfed him, “How long…?

The word ‘forever’ danced across the sea of time and settled on the
pool of green light, that stood where Jonathan Gainsborough once

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