Soulful Ishida's Ending

The TRUE Ending of 02...

*Taichi and Yamato get together (to the horror of Sora), and live in
Odaiba. However, Yamato keeps getting depressed, and their
reltionship is rather rocky. However, with the help of 'The Whipped
Cream Man', they always manage to...ahem...pull through. Taichi is a
struggling soccer player, and Yamato is a struggling rock star.

*Sora lives with her mother in Heighten View Terrance, above their
flower shop. She attempted to win Taichi's heart many times, but he
was already dating Yama. So, she tried Jyou, but he would have none
of it. She works at the flower shop, and is also working to get a
degree in college to professional chef. Rrright...

*Koushiro is a researcher for a rapidly growing computer company by
day...a hacker guilty of every computer crime there is a law for at
night. He tried to go out with Mimi, but after she pulled a few black
belt techniques on him and broke his jaw and right foot, he gave up.
Right now, he is trying to figure out if he is the Chosen One, and
can destroy the Matrix that is keeping him and his friends captive.
Okay, Izzy spent a LITTLE too much time at Sora's flower shop...

*Mimi and Jyou are married (WOO-HOO!!!!!), and have a child by the
name of Rosalyn. Mimi is a super model and a fashion designer, while
Jyou is attempting to become a doctor- as usual. Rosalyn thinks her
father is crazy, since he's been studying to be a doctor since he was
6, and he STILL isn't one. Oh well...looks like these three are the
only sane ones so far. Theyalso live in Tamachi, although they have a
summer house in New York.

*Takeru is single and loving life. As a professional journalist, he
works constantly with Hikari, and although she is married, they
sometimes spend a LITTLE too much time at the locar bar. He lives in

*Hikari and Ken get hitched, causing Daisuke to get extremely
jealous. But no, he isn't jealous of KEN, no sir ree, he wants to be
in HIKARI'S shoes. Oo la la! Anyway, the two do not have any
children, nor do they plan to have any.Ken is an official genius
still, and is also payed to make apperances in public. He also plays
on the same soccer team as Taichi, which is the only reason they make
it to championships. They live in Odaiba.

*Daisuke has an odd obsession with our friend Ken-chan, and therefore
has his own shrine to him, complete with 23 signed posters and a
voodoo of Hikari, along with plenty of needles. Dai sells posters of
Ken and does anything in his power to get closer to the boy genius.
It never works. Ken is a psychic (don't ask), and knows what Dai
wants. Therefore, Daisuke never gets within the vicinity of 20 feet.

*Miyako and Iori get hitched (OMG! Where the hell did THAT come
from?!?), and have 3 children (EEEE!!!!), named Egg, Foo, and Young
(ah ha! that was a good one!). They also have a poodle named Sushi
(ah, I just CRACK myself up!). Miyako is a housewife, and is also
cheating on Iori with Koushiro daily. Iori is a police officer, and
is hot on Izzy's trail...for more than one reason.

*Willis and Michael do not know each other. They live a sad
existance, since they both live IN THE SAME APARTMENT!!!! Willis is a
professional hacker who worls with more than one way.
Michael is a goth in a band, singing about his love-gone-wrong with

*The Digimon live in the digital world. They don't do anything.
Gomamon is teaching everyone how to gamble. Wormmon and Palmon are
depressed because they can't be with their partners 24/7. Agumon died
when Gabumon tripped him. He fell in a lake and was never seen
again.Biyomon and Gabumon are...erm..'buddies'...Tentomon just sits
there, thinking up stupid phrases. The others are constantly hangin
out with Gomamon, who is the only one with a life.

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