Thoughts from a Big Bowl of Sourkraut

The Voice: Thoughts from a big bowl of sourkraut.

Megavolt: (*groaning*) Oh *no*, not that! Aero had finally stopped 
talking about--

The Voice: Hey, it's my turn. Ahem. Plastic makes the world go round 
but how about my brain? Why am I so normal, why is everyone insane? 
I walk the knife's edge of the world rim, but my cup is empty. I am 
not Arnold Rimmer, I am another man of the same name. My head 
doesn't glimmer, how about yours? Peace rules, but all hail the 
Crimson Short One. These are the times, these are the times, these 
are the times when Yule Brynner tried to dance with Judy Garland and 
found himself defying Einstein's theory of Murphy's law: "Cold 
Comfort Farm". Not so deep nor so wide, but enough, I could really 
use another coke over here. And then there's this bit about a bunch 
of people going to town with flowers on their cows, and a church 
that's always empty but no one will ever know why. (*she lowers her 
head in sorrow and falls silent*)

The Lauderdale is the proud owner of this foolishness

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