Sun-chan's Ending

Taichi became a famous soccer player and now gets paid millons a year.
Yamato continued to work with his band which got signed to an
independant label and gained a smal but devoted fanbase.
Hikari became a teacher and eventually married Takeru.
Takeru became a manga writer and traveled all over Japan but was very
lonely. Returning home to promote his manga, he met Hikari who was
teaching at the local school.  After dating for a while, they realized
they loved each other and got married.  Takeru moved back home but he
still writes manga.
Mimi became a superstar at whatever feild in entertament she tackled and
moved into  a pemthouse in New York.  Later on, Miyako moved in with
her. They often recieve visits from Sora.
Miyako was heart broken when Hikari married Takeru. She ran to New York
to visit Mimi and after a night of passionate love making  she confessed
her love and was shocked when Mimi said she recipercated.  Miyako now
lives with Mimi.
Sora runs a flower store in Japan and often visits Mimi and Miyako in
New York.  The first time she vistied them she confessed her love to
Mimi and now she's privy to some wonderful passonite nights with Mimi
and Miyako.
Koushirou is the head of a large software company. He took on Iori as an
employee.. They're; very close in more ways than one.
Iori became an employee of Koushirou and now lives wih him. Hopefully,
they will be married soon.
Ken and Daisuke were dating until the end of high school. Ken then asked
Daisuke to movie in with him and go to college. Daisuke is studying to be
a cheif.
Ken is living with Daisuke and going to college even though he is
garenteed a job at Koushirou's compnany. He will soon pop the question
to Daisuke.

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