Prepare For Trouble...And Make It Double

To protect the world from devistation
To unite all peoples within our nation
To denouce the evils of truth and love
To extend our reach to the stars above


Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light
Surrender now or prepare to fight

Meowth! That's right!

Well this is my extremely pathetic Team Rocket page. I'm a proud 
member of this illustrious group. Well I'm probably just going to
have a few pics here nothing fancy. I'll give you links to other sites
for that.

Humma da humma da hummaJames is looking very jumpable

Team Rockethaving a moment...and is Meowth wearing...could it be??
Could it actually be?? It is! It is! IT'S A FEDORA!!!! YIPPEE!!!!!

I love Meowth's voice and here's something we've all wanted to 
say at least once...or at least I do.

Awww! Isn't Meowth adorable?

Team Rocket's Pokemon Page

These people have so many cool TR pics I just had to steal...borrow a few! (Isn't that the cutest pic of Meowth ^_^) Wow. Is it hot in here or is it just him? So... Have I ever mentioned I'm attracted to power? Meowth Planning a little world domination? To be or not to be...Meowth! IT'S A CONSPIRACY! The following pics came from a very good site I can't remember. I'm put up a link as soon as I can. Awwww Double the Meowth! *eyes widen* James looking very much the hero James looking damn fine This is just strange. Did Meowth lose a bet? Okay I'm a rocketshipper but this is just dippy The following pictures are really small cause when I tried to enlarge them they looked really grainy and icky. Prepare to go blind folks! I love this pic. All professional like Something enticing about a man with a rose in his teeth Sucks to be short I adore the TR song! Pump it up to the max! It's so sad and romantic Don't you just love how men get all excited about food? A small half naked James is better then none at all! The next two pics were gifts from friends. Thanks guys. Meowth! my friend Aero gave me this pic to cheer me up! Thanks! TAYROOLA! this is a drawing from John Moore for a fic character I'm creating I adopted
Kojiro! Lookee! I adopted a cute little James. Aw! Couldn't you just slaver him with gravy and serve him with biscuits? I adopted
                            Nyasuu! And I got my own little Meowth too! And Ricia loves her little Meowth yes she does! *clears throat* I mean I enjoy the intelligence and wit of this fine specimen of Pokemon. Oh look he's playing with a Pokeball! Awwwwwww! I adopted
                          Sakaki-sama! It's...Giovanni?? Oh no. There goes my Dr. Claw theory. Yes I now have my very own Giovanni to love and care for. The Persian however can go stand in traffic. I didn't want the Persian, he came with Giovanni. But I wuv my wittle Giovanni!!! I'm a humble member of the Giovanni Protection Society. I Ricia Fedora do hereby swear to bash all people who speak poorly of my...our Giovanni and to give my virtual life if necessary. Maybe not that last part. To protect the web from Pro-Ash sites To stop Pro-TR and non from having fights To prove Team Rocket success is the best bet To extend our reach across the net Ricia! Giovanni Protection Society-we serve him with pride Standing forever we fight by his side

Oh by the way I don't own Team Rocket or Pokemon...did you honestly think I did?? Nintendo owns them

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