people are nowhere near my level of perfection

The Ricia Purity Test

So you want to know if you are worthy of the Ricia name? Or maybe 
you're just extremely bored...whichever.

One point for each yes answer unless otherwise specified:

1.Does the word gibblefritz hold special meaning for you?
2.Do you randomly sing Tom Lehrer songs? public(1 bonus point)
 ...for a willing audience? (2 bonus points)
 ...did they ask for an encore? (5 bonus points)
3.Does the word Fraulaven make you want to chant?
4.Do skulls make you think of Hamlet?
5.Does Hamlet make you think of Mr. Skullhead?
6.Do mimes make you wanna scream and run?
7.Would you like to give a big smooshy kiss to the creator of
  artifical cheese?
8.Does the word custard make you think of carnage?
9.Do you want to jump any of the following people?
  ...Joel Hodgson
  ...Malcolm McDowell
  ...John deLancie
  ...David Duchovny
  ...Bruce Campbell
  ...Rod Serling(3 bonus points if you mean now)
  ...Vincent Price(4 bonus points if you mean now)
     ...20 bonus points if you got the above joke
        ...10 more if you thought it was funny
  ...Jerry Seinfeld
  ...Trace Bealieu
  ...John Shea
  ...Daniel Davis
  ...Jim Cummings
  ...Jonathan Pryce
  ...Tom Lehrer
10.Do you know who all the above are?
11.Do you refer to any guy/gal you like as your beloved
12.Do you know it's Istanbul not Constantinople?
13.Do you know why I asked that?
14.Do you want to jump any of the following cartoon characters?
   ...Darkwing Duck
   ...Fenton Crackshell
   ...Don Karnage
   ...Shere Khan
   ...Trent Lane
   ...Jack Skellington
   ...Basil The Great Mouse Detective
   ...James from Team Rocket
   ...Meowth from Team Rocket
   ...Giovanni from Team Rocket
15.Do you find nothing wrong with this?
16.Do fedoras make you drool?
17.Do pocketwatches give you fits of power?
18.Are you prone to evil laughter?
19.Is cheese popcorn a turn on?
20.Can you believe I wrote that last question?
21.Do you consider being able to name all 150 Pokemon a great 
22.Do you obsess over setting up television characters? ie Mulder and
Scully, Niles and C.C., Rita and Runt.
23.Do you now have the Rita and Runt theme song running through your
24.Do you know the words to the Rita and Runt theme song?
25.Do the words "Hey Daria" make you wanna stuff your pillow in your
mouth and die from frustration?
26.Do you hope your parents never read this?
27.Do you often use the phrase "sucks rocks"
28.Are MiSTings really funny?
29.Does Jim Cummings kick major tail feather?
30.Should the president of ABC die for canceling Fantasy Island?
   ...3 bonus points if you're willing to do this
31.Do you go to the top of buildings just so you can scream "This is
   ...20 bonus points if you know what that's a reference to
32.Do you wish you had a reservation at Milliways?
33.Do you think Fflewddur Fflam is cute?
34.Do you realize I'm not talking about the Disney one?
35.Do you hug your computer hello?
36.Do mirrors fascinate you?
37.Are you bored?
38.Do you write poetry?
   ...1 bonus point if it mentions death anywhere
   ...4 bonus points if it caused someone to fear you
   ...10 bonus points if they consider you an evil presence because of
39.Does the violin make you turn into a big gooey mess?
40.Are you rather repulsed by that last question?
41.Do you know what you like?
42.Is it Fritos?
43.Did you like the host in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome?
44.Do you wish he was in the room with you?
45.Do you wish you were married to him?
46.Do you find nothing wrong with this?
47.Do you find Lord Licorice attractive?
49.Do you think the Disney Store pretty much sucks rocks now?
50.Is your computer your best friend?
51.Do you like to type the word angst?
52.Do you like to be referred to as M'lady?
53.Do you think Gyrados would make a great pet?
54.Do you know what happened to Kasey?
55.Do you know where the daisies grow?
56.Do you own a copy of Mr. Producer?
57.Do you think you should have an office like Mr. Khan?
58.Do you think Christine Daae is an idiot?
59.Does the name Raoul make you dry heave?
60.Do you thank God every day for pickles?
61.Do you want to take a survey?
62.Are metal spinning objects fasinating?
63.Do the options of your VCR make you drool?
64.Do you consider "You Don't Know Jack" to be the true test of
65.Can you finish this lyric? I'm going back to Rabbit Valley...
   ...5 bonus points if you can sing the whole song without the music
66.Do you think the phrase "Torture the Becky" is funny?
67.Do you know where the truth is?
68.Are you going down is a blaze of glory?
69.Do you think Charles Solomon should die?
70.Does the name Johann Christophe Bartok hold any meaning to you?
71.Does it make you think of lightning?
72.Do you know why?
73.Do you spend 90% of your free time of the Net?
74.Do you find nothing wrong with this?
75.Did you go through intense analyzing to figure out where Saint
Canard is?
76.Can you sing the first verse to Camptown Races?
77.Do green labcoats have pretty much the same effect on you that
cheese popcorn does?
78.Have you ever been the Keeper of the Sacred Socks?
79.Does the Lottery make you duck and cover?
80.Did the Ray Bradbury story "Homecoming" make you cry?
81.Do you admire any job with the word master in the title?
82.Would you like to swing on a star?
83.Carry moonbeams home in a jar?
84.Would you like to spend the night in Box Five?
85.Do you refer to your best friend as daroga?
86.Are you disgustingly proud of yourself for getting a Taxi trivia
87.Do you think spinning chairs are one of universe's greatest
88.Do you like your eggs on the Jersey side?
89.Don't you kind of wish this test would end?

Scoring:0-51: um maybe your my Negaverse counterpart
      52-102: you have the makings of a good henchman
     103-153: you are well on your way to being the Ricia
     154-204: Hello me. How am I today?

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