Thingamiggies of Love and Weirdness Part Two

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Disney do. If you sue me you'll just look silly. So don't, kay?

Warning: I'm a sick deranged weirdo and this is Abu/Iago slash.

Note: This is not a lemon. I can't write lemons. If you want an
Abu/Iago lemon write one yourself...and send it to me!

Iago froze in place, "Uh...look Abu, I think you're a little
overemotional right now. Perfectly understandable
given the circumstances. And if you'd just think rationally for a
moment you'd realize that this is a really really bad idea."

Abu leaned his head on Iago's shoulder and breathed in the expensive
cologne, "You worry too much. You know that? C'mon it'll be fun."

Iago blinked repeatedly, "Glad to see you're back to your normal
strange self. What exactly are we supposed to tell the others if they
wander in here?"

Abu grinned, "Tell them to get their own." He took his head off
Iago's shoulder and placed his face inches from the former
parrot's, "Don't you want to do this?"

Oh Iago wanted to, of course, but he also wanted to run, screaming
away and forget this ever happened. The sane rational part of him
would've pushed Abu to the ground no no! That's not what the
sane and rational part was supposed to do at all. He should leave. He
should leave and go far away from Abu until everything was fixed.
Yup, that's exactly what he should do and...why wasn't he moving??

Abu noticed the complete immobility of his friend and started to get
a little worried, "Iago? Hello. Are you in there?"

Iago took in a huge gulp of air and shivered slightly. Abu went to
pull away from him but the red haired man held on tight and buried
his face in the younger man's neck. There was a tense moment of
silence as they stood there holding each other. Finally Iago's voice
broke that silence, "You reek of banana, you know that, monkey boy?"

All the tension broke as Iago looked up to see Abu laughing in
relief. The older man smiled at the sight. The former monkey was
really quite handsome especially now. But this was insane. He
couldn't...he shouldn't...ah the hell with it. He brought his head
down and kissed him.

Abu was shocked at the sudden forwardness of the other man. He had
expected to have to push Iago more to do anything, but it looked like
he had decided to take the initiative. The former monkey was
surprised but not at all discouraged. He eagerly kissed back and
allowed himself to be lowered to the floor. The kiss deepened as both
tried to gain some sort of control over the situation. Finally Abu
pulled away and started kissing down Iago's neck and slowly
unfastening the expensive shirt the bigger man wore.

Iago moaned softly, "Shouldn't...but...Abu, I've
never...never...don't stop." He looked down to see Abu looking
back up at him with concern on his face. "What? What happened?"

Abu sat up, "You've never? Ever?"

Iago frowned and got a defensive look, "Hey I grew up in a carnival
in a cage, and then there was the whole mess with Jafar. Didn't give
me a whole lot of opportunities to get some. I mean who was I
supposed to mess around with? Jafar? Oh...yeah there's a good year's
worth of nightmares right there." Something slowly dawned on
Iago, "Hey wait where did you...?"

Abu kissed him gently, "I didn't. I just supposed you had. You're
older and you've been more places. I just assumed that you would've
had more experience."

Iago considered this, "So you've never...and now you want to...with

Abu nodded, "You seem surprised."

Iago sat up, "Oh course I'm surprised. You're human now. You could
have Aladdin."

"Aladdin's engaged."

"And if he wasn't?"

Abu shook his head, "Aladdin and I are practically
wouldn't feel right."

Iago looked uncertain, "And this does?"

Abu smiled and took the other man by the shoulders, "Very right. But
if you...if you want to back out of this....I understand."

Iago leaned in closer and grinned, "Who am I to argue with prophecy?"

Abu pulled Iago down towards him and was about to resume where they'd
left off, when there was the sound of footsteps towards them. They
looked at each other and quickly tried to look innocent. A hard task
given the state of their clothing and flushed faces.

Aladdin burst in, "Guys, we think we have the answer."

Jasmine followed in behind him, "It was actually rather easy to find.
Apparently this thingamajiggy isn't as rare and unknown as we

Genie appeared and dumped a huge pile of books on top of the
flustered men, "It's everywhere. We'll have things back to the way
they were in no time!"

Iago frowned, "Back to the way they were…great."

Abu sighed, "Yeah…fantastic."

As the three researchers were congratulating each other and
discussing just how they'd go about changing their former animal
friends back to their normal selves, Carpet looked over at the topics
of discussion. He noticed Iago's shirt and the miserable look on both
their faces. He was starting to think there was more going on here
then Iago and Abu were letting on.

End Part Two

Author's note: Yeah there's going to be a Part Three. Who'd have ever
thought this would go on for this long? Ah well…see you next part.

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