Just One Moment in Time Part One

Disclaimer: This is so stupid. This story doesn't even concern Disney
characters! Okay fine. The name McQuack is Disney. The rest is mine.
There happy?

Thanks:To Todd who hasn't read any of this but who will no doubt 
praise it, To Mandy, John and Aero who listened to me blabber on about
it. And of course to the Viscount who understands more then anyone.

 I hear the ticking in my brain
Pounding steady like the rain
Cannot stand the pounding sound
No relief to be found

"You must learn your place young squire"the dark voice rang out and 
swung an impressive sword straight at him.

He yelped and brought up his own sword. "My place is where I earn 
it! And I've earned all I have.", he calmly stated, staring into the 
dark man's eyes.

The dark man chuckled. "Indeed young Fedora. And you've done well 
today. Your father will be pleased. He placed his sword back in the 
scabbard and grinned at the young duck.

Sebastien Fedora didn't smile back. He was a tall youth with 
striking features. His hair was a sandy brown and his eyes a 
brilliant blue. His feathers were a dark purple color which was 
usual if not unheard of in ducks. The village had declared him evil, 
an outcast, right at birth. His mother had said he was destined for 
great things, but that had been so long ago. She had died when he 
was seven years old. The villagers had raided and burned everything. 
He could remember the smell of smoke and his father's voice yelling. 
Most of all he remembered the shouts of hatred. 

A voice shook him out of his mind's wandering.

"Sebastien? Are you okay boy?"

He nodded swiftly. His father's old tutor had become his tutor. 
Vincent McQuack was an okay guy. A little eccentric at times but 
nothing that couldn't be tolerated. Sebastien followed him to the 
house.  It was hidden in the foliage. Both Erik Fedora and Vincent 
had taken great strides to hide and protect the young boy. He 
understood the caution but secretly resented it. He wanted to be 
free. He wanted to be like everyone else. He wanted to be able to 
control his own life

It was cold that night. It was cold every night. Sebastien stared 
into the thick darkness, shivering. He closed his eyes and curled 
into a ball. 


He shook his head and whimpered.


"Stop.", he whispered.


"Please stop"


A scream pierced the night.

A little ways off a figure stood quietly contemplating the small 
Erik studied his son. He was glancing about fitfully and looked as 
if he hadn't slept much.

"Son? Did you get back to sleep after your nightmare?"

Sebastien looked up startled. "What? Huh? Nightmare?", Sebastien 
blinked at his father and then remembered. He had claimed that a 
nightmare had sent him screaming. How could he tell his father that 
he was going insane? He heard the ticking nightly. It never 
stopped. "Yes Father, I slept. I guess it just wasn't enough...may I 
be excused?"

Erik frowned. "I suppose so. Just don't wander too far."

Sebastien nodded and walked out the door.

Erik turned to Vincent. "Follow him Vin, make sure he's alright. I'm 

Vincent nodded grimly and walked after his charge.
The boy ran to the woods. No sure if he was running towards or away 
from something. 

"It's time my boy"

Sebastien stopped suddenly. He hadn't hard that. It was his 
imagination...that's all.

"It's time"

"What's time?"

"Why my boy. Time is everything."

Sebastien wanted to scream. What kind of stupid answer was that? Why 
couldn't the voices in his head make sense.

"Come, my boy."

Might as well play along. "Come where?"

"Why here of course"

Well of course...duh.

He continued walking to...wherever "here" was.

Vincent saw him walking away deeper into the forest. "Sebastien! 
Come back!" When the boy just kept walking, Vincent ran towards him 
only to be thrown back by an unknown force.

A voice shot through the air. "DO NOT INTERFERE!"

Vincent collapsed and Sebastien, suspecting nothing, walked on.

The figure, the same figure who had stood watch before, chuckled as 
he sensed the boy's approach. "Soon my boy. Soon we shall know when 
the time will come."

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