Falling Toasters

Into the darkness I go
Slowly stepping past the seconds
I see the flicker of distant light
But my mind is occupied by passing hours

I hear my name through the years
Calling me to come
Or was it you whispering
I haven't yet figured it all out

There's that flicker again
Close my eyes and imagine why
I could be graced to be here
In the arms of he who loves me

I consider you in the light
And simply don't understand
Why you'd waste your time
With a creature such as me

I know there are those
Who don't see what I can see
Minutes drip by but I remain
Close by your side

I see the flicker drawing near
And reach to touch it
An electric clock so innocent
Piercing the cold dark night

This poem is mine. If you take it I'm send Megavolt after you and you'll FRY! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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