Mystery TaleSpin Theater 3000

In the not too distant future
Somewhere in Cape Suzette
The frazzled Becky Cunningham
Wasn't through being tortured yet

She tries to advoid the Ricia's wrath
A demented girl on a slight warpath
She hopped a plane and down she went
And with her sadist's nature it's time well spent

I'll send her cheezy fanfics
The worst I can find (la la la)
She'll have to sit and read them all
As I slowly melt her mind (la la la)

Keep in mind Becky can't control
Where the stories begin and end (la la la)
She'll keep what's left of her sanity
With the help of her TaleSpin friends


Baloo! (Wake me when it's over)
Molly! (Danger Woman to the rescue)
Wildcat! (Could you talk slower?)
Kiiiiiiit! (I think I'm going to need thearpy)

If you're wondering how they eat and breathe
And other pointless facts (la la la)
Repeat to yourself "Well they're still on Earth,
But I should really just relax."
For Mystery Talspin Theater 3000

Okay okay. It's not an orginal idea but *shrug* I like MST3K and TS 
so I combined them. What better way to torture the Becky? Right now
I just have the MiSTing of "Where the Daisies Grow" I'll try to write

MSTing of WTDG Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

MSTing of Double Vision by TV's Joe

Part II also by TV's Joe

Part III by TV's Joe and yours truly

MSTing of Properties of Life Part I by TV's Joe and myself

Part II by TV's Joe

MSTing of "Pokemon are Evil"

MSTing of "A TaleSpin Wedding" byt TV's Joe

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