The Unnatural

What was David Duchovny smoking when he wrote this?

Things that made me smile in spite of myself

1.The alien's body language. Hand on his hip, shaking his head. LOL.

2.Hitting KKK members with baseballs! Yeah get 'em!!!

3.It was a nice kind of feel good episode

4.Scully was really goofy in this episode

Things that make me have to revoke Duchovny's writer's license

1.The murder of the scientist...the point?

2.The story smacked of fanfiction

3.Time spazzing is evil....linear time is our friend, embrace it.

4.Uh...shape shifting baseball playing aliens *takes a drag*

5.That old guy was just annoying!

6.Not nearly enough Mulder and Scully

7.The end...I don't know why but it was just so dippy.

Well if you have nothing to do watch this episode. Then go watch "The
Sandlot" "The Lou Gehrig Story" and "Major League". Then go play ball.

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