The Vines

Disclaimer: People, come now, do you honestly think I own
Digimon or I'm claiming to own Digimon? Real actual Digimon
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Warning: It's me. It's yaoi. Big shock. Go ahead and flame me
cause I'll just find it amusing.

It's quiet but I don't dare open my eyes. Maybe if I just lie here
he'll leave me alone long enough for you to find me.

Cause you have to find me, Daisuke. Nobody else could.

I do love you, but perhaps that won't be enough.

I'm tainted.

I know you know that but you don't. Even I didn't understand 
completely until I was told.

A seed implanted...blooming within my body to strangle out 
my soul. Twisting and crushing all the light in it's path.

I need you so much Daisuke but I fear for you. I fear what he may do.

I fear what I may do.

The Kaiser lives. Somewhere deep inside me in a mesh of
entwining darkened vines he lies in wait...biding his time. I'll 
never let him near you. I'll die before I harm you again.

Sweet Daisuke.

Your hand was always offered and your embraces always warm. 
I've never been more safe or more at peace then with you. Is it 
selfish to want you with me forever? To want the one person 
who saved you from yourself. You smiled at me. A real geniune 
smile, like you were happy to be with me. So much light coming 
from that expression.

But it's dark here and the innocents are in danger.

So many voices telling me that being the me before was so much
better. Oh to be like him they all cry! To be smart and atheletic and
have all the girls swoon over you.

But I didn't want girls swooning over me. I wanted you. I didn't want
the fame and the glory. I wanted you. Osamu wanted what I received
and because of my guilt I thought it was what I wanted. Because the
vines held fast and made this puppet dance.

You severed the strings and set me free. You led me into warmth and
love and I want to stay there forever. But you're not here and I
can't feel my fingers anymore.


The Kaiser eats it all up and grows stronger.

Love you Daisuke.

Love you Daisuke.

Ken Ichijouji loves you Daisuke, even if he doesn't.

I can't see the light anymore Daisuke.

Somewhere the vines are tightening.

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