Warning This site is run by somebody who manages to love fluffy cartoon kitties and medeval forms of torture at the same time. Go figure. This site contains a few pages about homosexual/lesbian couplings cause the webmaster likes them. If this disturbs you...well that's just par for the course. This site has the occasional swear word cause the webmaster is 22 and refuses to believe she isn't allowed to say all the fun stuff. It's all rather tame though. This site is hentai free only because the webmaster is too lazy to figure out Tripod's policy on nekkid anime characters. Innuendo thrives for the webmaster is a perverted psycho. This site supports freedom of speech and of expression. If anything on this site offends you or makes you want to 'help' the webmaster, go far far away and never try to contact said webmaster. This site is not for small children or people who are easily influenced as the webmaster is evil and a mocker of all things good and pure...or at least that's what the man on the corner said. This site is run by somebody with pretty much no shame and a life's goal to annoy uptight people. This site's webmaster is a girl...or so she claims. We have our doubts on this subject. If you are a friend of the Ricia you already know what to expect. If you are a stranger you've been duly warned. If you are a parent of the Ricia...please go away and live with the delusion you have a normal child cause, believe me, you don't wanna know.
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